My New Letter of Intent

letterHooray, it’s Swipe & Deploy day! We have a great one for you today, friends. Not only will you get to swipe a goodie from us, but we’ve also got an awesome video lesson that comprehensively covers what we’re giving away.

Look, there are lots of letters of intent available for you to use. You could even create one yourself and consult with your attorney before using it.

But why reinvent the wheel?

My business partner and I have done the work for you. (You’re welcome!) I still suggest you cover your butt and run this document by your attorney before using it, but it’s our letter of intent of choice – and it’s worked for us for years.

It’s simple, matter-of-fact and to the point. And, you’ll notice it’s only 1 page. That’s intentional, so sellers can get to our point quickly.

The Body Has Just 2 Parts

As you’ll see, our letter – brief but full of benefits for the seller – has 2 parts:

  • Property Facts
  • The Bottom Line

Think of the letter as a template. Most of the information will remain the same with each client, but we customize it based on each individual deal’s details. The first section – the property facts – is where we make the most changes. This is where we list your offer price, mention repairs and include closing and contingency details.

The bottom line section reiterates our interest and reminds the seller that we’ll be there if and (hopefully) when they are ready to pull the trigger.

And that’s it.

Go ahead, investors, and press play to hear more about the letter of intent you can swipe today. I’ll cover the tone this letter should reflect – we’re playing it cool here kids, and we certainly don’t want to sound salesy. This letter simply states the facts, considers the seller’s situation and reminds them to contact you when the time is right.

Swipe & Deploy

And there you have it, friends. Use our letter or create your own that’s similar – either way, make sure you have an attorney review it.

Download: Swipe & Deploy our letter of intent here.

Speak Up

Got any comments or questions about our letter of intent. Talk to us in the comments section below.

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