How to Plan (and actually GET) What You Really Want

wantHey, there, guys. Patrick Riddle here. Today we’re going to talk about some basics – that are so simple we almost forget about them – but are essential to make any goal possible. We are going to focus on building a foundation.

What do I mean when I say foundation?

A foundation is the basis or underlying principle of something. Without a foundation, all the private money and real estate investing techniques and strategies in the world won’t help you (sorry!).

So, as investors, part of this process includes planning exactly what you want in the 8 core areas of your life. And in this lesson, you’ll learn what those 8 core areas are and why it’s vitally important to know what you want in these areas. I’m also going to share tips on how to put your new goals on hyper speed (so you achieve them faster and easier).

So, you with me? Let’s learn what we need to be focusing on…

The Pillars Of Your Foundation: The 8 Core Areas In Your Life

So to build your foundation, you need to scrutinize each of these areas:

  • Career/Biz
  • Relationships/Family
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Fun/Pleasure
  • Spiritual
  • Education/Knowledge
  • Public Service

When you know where you’re headed (in other words, when you know exactly what you want), you can start taking educated action toward it…

Why Plan?

Well, think about it…

Let’s say you want to go on a vacation. What is the first thing you need to do? You decide where to go, right? Once you know where you’re going, you can plan your travel, your accommodations, what you’re gonna do once you get there, take the needed time off from your job, etc.

speedOnly then can you move forward with the steps necessary to make that vacation happen, right? It’s the same with any of the areas listed above. You decide where you want to go in your career, then you take the necessary steps to make it happen. Or, let’s say you decide you want to be educated on a certain subject or want a certain degree, you take the steps to make that happen.

So, for each of these 8 core areas, ask yourself where you want to be and write down the steps you need to make it happen. Now you can see the big picture – the foundation you need to get what you want in life. So put it on a vision board or front and center on your desk now and examine it every day.

If you don’t plan what you want in every core area of your life, you’ll never get it.

Do It, Right Now and Add Super Speed!

Set aside 1 hour right now. Write down (this is key… you absolutely MUST write them down) 3 goals in each core area. It’s best to have both short-term and long-term goals.

Here are a few tips that will put you on the fast track to getting what you want in your life and in your REI biz…

1) State Them in the Positive

Your goals should be what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

2) Personal

You have to want it. Not what your parents want for you or your spouse or friends. For the goal to be effective, it must be something that you want.

3) Specific (Result & Time Frame)

This is vital. The result must be quantifiable and a time frame MUST be established. Otherwise, it’s simply a wish, a hope. Here’s an example of a goal that meets each of the three characteristics thus far (assuming you want private money for your deals):

It is X date, and I closed my first deal with a $120,000 private money loan.

4) Experience it in Your Mind

If you can’t see it in your mind, you won’t see it in reality. That’s how the world works. How do you think the property you live in was built?

It was first an idea in someone’s mind…

Ask yourself, “What do I see, hear, and feel having accomplished my goals?

What do you look like? How do you feel? What are you saying to yourself? What are others saying to you? The more you think of your goals being achieved in your mind, the faster you’ll achieve them in your life.

PatrickWhat Do You Guys Think?

What advice do you Insiders have to share when it comes to getting what you want in life? We love hearing from the community. Speak up!

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