4 Unique “Letters of Intent” You Can Use

funny-letterToday I want to walk you through a very simple, but often important, tool every bat-investor should have in their bat utility belt… the Letter of Intent.

In the video below, I’ll walk you quickly through four entirely unique Letters of Intent that you can use as you please in your real estate investing business. I’ll explain how they work, how to fill them out and/or customize them yourself, and the highest and best use for each (you’ll want to use different versions for different situations — all explained in the video).

You can also download all four of them (in a single file) right below the video, so you can easily swipe, tweak and deploy.

Bottom line: I used to use a letter of intent a lot my first few years in the business, and for good reason. Later on I used them less, but still used them, but only for specific reasons. For you, you may or may not need it often…but when you do, you’ll be glad you have a solid template handy to go from. 

I take that back – you’ll be glad to have all four unique templates to choose from, depending on your particular use and preference.

Watch the video, download the letters, and be generally awesomer…

Watch and Enjoy…

Swipe & Deploy

You can download all 4 letters of intent here…


Any thoughts/questions on this?

Fire away…

4 Responses to “4 Unique “Letters of Intent” You Can Use”

  1. Robert Everitt Reply

    Great stuff – just confirms the way i just made an offer with the cover letter and contract and also i need to use this today to make an offer with the last one and also use it for a financial friend to purchase a note, that i current pay, at a discount – Great simple stuff –

  2. Maurice W Willey Reply

    The download doesn’t work? Just pops back to this page.

    • Hi, Muarice — It’s probably working, but you just don’t know it 🙂 Look in your “downloads” folder on your computer and you’ll likely see the “Letter-of-Intent-x-4.doc” file right there in side… probably once for each time you’ve clicked the link in fact. How it works is: you click the link, and rather than opening the doc up in your browser, it downloads into your computer’s “Downloads” folder. Then you can move it to wherever you want from there. Make sense?

      • Maurice W Willey Reply

        Yup.I’m not used to things working so smoothly! The docs were in the My Downloads folder.

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