Announcing PDA

Being an Insider Just Got Even Awesomer for You, [i4w_db_FirstName]. Here’s How…

JP & PatrickWe’re extremely proud to be known for going the extra mile. As a part of our tribe, we truly care about your success, and we’re committed to helping you achieve the strategic real estate investor lifestyle you deserve.

In fact we’ve been piling so much into your membership for you, sometimes it can be hard to even remember it all! Stuff like:

…Your Weekly Strategic Lessons, personally crafted and fed to your inbox every week… 
…Your “Swipe & Deploy” tactical resource of the month…
…Live “What’s Working Now” monthly brain dump sessions…
…Your monthly live Q&A Coaching call with Patrick and JP personally…

…and much more really. But now, being an Insider just got even awesomer for you. How does a shiny, new real estate investing product delivered to you every month sound?

Announcing: Your Monthly PDA! Personal Dose of Awesome :- )

Here’s how this works for you:

  • Each and Every Month: You’ll get access to a shiny new REI training program from our vault of awesomeoness.
  • Awesome Stuff: These are actual REI training programs that you’d normally have to pay for. These come from our own product vault, and they’re not available for free anywhere else. 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: We know what it takes to be a Strategic Investor, but you know your business and what it needs better than anyone else, right? That’s why we’re making this a customizable experience — Each month you’ll get the chance to pick and choose whichever “Personal Dose of Awesome” you feel will serve you and your business best right now. Think of it like a menu of awesomeness that let’s you create a personalized training plan, rather than a one-size-fits-all type thing.
  • Full Access: To be crystal clear, these are not “trials” or trimmed down versions of our products. You get unadulterated access to the full training course for as long as you stay a member with us.
  • Costs You $0 Dollars: This will be spoon-fed to you monthly FOR FREE for as long as you stay in the tribe with us.

.Click here to “whet your appetite” and see the 
Personal Doses of Awesome in store for you…


Each and every one of these will sharpen your tactical knowledge, your mindset and your business building skills. Bottom line, it’s all about arming you with what you truly need to take your real estate investing business to the next level.