Jp’s ‘DRIVE-BY’ Cash Buyers Letter

2015-4-28-260Hey guys, Jp Moses here…

Cash buyers, cash buyers, and more cash buyers! Can there ever be too many? I don’t have to tell you that having your pipeline filled with cash buyers can mean the difference between growing your wholesale investor business and experiencing stagnation.

Well, hang onto your hat, because out of this week’s Swipe & Deploy treasury I’m supplying you with what I call my ‘DRIVE-BY’ Cash Buyers Letter. When you see how simple and easy this is to implement, you’re gonna be whooping and hollering.

You won’t even have to write this letter yourself – it’s already written for you. (Um, you’re welcome.) And I can tell you that it is extremely effective. I’ve used it for years and as a result I’ve continually built up my list of cash buyers.

You can take this letter and personalize it to make it appear as though it belongs to you and you alone.

I’ve made a quick video to give you the step-by-step guide of how to use it. (Makes it even more of a no-brainer. Again, you’re welcome.) Check it out right here:

And now – ta da – here’s the letter itself. Swipe away!

Once you watch the video and download the letter, you’ll already feel like a millionaire. But there’s more. From our archives, here are two other cash buyer-related resources we’ve shared via “Swipe and Deploy” in the past. Check out this Craigslist Ad and Wholesaling Buyer Letter. (I won’t say you’re welcome for the third time.) Enjoy!

Lemme hear from you

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4 Responses to “Jp’s ‘DRIVE-BY’ Cash Buyers Letter”

  1. Mark Thompson Reply

    Good stuff. You may want to ask them if they are interested in selling any of their properties. They may be a burned out investor.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Good idea, Mark!

  2. Patrick Stevenson Reply

    Good information and pathway for taking action.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Patrick, thanks for the feedback.

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