Always Have a Vision to Sell

visionHey guys, Trevor Mauch here…

Have you found yourself in a job that is unfulfilling and a grind every day that seems like it’ll never end?

Have you tried to start a business (or started one) but could never keep the excitement about that business going long enough to see it through?

Have you tried to “sell” someone to team up with you on a project or a business only to fail to have that person join your team?

I think we can all say yes to every one of those 3 things from some phase in our lives.

Now how about these…

… have you seen those people that always seem to have excitement, energy, and passion for what they do (whether it’s their job or their business)?

… how about the people who always seem to attract great people to work with them and to help them reach their goals?

… or those who can’t wait to get up Monday morning to tackle the week?

Do you know any of those people?

I think we all do.

But the bigger question is… what’s different between those people and the people in the first group?

There’s one major trait the second group has more often than not.

A Big, Clear, Compelling Vision


  • Know where they want to go in life (specifically)
  • Have a clear path mapped out (ideally on paper) on how they’ll get there
  • Are clear on how everything they do in life will help them get closer to that vision
  • Are intentional every day on how what they’re doing today fits in with the overall plan

Do YOU have a big, clear, compelling vision?

farleyWhy Vision Trumps Motivation

I see time and time again where people talk about how to get “motivated” or how if you’re not doing what you want to do in life that you’re just not “motivated” enough.

I call B.S. on that.

YES, motivation is a biggie in succeeding in life.

But motivation, or lack of motivation, is NOT a cause in your success… it’s the effect of you having a big, clear, compelling vision for what you want out of life.

Without solid vision… it’s tough to get truly motivated for the long term.

Yes, you may wake up some days motivated to get out of your rut… but when that motivation goes away… what is it deep inside of you that keeps that motivation alive?

Again, it comes down to vision.

If you always have this big, clear, compelling vision for what you want out of life… that is the driving force that keeps you moving toward that vision even when the motivation isn’t always there at full force.

Your vision is the road and the map that you follow.  You can see where you’re going and know that by staying on the road, you’ll get where you want to go. Motivation is just the gas in the car that helps you get there more quickly.

Your Vision is More Powerful than you Think

Before I walk through some simple steps on creating your own BIG VISION… I want to relay just how powerful having a clear vision can be in your life.

First off, people LOVE following and helping other people who have a vision.

If you look at why President Obama won his election… it wasn’t his background, experience, or lack of a solid competitor in the race (everyone running against him had more experience, a better background on paper, and at the start… much more money).

He won because he had a big, clear, compelling vision that the most people wanted to get behind and support (Hope and Change). The other people running were all running on less compelling visions for the future.

Another example… I live in a small town in Oregon called Roseburg.  It has a population of 25k and  one of the highest unemployment rates in Oregon.

braveheartBut me and a few others here locally, who are insanely passionate about entrepreneurship and what it can do for our community, have created a big, clear, compelling vision…

… and people are rallying around it.

People are staying here rather than moving away because of this vision.

People are actually moving here (slowly, but it’ll grow) JUST BECAUSE of the vision.

People are attracted to a big, clear, compelling vision.

If people don’t have their own big vision on life… they tend to latch onto someone to follow who has that vision.

So either create the vision for other people to follow… or be the follower of someone else with a vision. I can tell you, being the one with the vision is a lot more powerful than following someone else’s vision.

What’s Your Vision?

If you don’t have this big, clear, compelling vision right now… I don’t expect this one post to automatically implant that in your brain.

It took me a couple years to really hone in on my big, clear, compelling vision to where it is today.

But I do hope this gets you thinking about your vision a bit more.

One thing you can do today for sure is this…

… think of one or two people that you know or that you follow who have big, clear, compelling visions that you absolutely love.

Write down some reasons why you follow this particular person.

What do they believe that you also believe in?

How do they relay their vision to you that makes it so compelling for you to also follow?

What are they trying to accomplish in life that you also think… “Man, I want to accomplish that too… and help others accomplish the same thing too.”

Borrow things from their vision for how they want to live and their impact they want to make… personalize it a bit with your own passion, purpose, and personality… and adopt that vision for now.

As you become more and more clear on how you want your life to be and how you plan to impact the world… hone your vision until it hits you in your core.

You’ll know you’ve got the right vision for YOU and YOUR LIFE when you can’t stop thinking about it… and can’t help but relay that vision to everyone around you. Soon enough other people will start following you and helping you make that vision a reality.


Get going,


What do you Think?

Do you have a clear vision? What about tips for how others can hone in on their vision? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below.

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