[i4w_user_first_name], to the Strategic Investor’s Insider Circle!


From the Desk of Patrick Riddle
Founder, Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle

Hi, [i4w_user_first_name] – let me warmly welcome you into our “tribe”. 

First off, you should know that you’ve made an exceptional decision to join us and you’re in for a real treat. This is a special place for special people – and the fact that you’re here with us shows that you’re serious and vested in staying sharp and on top of your real estate investing game. So congrats and welcome!

We have some really cool stuff to share with you, (including your “Strategic Investor Manifesto” audio training below), but first let me set the stage for a sec. I think this’ll really help you out.

What Exactly Is This Anyway?

Before you dive too deeply into Strategic waters, let’s start with first things first: Please take a few minutes to consume what’s laid out right here on this page. It’s all about helping you (i) get the most out of being an “Insider” with us, and (ii) setting your head on straight for what it really means to be a “Strategic Investor” anyways.

This is important because being a “Strategic Investor” is actually a very specific thing in our book… more on that in a sec.

But think if this as your quick orientation into the unique Mindset, Methods, Strategies and Success Philosophies behind everything we do here – kind of a crash course in understanding how investing “Strategic Investor-Style” works.

helping handKnow This: You’re in Good Company

A number of your fellow “Insiders” have landed here over time, just like you, feeling frustrated, struggling, and looking for answers. And hey, we all need a little advice, perspective and helping hand sometimes. That’s why you’re here, right? That’s also why we’re here, [i4w_user_first_name].

And we’re flat-out thrilled to help Insiders like you with friendly, practical advice, direction, wisdom and even some coaching and hand-holding sometimes – and it can make all the difference.

These same Insiders who came before you once struggled to close deals… they struggled in finding and getting private money… and some seriously pondered just throwing in the towel, because “it must not work for me” had become a voice seemingly too loud to ignore.

But once these folks learned and applied the inner game, real estate tactics and business building strategies you’ll learn here… well, things just changed. We’re talking some really significant break-thoughs and epic mind-shifts for the better.

We’re just happy as clams to be an encouraging part of their journey…and yours.

How Are We Different?

It’s a fair question…

First off, we’re not just some marketing company. We’re real people who are personally accessible (most of all here, for our Insiders) and we actually, truly care about you and your success. You can interact with us through discussion comments under any/all of the weekly REI lessons we create for you, you can ask us your questions directly through our live, monthly Q&A coaching calls, engage with us in our unscripted monthly training calls, and don’t forget to swipe our best docs, checklist and marketing pieces while you’re at it.

Heck, you can even email us and get an answer from an actual, real life person!  Ha, what a novel concept!

Secondly, we also really invest in real estate ourselves, and drink our own Kool-Aid. In other words, we practice what we preach, nuff said. ; -)

And thirdly, we understand. We’ve been there, and we know all to well how it feels…

Man, I remember all too well what it was like when I first got started in real estate while I was in college. And boy, I had my struggles.  Yes, I lost money on some deals.  I had trouble finding cash to close my deals.  I remember feeling incredibly frustrated at how hard it all seemed, and more than once had the brief moment where I felt like maybe real estate just wasn’t what I was destined to do. (ha, very brief moments 🙂

Little did I know, I was stuck in the same trap most entrepreneurs (not just real estate investors) go through at one point or another:  I was focusing on the wrong things… the wrong actions.

And my guess is, right now… you probably are too.

But once I became aware of a few key, important shifts I needed to make in how I approached my business – once I flipped the switch, things just took off. 160+ deals and $6mm in private money funded into deals later… here I am.  And one of my greatest sources of fulfillment today is helping other people around the country (like you) get past the same road-blocks I did…

I’m completely addicted to helping people change their lives.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

As you jump into this with us, expect to be sharpened. Know that we aim to push you harder and faster towards your goals than you probably thought possible…but you have to put in the time and effort to take advantage of what we’ve got here for you. You’ve got to do the work. Got it? Up for the challenge?

Great! Then let’s begin our journey together… I know when you truly experience the “shift” I’m talking about, your life will never be the same.

What’s Inside the Box?

First off, you should know that there’s no big box of stuff heading your way — nothing will show up on your doorstep. This is a private membership and all your membership goodies are delivered safely online here in the members’ area for you. Let’s take a quick gander at what all you’re getting as an active member of the Insider’s Circle…

1) The Strategic Investor’s Manifesto Audio Training…

manifestocd2This is your starting point, and it’s all about kick-starting your business and life as a Strategic Investor.

It’s an unscripted, raw, real conversation between me (Patrick) and our Director of Awesome (JP Moses) in which we walk through some of the biggest, most important “Strategic Investor” concepts and principles — really important, vital stuff. We also share some rich insights and lesson learned from our own stories of how we got started in real estate investing, what we did right and even owning up to the mistakes that taught us a ton along the way.

I promise you’ll get a lot out of this, and it’ll really set you up well to get the most out of your membership here with us. So don’t skip this — before you go any further, I highly recommend you give this a listen…

listen to this

If just don’t have time right now, don’t skip it — download the MP3 here and listen on your iPod in the next day or so. You’ll be glad you did.

2) Sharpening Your Ax: Your Weekly/Monthly Assets & Coaching…

bundle-monthly2Things change – the market, regulations, laws, and more – and we’re here crafting and serving up invaluable lessons, training and coaching on a weekly basis to keep you on the cutting edge.

  • LIVE Monthly Training – These are your “What’s Working Now” brain dump sessions. Whenever we hear of fellow-insiders or other friends and industry colleagues who’ve got something cool going on in their business, or something that’s working like gangbusters for them lately, we crack it open and dissect it for you in these calls monthly. These are real-deal, no-fluff, no products to pitch training. You will not find a better, more timely, more practical training call in the industry, period. Boom!
  • Swipe And Deploy – By far one of our popular member benefits, this is your tactical resource of the month. From forms to scripts, from checklists to marketing pieces, these are things proven to work for us, so we post them for you to “Swipe and Deploy” in your own business each and every month. Kapow!
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching Call – As much as we (JP and I) would like to personally help each and every one of our investing colleagues out there, there’s only so much of us to go around, and we have our own investing businesses to run too. But we really like to go the extra mile for our Insiders, so we started offering these live Q&A coaching calls, and wow, what a response! This is your “anything goes” direct line to interact with Patrick and JP. So whatever your biggest, baddest real estate investing questions happens to be, just bring it to the table and ask us. We’ll do our best to give (or find) just the answer you need. Calls are announced via email monthly, but are often held on 4th Wednesdays.  Shazaam!

3) The “Vault”: Your Private Training Library Of Archives…

training-vault-newIn case you haven’t already noticed, not only are we giving you fresh training calls, coaching sessions and weekly lessons, but you also have unlimited access to all of our previous training archives here too.

This. Is. Huge. 

This stuff alone could propel you to the next level in your real estate biz.

  • Weeks upon weeks upon weeks of timely Strategic Investor lessons
  • Months and months of full content training sessions
  • Literally dozens of “Swipe & Deploy” goodies waiting for you to use

4) Ridiculously Awesome Member Support…

We pride ourselves in “being there” when you need us.

Deals happen in real time. So when you’re out there making offers, closing deals, and getting paid, you’re going to have some questions or ideas that you want to run by us – and that’s what we’re here for! Strategic Investor Insiders always get “first in line” support.

So…How Ya Like Them Apples?

I hope you can see, we’re not holding anything back here. OK, actually we are: We have even more awesome stuff for you than we’ve told you about here (some of it secret…. Shhhhhh ;- ) but we didn’t want to completely overwhelm you.

Look, like I said earlier, one of my greatest sources of fulfillment today is helping other people around the country (like you) get past the same road-blocks I did. It’s just part of my (our) core values, and I’m completely addicted to helping people change their lives. The Insider’s Circle is a huge part of how I do this.


From here, I encourage you to just make it a priority to take advantage of the growing goldmine we’ve provided for you. When you get emails from us about fresh training, make sure you consume it. You owe it to yourself to get the most out of this experience with us, and I guarantee your business and your life will be sharpened and made better through the experience.

Thanks for diving in with us. We’re truly glad you’re here. And remember, we’re here for you.

Talk again soon,