Here’s My Seller Recorded Message Script…Use It!

messsageHey guys, JP here…

So, one of the great debates in the real estate world is if you should or should not pick up the phone when a seller calls…

PRO phone picker-uppers say:

  • The initial phone conversation builds rapport… you just missed out on opportunity!
  • Many people will hang up instead of leaving a message… that could have been a lead.
  • You could have answered any questions the seller may have had… now they’re never calling back!

CON phone picker-uppers argue:

  • The people who are truly motivated to sell will leave a message– it’s an overall waste of time to answer the phone!
  • Voice messages can help filter leads – It’s not that different from a VA.
  • Answering the phone is too time-consuming and I can make more money focusing that time elsewhere.

So, where do I stand, you ask?

Well, I understand both sides, but I believe an effective voicemail message can be a powerful tool to satisfy both sides if done correctly. So, that’s why today I am giving you a copy of my personal script that I use for my own voicemail message – it has saved me a ton of time, money and energy… AND has a high response rate.

So, I am gonna share a treat from my own bag of goodies – that’s how much I care about y’alls success…

Here’s a copy of my super-stellar voicemail message.

And, just because I’m truly AWESOME (or good at trying, anyway), here’s an audio of me actually reading the script, which I think will be helpful for you to hear.

AND, just when you think I couldn’t get any more awesome, I went above and beyond by explaining how to use it effectively in this helpful video.

Enjoy and you’re welcome!


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  1. Suzanne O'Connor Reply

    the download is not working, it’s not downloading in word. Am i doing something wrong?

  2. Robert Everitt Reply

    Hey J T – I actually wanted to hear your voice mail message in your own voice and thought there was a link to do that above but i did not find it – help me help me please

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