Secret Members Bonus for December 2012

Secret Members Bonus for Dec 2012

3 Responses to “Secret Members Bonus for December 2012”

  1. Paul Esparza Reply

    As a newbie Iv been struggling with information overload. We have bought several coaching training and still we haven’t been able to get our business up and going. And now broke. How do we really get going all my borrowing power has now been exhausted. I don’t feel we will be able to stay on board with the monthly fee. I thank you. I dont see how your information will help us. We are stuck…

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Paul, As a new investor it is easy to feel overwhelmed! If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, the CSI training will really help you. Those feelings are the precise reason Patrick created it. Go through each Module, study the training and take the action steps. You will surely see a difference. If you cannot afford the monthly subscription fee, then we do not recommend continuing as a monthly member. CSI is our gift to you and you will have lifetime access to that training, even if you have to cancel your monthly membership. If you have any questions, please let us know!

    • Lee Fisher Reply

      I felt the same way when I started. What changed that and is helping me the most is to Actually Do “the action steps”. Without the “action”, nothing gets done. Even if you get bad results, you will learn something and get better on the next try.

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