JP’s Favorite Seller Postcard (Swipe It!)

postcardHey Insiders, JP here…

Today I want to share with you a postcard I’ve been using lately with great success. We have recently been experimenting with it as a shift in our motivated seller marketing, and it really seems like a winner. and because you’re an Insider, you get in on the action – and not just the postcard itself, but where and how to get it, and why I feel it is effective.

So to do that, rather than write a freaking novel out in this lesson, I recorded a short video for you.

Please watch and enjoy…


The cost varies depending upon how many mail pieces you order. We ordered 4,944 of these postcards at $2,470, which includes the printing and the mailing with first-class postage, and that comes out to about .50 cents per piece. Totally worth it! This was, of course, a large-volume mailing, so the price per piece varies depending upon the amount in your mail campaign.

Show Me

Okay, Insiders, now that you have watched the video, this is a direct link to the postcard itself, in case you want to follow my lead and order the same postcard.

Swipe Away

You can download a pic of my postcard image here – bam!

Tell Us Whatcha Think

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