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MastermindHey Insiders, JP Moses here…

And I’m pumped for an upcoming road trip…. but this isn’t just any old road trip. This is a trip to attend a 2-day Mastermind session with a few close friends and colleagues. I make it a point to attend at least two Mastermind events each year. You might wonder why I go to all the trouble. I mean after all, it takes time away from my work and it costs for travel and accommodations.

But here’s the thing…

I can honestly state that some of the biggest, most important, game-changing things I have ever learned have come from the Mastermind events I’ve attended.

Of course there’s cost involved, but for me, it’s been an investment that’s paid off big-time. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for the sage wisdom, true friendships and strong accountability that I’ve received from being a part of Mastermind groups.

Are you in a Mastermind group?

If not, why not?

You’ve heard the saying that “nature abhors a vacuum.” In that sense, don’t allow your own business to exist in a vacuum. It’s crucial that you surround yourself with people who ask you the really tough questions. Hook up with individuals who dare to challenge you and who are open to sharing ideas freely.

You may have heard the term Mastermind, but do you have a full understanding of what it means and how it works?

What is Mastermind?

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, he defined Mastermind as the:

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

If you’ve not read this book, I encourage you to add it to your reading list and dig in, asap!

My own personal definition of Mastermind goes like this:

“A Mastermind group is simply an alliance of two or more individuals dedicating themselves to a specific goal.”

joinThe beauty of a Mastermind is that no one person has all the answers or all the ideas. The interaction of the exchange of wisdom in a group is like bolts of electricity in a room. Innovative ideas and outside-the-box solutions will surface that might have never dawned on you otherwise.

It’s pretty exciting stuff!

Time to Focus

No two Mastermind groups are exactly alike, but there are similarities. The ones I attend are held a couple times a year and we meet simply to sharpen one another in business and in life skills.

Because we’re together for only a short time, we strive to make the most of the time we have. We literally lock ourselves in a conference room, sit around a table and focus on the following:

  1. We start with the good stuff – what’s been working in life and business (we make it a point to celebrate our successes)
  2. From there we move to discussing where we’re stuck – what’s not working so well. What needs to be tuned up? What needs to be fixed or refined?
  3. We take time to just pour ourselves into the group. One person at a time, challenging, sharpening, idea-generating and pushing each other to greater levels of being all that we can be.

I like this quote about Masterminds…

“Being in a Mastermind will truly give you a Master Mind! You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.”

A Few Guidelines

We don’t like to be boxed in by too many rules, but here are a few guidelines that we go by for our Mastermind sessions:

  1. Show up – If you’re committed to be part of the group – your presence is crucial. It’s up to you to make every effort to attend.
  2. Give and take – It’s not the goal of a Mastermind group to have attendees sit around and stare at one another. Every person comes ready to give and receive, energy actively flows both ways.
  3. Don’t hold back – This is not the place for the shy or timid. Each one must feel safe enough to be open and honest, caring and sharing, always and forever. (That last part is all mine, baby!)
  4. Take your lumps – Namby-pambies should stay home. While no one is there to purposely attack you, you still must have the ability to take it on the chin and move on. It’s all for good anyhow.
  5. Confidentiality – Highest priority… what is spoken in the room, stays in the room. If trust is missing, the entire purpose of the event falls apart.

And by the way, in the evening we horse around and have great fun together.

If you agree that this sounds like an awesome concept, you’re right! A Mastermind group is powerful and synergistic.

Add Dollars to Your Bottom Line

mindMastermind groups absolutely work and can be powerful when done well. In fact, as I said, I’m involved in two groups. One is with a handful of super-smart investors, including a guy you all know and love, Patrick Riddle.

It’s no stretch to say that these groups have added tens of thousands of extra dollars to my bottom line, and helped make my business and life more laser-focused.

My advice: Find a Mastermind group that fits with you and your goals. If you can’t find one to your liking, create one from scratch. (Just make sure you’re a part of something!) When you do join or start a group, you’ll become a better businessman or businesswoman – and you’ll be a better all-round person in all aspects of your life.

Oh, and you must pick up a copy of Think and Grow Rich and devour it if you haven’t already. It’s that good.

Keep it real,


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