My Application for Lease Options and Owner Finance

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Decisions, Decisions

Today’s video lesson is about tenant buyers who want to lease option or someone who wants to apply to “use” you as their bank and owner finance a property to them. Deciding which route to go is important and here are some major factors to consider:

  • Do they actually want to be a landlord? (just sayin’)
  • What kind of down payment do they have?
  • How long can they wait to sell your property?
  • What type of collateral do they have to work with?

One Simple Swipe & Deploy Application

So, these guys have got to weigh their options and see it their type of qualifications work for these strategies… and one way to help do that is to fill out this super simple Owner Finance/Lease Purchase Loan Application. This is a short cut for them (and you) that can quickly answer the questions above by providing information like:

  • Basic info – name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Employment information
  • Monthly expenses & income
  • Declarations covering details like lawsuits, child support, citizenship and bankruptcy (to name a few)

It’s short and sweet, but oh so helpful.

Check out the video below, and get ready to swipe, deploy and simplify the owner finance/lease purchase application process.

Cool, right? This application is a great resource and time saver and can help you work more efficiently.

Swipe and deploy the Owner Finance/Lease Purchase Loan Application here.

Happy swiping friends!

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