Here’s My “Joe Plumber” Motivated Seller Letter

2015-5-19-260Hey guys, JP Moses here…

It’s that time again. Time for us (Patrick and me) to share something with you that’s been working in our real estate investing business. We allow you to swipe our goodies and deploy them in your own business dealings. Mr. Nice and Mr. Nicer at your service!

You guys are the only ones who get access to the tools and resources that we share here. So pat yourself on the back for being an Insider with us so you get to benefit from what’s working in our own businesses.

Today I want to share with you a letter that I’ve been tweaking and testing for the past few months in my own wholesaling business. This thing has been working like gangbusters. In fact, it’s working better than any other marketing piece I’ve used in a while to get motivated sellers calling.

Remember Joe the Plumber?

I call this my “Joe Plumber” letter. But not because it has anything to do with plumbing or plumbers. If you do a rewind back in time, you’ll remember that during the election, the guy they called ‘Joe the Plumber,’ represented the average person out there in the community, not some slick company or corporation.

The magic of this letter is that it takes the Joe Plumber approach. It’s like: Hey I’m just a regular guy – I’m not some big fancy company.

And because of this, it’s very disarming. The response to this has been quite amazing. It has out-performed postcards and yellow letters and anything else we’ve ever sent out.

Two Downloads – Two Versions

Interestingly, we’ve used our favorite source for yellow letters, which is Yellow Letters Complete, to print these out and send, but they’re printed on white paper.

I want to share two versions of it. One is a Word doc that you can download and manipulate yourself, so you don’t have to retype the whole letter. Just change a few things on it to personalize and make it your own.

The other one is a PDF version of the letter that is marked up with notes. The reason I want you to see this one is because there’s a lot of subtle but really powerful nuances built into this. Some of these you could breeze right by and not even notice why they matter. So I thought it’d be good to share with you to point out some of the things that give this letter its potency.

You’ll see download links to both of these below.

Absentee Owners in Targeted Zip Codes

joeOne of the things that I think is worth mentioning is that we have been sending out 300 of these a week to absentee owners. (This is the only criteria that we’re using.)

We’re sending to the top 12 zip codes in our area where cash buyers are buying the most. Because we’re wholesalers, it just makes sense that we want to go where the cash buyers are hanging out. So we’ve focused on that.

Invitation-Sized, Hand-Addressed Envelopes

Yellow Letters Complete is sending these out for us, and they are mailed in an invitation-sized envelope – as opposed to a business-sized #10 envelope – and all are addressed by hand in red ink. This almost guarantees the letter is opened. Then when they see the contents, it’s a real pattern-interrupt compared to what other investors are doing.

It tends to be that when something in marketing is working well, investors begin to share the strategy, and soon everyone is doing it. At that point, it’s no longer as effective…

To some degree, that describes yellow letters at this point in time. That may be why the Joe Plumber letters are out-performing yellow letters. So we’re concentrating our efforts on the Joe Plumber letter – until it stops working, and then we’ll do something else.

So here you go. Swipe these and deploy today!

Download the Document

Download the PDF

Two Cents?

Do you have anything to recommend? What would you do differently? We love hearing from you, so give us your two cents below.

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  1. Cecil Ogilvie Reply

    gets the emotions!

  2. Rory Johnson Reply

    Great letter will begin using it with B & V and Absent Owners

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Nice! Glad you like it.

      – Patrick

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