5 Things That Murder Your Success

5 Things that Murder Your SuccessToday I want to share with you five things that I am absolutely convinced will murder your success if you allow them to. All five of these are things that

  1. I’ve struggled with myself in one way or another in the past 16 years since I first started in real estate, and
  2. I’ve also helped a number of others wrestle with and break through, as I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside some amazing people over the years.

So let’s get right down to it…

Thing #1: Fear

I consider this the number “success murderer” – not just because it’s first on my list here, but because it’s the most common, the most addictive and the hardest to break free from.

But you simply must break free from the shackles of fear.

Now this fear can take many forms…

It could be that you’re afraid of what people think. You don’t want to try anything new because you might be embarrassed if you screw it up. I have a close friend who calls this “FOLB Syndrome” –  Fear Of Looking Bad.


It could be you’re afraid of feeling like a failure. Maybe you’ve wrestled through some painful, possibly expensive mistakes in the past, and you’re just not sure you can take it if you fall down and bloody your nose yet again.


It could be you’re afraid of not knowing enough. So you keep focused on learning, soaking up everything you can, and educating yourself on an ongoing basis, until you hopefully, at some point, finally get that warm and fuzzy feeling that you finally know enough to go out and take massive action.

Which. — P.S. — is never really going to happen. At least 50% of what you need to learn will only happen in the trenches, and the idea that there’s a “finally, I know enough now!” feeling that you can grasp before you jump in, is in fact a myth.

Then… There’s the fear of success.

Maybe you’ve got your own self-limiting belief about what you’re worth, what you’re really capable of, or what you’re even really worth when it comes down to it. Lots of folks struggle with this one, depending on your background – and this one can be really sneaky. You typically don’t even realize you struggle with this one on a default conscious level.

Maybe you’ve got this picture of yourself as a “blue collar, $30,000” person, who comes from a respectable blue collar, $30,000 a year family.  Nothing wrong with that…unless you start to believe that it’s all you’re capable of.

To put it simply, with this mentality, you self-limit your income and potential.

fearlessHow to Conquer Fear

Yes, you can conquer any of these forms of fear.

The first step is to “know thyself” well enough to identify where your own personal fear-demons are dwelling. And be honest enough with yourself to admit that you have a problem with it.

Then, once you’ve uncovered your fear and exposed it to the light for what it is, the next step is to focus on dealing with it.  Attack it head on, as if it were an enemy…because it is!

You can start by actually doing the thing you’re afraid of.

As Mark Twain once said,

“Do the thing you fear most, and the death of fear is certain.”

If you’re afraid of screwing up or failing yet again, you have to start realizing that failure is a necessary part of the process of success. Every baby who learns to walk – every one of them – falls down over and over again in the process. But it certainly doesn’t stop them from trying over and over again, until one day that darn baby’s running circles around you.

Be like that baby.

Instead of being paralyzed by the fear of falling down (yet again), start seeing failures as “failing forward”. You aren’t going to learn anything or progress by just sitting there, and every failure you endure is feedback for you – every mistake you make gives you an opportunity to learn, grow, hone your skill and craft a better plan for the next time around.

I want to share with you something from the great Tony Robbins. I happen to be a fan. 😉

Tony said,

“I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created a new level of living that I now enjoy.”

Stop. Read that again please…

OK and now, read that Tony quote just one more time…and really let it wash over you this time…

…Powerful stuff, no?

I challenge you to become all about freeing yourself from these fears.  I mean really attack it ferociously. Take the simple ideas I’ve tossed at you here and run with them…become a student of murdering your fear if you need to. Because if you don’t, you’re an unwitting slave, shackled and controlled by fear, and you will never realize the success you’re striving for, period.

kittyThing #2: Lack of Focus

Many people in this industry buy-into the real estate investors’ toolbox approach – this is having the belief that, as a fancy pants professional real estate investor, you should be able to tackle multiple angles of this business simultaneously.

Said another way, it’s the mindset that if a potential real estate deal comes your way, you should realistically be able to pull whatever “tool” from your “REI toolbox” that’s needed, in order to find some way to make money from it one way or another.

Well I call BS on that.

If you’re trying to be a jack-of-trades in this industry, you will end-up being a master-of-none. At least for your first 2-5 years in the business.

Challenge: Right now — I want you to think about any successful real estate investor you personally know. I mean someone that makes you think, “Hey, this guy’s really has achieved an enviable level of success that I admire and would love to reach some day.”

Now let me ask you…does that guy or gal take the REI toolbox approach?


Chances are, they have one specific type of deal they focus like a laser on 95% of the time. Maybe they do a different type of deal here or there, but the vast majority of the time, the truly successful investors are intently focused on doing one type of deal, and doing it extremely well, over and over again.

Success leaves clues. No matter how many people offer you the advice that you should be a “toolbox” investor, if that’s not what the real-life investors around you – the folks you want to emulate – are doing, then why should you?

focusedHow to Conquer Lack of Focus

Instead I challenge you to become a student in the art of hyper-focus.

Hyper focus is a phrase coined by my good buddy, Bob Norton, who is ravaged with ADD. He is also one of the highest performers in our industry, consistently exceeding six figures a month in flip income. As a response to his ADD, he learned how to hyper-focus, and it is what he credits as the primary secret to his high achievement, even in the face of a massive learning disability.

I want to challenge you to do the same. Give yourself a 90-day challenge and say,

“I’m taking everything out of my inbox. I’m not looking at anything else. Based on all I’ve learned so far, I’m committing to hyper-focus on doing this one type of deal, and I’m going at 1000 percent. I am committed to this, and then seeing what happens at the end of 90 days.”

I promise you – if you can learn how hyper focus – you’ll be blown away by the results. Then rinse and repeat what works.

Stop. Hammertime.

OK, so this lesson’s getting to be a little longer than I expected and I’ve still got three whole “success murderers” to go. So rather than vomit out a whole novel here for you, let’s press pause for a minute and let you chew on these first two – they’re biggies!

Next week I’ll pick up with the final 3 things that will murder your success if you allow them to. In the meantime, I’d love to know how these first hit you. Can you relate on a personal level to struggling with either fear or lack of focus? Where are you in the journey? Any input, advice, feedback or stories to share? We’d love to hear them – please leave a comment below.

Talk again soon,

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