It’s Unreasonable That You’re Reading This (Not What You Think)

It's Unreasonable That You're Reading This ArticleThis article is being “penned” from 31,000 ft above Somewhere-Over-Middle-America, on a trip that started in Oregon (West Coast) this morning and ends in Charelston (East Coast) tonight.

If that sentence right there didn’t blow your mind… why not?

How about this…

I’m typing this article on my light-as-a-feather MacBook Air laptop, with a 12-hour battery life. It can store something like 70,000 songs, hundreds of HD movies, or almost limitless files of “whatever else” I wanted to put on here. 

But this article isn’t about how cool these gadgets are, or even the “international exploits” of a Roseburg based entrepreneur… You see, this article is about how unreasonable thinking is what truly drives positive change around our world…

…and here at home. 

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me the following:

  • “That won’t work.”
  • “That can’t be done.”
  • “That’s impossible.”
  • “Why not just aim your sights a bit more realistic?”
  • “Just be happy with the way things are”.

Heck, we’ve all thought it.  All of us who dream to be creators in this world (rather than just consumers) hear this stuff every day – that is, if you’re pushing the boundaries enough to actually matter.

Most people hear those remarks from people, and then they allow doubts to creep into their minds… And then they give-up their dreams.

But those who choose to challenge what’s “normal” – and who choose to be “unreasonable” – are the ones who create the most impact in the lives of others.

Barely over 100 years ago it was “unreasonable” to think that people would be able to fly across this country in hunk of metal from coast to coast in less than 6 hours… The norm was a multi-week drive, a several day-long train treck, or before that, a deadly journey in a wagon for several months.

guitarAt that time, it was unreasonable to think that someone could harness electricity and make it turn a light bulb on. It was even once “unreasonable” to think that women would be able to vote!

And this computer on which I’m typing? Everything about it was completely unreasonable 15 years ago – even to some smart people who should have known better.

In fact, all of these examples were once considered completely unreasonable (even bordering on “crazy”)… But someone with courage stood up and said, “Nope, it can be done… and I’m going to make it happen”. 

Entrepreneurs, by nature, should be unreasonable.

If you’re not questioning what’s normal…

…and if you’re not coming up with ideas that people would say are “never gonna happen”…

…then you’re not giving yourself enough credit.

If you’re one of the people who is continually skeptical about the “hare brained” ideas someone you know comes up with, then realize that it just may be you who is the unreasonable one – thinking that something “can’t be done” in this current day and age in which we have the privilege of living.

Locally, over the next 5 years some, things are going to happen to this Roseburg entrepreneur community that a lot of people here currently think are “unreasonable”. Whether you think it can be done or not, this area is going to be seen as one of the entrepreneurial hubs of Oregon and entrepreneurs are going to move from across the state (even the country) to live, work, create jobs, and help build an even better culture here.

trevorCities like Portland, Bend, Eugene, Medford, even ones across the country will look at Roseburg and wonder, “How the heck is that little town doing that?”.

If you don’t think so, if you think that’s “unreasonable”… then think again, because it’s already starting to happen right under your nose.

Why? Because a group of us are making it happen.

So be unreasonable. The world needs you. This community needs you.

Join us in our mission:

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