Real Deals Case Study: How We Make $1,000/Hour Buying Houses from Little Old Ladies


Hey Insiders, JP here…

Stepping out of the box can lead to good things. But stepping waaay outside of the box can sometimes lead to amazing things. And that, my friends, is what happened on one fateful day recently when my business partners and I got together to talk shop. (Yep, that’s us – the handsome bunch in that pic there… James is pulling his best beaver face and Chris has his rockin’ gnome look, me on the other hand, well, I’m oozing coolness… but I digress…)

Sound the alarm: Let me preface this training call by saying that it was NOT live. What? Eh?

I know, right!?

What had happened was…

My business partners and I – from our Memphis wholesaling company The House Guys – were talking recently about some really interesting leads and deals that have come our way. We actually decided to record one of our candidly routine conversations about these leads and deals – what worked, what we could have done differently, etc. – and let me just say that the result was epic.

Naturally, I thought that this would be a super-cool way to deliver some great content and valuable lessons to you. You’ll even hear a seller negotiation, live as it happened and discover how you can tap into an otherwise widely untapped market.

This was raw and real, friends. Such great stuff here. If you missed it – now’s your chance to be let in on the awesomeness.

On the Table for Discussion

  • Live Seller Negotiation: James calls one of our sellers back and negotiates her down on price right there live on the call
  • The $1,000/hour quick-flip: How we snagged a quick $3,500 with a few easy conversations and only about 3ish hours of personal time involved
  • Owning an Audience: The powerful impact positioning yourself as a “center of influence” can have on your business (and how it’s effected ours)
  • Follow-Up Fortunes: How a seller just circled back to us 6 months after our first contact and agreed instantly to a $24K price drop – and our exact follow-up sequence that made this happen
  • Quick Offers 101: How our fast “letter of intent” offers really work, and why they work so awesomely for us
  • Virtual Assistant Awesomeness: How we leverage Carol (our VA) to act as the centerpiece of information flow and help everyone else stay on task, focusing on our highest points of leverage
  • And lots of other good stuff!

The Wrap

Remember, positioning is power and leveraging your time and tasks is key. Now, go get ‘em!

Listen In Here:

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  1. Robert Everitt Reply

    OK I was challenged to get on the live call – just listened to the reply – one of the best sessions – really ya’ll did not script that call with Kim and how does Mary Ann get to Kim anyway ? really like this formate

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