Welcome, [i4w_user_first_name]!

Welcome to the family! We’re outright thrilled to have you board with us for this journey. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, because you made an excellent decision to invest in yourself with this training, and you’re going to be happy as a clam at high tide when you experience all that’s in store for you.

Since you’re here for the first time, please take a quick sec to read through this entire page right now — It’ll help you understand what’s coming, how to get the most out of it, and what to do next.

How This Works

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to be learning a lot about how to systematically create profits on demand for you. But, it doesn’t stop there… with your small investment you have a lifetime membership to the IPOD training, bonuses, and more. And believe you-me, we’ve got a few choice, unannounced goodies headed your way, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • For the duration of this training, we’ll be posting fresh awesomeness for you here in the members’ area each week.
  • Your first session is coming at you this Tuesday!
  • We’ll be releasing at least one core training per week, plus quite a few “amplifier” training sessions. (It’ll make sense when you see it, trust me.)
  • Each time we open up something new for you, we’ll send you a nice little email to let you know. (Gee, isn’t that nice of us? 🙂 

Why So Spread Out?

You may be wondering why we’ve decided to spread this out over the course of so many weeks, rather than cram it all down your throat at once.  Trust us, it’s for your own good. This is important stuff and we happen to know a thing or three about the perils of info overload.

You don’t want to throw your hands up in exasperation — you want to extract all the value out of this that you possible can, right? That’s our aim too. So we’ve intentionally laid all this out for you in such a way as to keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and make it as consumable and digestible as possible. 

How do you eat the elephant, grasshopper? That’s right…one bite at a time.  🙂

Your Job

When you get one of our little emails that something new is posted for you, your job is to open it up, read it, then click the link inside and actually go through the material.

Look, we can’t learn this stuff for you. We can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make you drink, Mr. Horse.  So do what you have to do to set aside a little time each week to walk through this with us. You owe it to yourself after all.

Oh, one more thing — Your 2nd job (besides going through this material) is to actually take action on it.  Again, we can’t do this for you — you have to do the work. We’ll make it as paint-by-numbers as it can be, and literally will hand you specific action steps to take with each training session. But you’ve got to actually get up off your tookus and git-r-done. Fair enough?

How to Get Started Now

Even though class doesn’t officially begin for you until Monday, we want to go ahead and give you something to get started on right now.

So we’ve pre-recorded our first “Amplifier” training for you and posted it for you here…


Click here to get started on “Your
Dream Team on Demand” training…


So go ahead and get cracking. Jump into this first session and start laying the groundwork for yourself.

Your next IPOD training will be ready for you on Tuesday. In the meantime, let us know if we can help you with anything. Click reach out to us through member support any time. And as you’re going through everything with us here, please interact with us by leaving comments and questions in the comments below each session. We’re here!

Again, congrats on becoming a member in Investor Profits on Demand training program!

To your success,