Wholesalers: Use This Sneaky Trick to Find the Best Zip Codes

2015-7-21-260Hey there gang! It’s JP, and I’m back again to share with you a sneaky trick in this video that I (personally) use regularly in my wholesaling business to find the best of the best zip codes to market my deals to.

But first, a question…

What do we real estate investors and Forrest Gump have in common? A box of chocolates, that’s what. Ha, follow me here…

We try to find quality zip codes, we really do. We spend money, hard earned money, to purchase zips with great potential, but the reality is sometimes you never know what you’re gonna get.

And when it comes to the real estate investment game, we can’t afford surprises. You don’t want the (dreaded) coconut chocolate (total bummer) when you really meant to bite into a sweet, savory caramel center, do you?

Need the investor translation? Why settle for dead-end zips when you can reach cash buyers and investors who are ready and willing to buy.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Want to find deals in those zip codes with the largest pool of potential buyers? Of course you do! For us wholesalers, this means finding investors who are actively looking for properties.

This little trick was so graciously shared with me, and I’m now passing it on to you. It pays to pay it forward, so master this savvy secret, make it habit, and pass it on to another deserving investor.

Watch, learn and enjoy…

Good Stuff

Awesome, right?! We use this tactic each time we run a new mailing campaign, and man oh man does it work! Here’s hoping you’re as stoked about this little trick up our sleeve as we are.

We’re All Ears, All the Time

So, what do you guys think? Be sure to let us know how it’s working for you!

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