True Story: $22,000/Month Cashflow at Only 26 Years Old? Here’s How…

ageHey there, guys, we had another kick-butt training call with the latest Insider success story. What made this call truly unique is that this SIIC student is only a wee one of 26 years old, but he is already bringing in $22,000 a month (with only 5 years of experience).

So, if ya want to know this whipper-snapper’s secret, you will just have to press play at the bottom of this page and listen in to this call. SIIC student, Aaron Kinney, divulged his rapid success story of mastering passive residual income to build true wealth.

Young but Wise

Aaron Kinney is an investor from South Carolina, who says he’s always in constant pursuit of growing his real estate business, and systemizing and automating various aspects of it. Because paperwork is so tedious and time-consuming, he now uses the Mail Merge feature for nearly all of his documents, including lease agreements, eviction paperwork and offers, and is kind enough to share this valuable, time-saving information with others who could benefit from it as well.

On the Table for Discussion

  • Chunky Money – Why real estate investing is the sexiest opportunity you’ll ever have.
  • What exactly is passive residual income and true wealth?
  • Pass the secret Awesome Sauce, please. (Aaron Kinney – Who the heck is this awesome guy and what is his secret to super-speed success?).
  • Aaron’s story dissected to the core: How he obtained 54 units ($22,000 income a month) and why he took this investing route.
  • How us “old dogs” can learn Aaron’s “new tricks” for rapid investing success.

Press Play!

So, here’s your opportunity to get in the game and learn from someone who wears success as a cologne. This conversation will definitely provide you with tons of education that you’ll be able to implement in your own business – today – for the same kind fast-paced success. I know you’ll enjoy this one.

Listen In Here:

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