Live Role Playing: Talking to Cash Buyers

2015-6-23-260Hiya Insiders, JP here…

In last week’s lesson I gave away my script that I use in my business for talking to cash buyers. These are investors who respond to my direct marketing mailers. If you remember, in that lesson I referred to the situation I had with my partner, James, when using a questionnaire…

He felt uncomfortable with it from the get-go and it just wasn’t working. What to do? Well, I got the bright idea of switching over to a script instead of using the questionnaire. Bingo! That changed everything.

If you missed that lesson, check it out to download the actual script, which you can use to help build your own growing list of cash buyers. Take a look at that script and then come right back here…

Playing a Role

Because today I’m gonna to let you eavesdrop as Patrick and I role play our way through the script. (Not like that, get your mind outta the gutter, people!)

A couple of times, I actually deviated away from the script, but Patrick wouldn’t let me off the hook and brought me right back. And he also tried to derail me a couple of times – but I love that because that’s the real world when you’re on the phone talking with a total stranger.

Press play on the audio below to hear the two of us in a very realistic way, role play using my Cash Buyer’s Script that we gave to you last week.

Okay, friends, hopefully you paid attention to the close of our role play, where you heard me explain the subtle techniques I used to put the caller at ease, and to glean more information from your callers than you ever thought possible.

Now you not only have the script, but you’ve heard it in action – so, now it’s your turn. You can do it!

Holla at Me

What did you think about the script? Did it flow well? Do you feel it gathered all the needed information? Share below.

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    Great! Thank you!! This was much needed.

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