The #1 Reason for Oprah’s Success

2015-6-9-260Hey guys, Trevor Mauch here…

About a year back I was listening to a podcast while I was driving up to Portland for a business meeting. I usually use “slack time” (driving, cooking, etc.) to dive into a great podcast or just unwind and listen to music.

This particular podcast hit me hard in a few areas… but one particular part I remember and have thought of every single day since then is this part about an interview that Oprah did a few years back.

Now, before we dive into what Oprah said in that interview about what she attributes her success in life and business to, I wanna tell you this…

This tip from Oprah is something I can attribute a huge hunk of my own success to as well. It could be the difference between you making great things happen versus just toiling away not making progress on your goals (or working your butt off, always busy, not getting stuff that actually matters done).

A question for you to consider:

What are you great at and love to do in your business?

Everyone has something they’re good at, and hopefully you have things you love to do in your real estate business.

Even if you’re just getting started… what are those things?

Maybe you love analyzing deals and numbers. Maybe you love working with the house sellers and negotiating. Maybe you love the marketing part. Maybe you love the behind the scenes part of running the business while someone else is out there on the front lines.

Maybe you don’t love anything about your business and aren’t good at anything in it. If so, you probably either need to find a new line of work or really dive in and get to work so you can discover what it is that you like and are good at in this business.

But, everyone has things they’re great at… things they enjoy… and things they hate and aren’t that great at. But too many of us spend too much time doing the things we’re just not that great at and don’t enjoy.


It’s like the non-techie person trying to “save” some money and hack your own website together. When in the end you hate every second of it and the website you launch ends up costing you MORE money in the end because of all of the time you wasted on it.

Or it’s like the person who loves to be out there talking to sellers and buyers, driving the streets, networking, spending too much time in the office doing paperwork, filing, doing book keeping, etc.

When you do those activities that you don’t like and aren’t that great at… it sucks your energy and ends up killing your momentum and sometimes even your business.

Back to Oprah

What was the thing that she said is the #1 thing she’d attribute her success to?

Well, it was actually much more simple than I expected.

She said: “Staying in my own lane.”

2015-6-9-LANEYep. Staying in her own lane. Not “I got lucky” or “I was great at multi-tasking” or “I loved grinding to improve the things I’m bad at so I was more well-rounded.”

She said she’s so successful because she found what she’s GREAT at and LOVES to do… and focused as much of her time as possible doing those things.

Things that energize her. Things that she does really, really well.

And NOT the things that drag her down. NOT the things that she’s just okay at.

You become great and hit whatever your definition of success is in life by doing as much of the stuff you love to do and are great at every day.

Now, does this mean that you should stop doing anything you don’t like to do and aren’t good at today?

No, it’s a process.

When Oprah was just getting started, she was booking her own guests on her show. She was helping with production. She was doing all kinds of things she probably didn’t like to do but had to do at the moment to get enough revenue to come in so she could hire people to do those things for her.

But she made the conscious decision at every step – once more revenue was coming in – she’d put more and more of her own focus on things she loved and was great at instead of things she didn’t like to do and was not good at.

Take it and apply it

So write that quote down and put it next to your desk. Look at it every day.

What are you great at in your real estate investing business?

If you’re just getting started and are not sure what you’re great at, start with the things that interest you and that you like the most. If you have fun doing those things… BECOME great at them and do more of those things as you go.

Whatever you do… stay in your own lane.

Don’t get bogged down in things that are outside of your “lane.” There are plenty of people in this world who ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do those things you hate doing.

trevorFind them. Pay them. Focus on staying in your own lane.

All the best,


Have you found your lane?

Or maybe you’re still figuring out which lane you should be in… Share some thoughts with us below that just might help your fellow REIers.

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  1. Sahlee Landes Reply

    In REI I would like to be a landlord, starting with Duplex or 4plex building for passive cash flow but hire someone to answer the tenants arising problems. Can I get fund for this with decent interest rate? Sahlee

    • Hi Sahlee, great question. In my experience, in most areas right now you can get pretty darn good financing for 4 units and under, which is exactly what you’re asking about. Personally I’d recommend you check with local/regional portfolio lenders. These are the local banks and credit unions you’ll pretty much only find in your area. Many of them don’t “sell their paper” after creating a loan… instead they keep it in-house. Therefore you don’t have to necessarily fit in the Fannnie/Freddie box. Try some local/regional portfolio lenders… tell them what you’re trying to do. Unless you have awful credit or no income, you’ll probably land a pretty sweet deal for what you’re looking for. Thanks for asking.

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