True Story: Flipping Houses at 13 Years Old (What’s Your Excuse?!)

cakeHey, hey, Insiders, welcome to an awesome live training call that’s different than any other training call we’ve ever done. For reals! We spoke with Samuel Smith, who’s been investing since he was 13 years old. Wanna know how old he is now? 13 years old! I know! Just blew your mind, huh?

Samuel Smith really is a wunderkind and we’re pretty sure he has a bright future in real estate investing. Plus, we can actually learn a ton from him. Age is just number, right?

The Wunderkind

Samuel says what has influenced him the most started when he was even younger – as a little kid, he loved reading. Thanks to his love of books, he landed on some very inspiring reads about positivity, the entrepreneurial spirit and having a growth mindset.

From there, he attended a Tony Robbins event (can you say motivation!?) and then looked into some REI education and courses, including our very own Patrick Riddle, who provided Samuel with some inspiration as well. But what it all comes down for Samuel, who’s in high school by the way, is willingness to take action by focusing on one thing – something his parents helped instill in him from a young age. We actually heard from his dad on this training call as well, who had some very interesting things to share with us about how he raised his kids to be the smart and successful people they are today.

Now, Samuel is looking at doing wholesale and distressed property deals in L.A., though he lives in Dallas. Look, this training call was a real eye-opener. Trust me. Before you dive in, here are a few more things we discussed…

On the table for discussion:

  • The one thing Patrick Riddle said to Samuel that motivated and inspired him the most
  • How and why to avoid ‘Bright Shiny Object Syndrome’
  • Why you shouldn’t be a Jack of All Trades
  • How Samuel is getting over the beginning speed bumps to land his first deal
  • Helpful books you should be reading – now
  • How Samuel’s dad let him ‘own’ part of his dad’s investing deals
  • The one, main piece of advice Sam’s dad gives to other parents who want to provide their kids financial, real estate and life lessons
  • How Samuel’s calculated risk-taking paid off – big
  • What stewardship has to do with REI
  • Samuel’s advice to people who are struggling to do their first deal
  • And much, much more…

Listen In Here:

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