Core 4 » Profit on Demand

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Core Training 4 » Profit on Demand

So here we are, about to round 4th base together (that’s right, our game has 4 bases) and so far we’ve spoon-fed you:

Today is all about helping you learn how to finish strong.

Starting strong is the exciting part…heck, it’s the fun part… the hunt, the chase, the kill…

But the fact is, no matter how great your team is, no matter how many “unexpected owners” you uncover, or how many killer deals you land… no matter how awesomely you negotiate with your sellers or buyers…

…if you don’t get from contract to closing, then you don’t get paid and nothing else really matters.

So in this session we’ll walk you through that process, step by step, blow by blow. We’ll cover common obstacles you’ll encounter and how to avoid them, biggest deal-killing mistakes we (and others) have made,  and a whole heap more.

Bottom line: This is some critical, real-world stuff that can make or break your deals. So perk up and pay attention, because here comes another 90-ish minutes of pure IPOD awesome…

Watch and Enjoy…

Resources Mentioned in This Session…

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Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon as it’s posted, we’ll send you an email (how nice of us!) and then it’ll magically appear here for you. Patience, Grasshopper…we’re eating the elephant one bite at a time. 🙂


36 Responses to “Core 4 » Profit on Demand”

  1. Dave Trevino Reply

    Hi IPOD Team
    Your training is very good. I am really learning a lot. The cost for the course is money well spent. I know that following your program will make me a successful Real Estate Investor. All I have to do is follow your program and take action.
    Thanks for putting all this together.
    Dave Trevino

  2. Charles Boursiquot Reply

    Hello Patrick & JP, You guys are two of kinds – Great Training!
    This is a great training program; and I truly learn quite a lot. Persistence is a virtue as used the right way.
    Another warning: “Beware of ongoing occupying tenant before closing.”

    Please list the sample email note for the discount of the “Private Money Blueprint” training.

    Thanks again and Great work!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Charles, that’s great to hear. Glad you enjoyed the IPOD training program!

      On the special offer on Private Money On Demand, email support and let Charity know the details on it and she’ll help ya out.

      – Patrick

  3. Cornelius Baker Reply

    JV Deals, Co-Wholesaling, Partners, Equitable interest, and friends as Partners, Education, Contracts, and Action

    I understand Wholesalers helping Wholesalers can be a good start.

    Okay, I’ve been studying and doing and taking on sometimes 2 courses at a time. Hey, sometimes one mentor suggests another mentor’s training. That’s how I got to IPOD recommended by Steph Davis.

    About the same time I took on IPOD and FastTrack from another… I was brought in as a lead finder for acquisitions of a huge Wholesale and Real Estate Group in my area.

    So, I look for ugly houses in the main areas their one partner seeks to deal in and place his sticky note on doors when no one answers the door. I have a friend that has helped me some but, he’s not there often. I committed to 3x a week on average to work for these guys. My partner/friend has made no such commitment. We were placing the sticky notes of our investor partner and I still do. Then one or 2 noticed we were pretty good at finding people. So they’d send a name like say Samuel Smithson of 123 Main St. and before they’d know it we’d talked to him and then give them the number to contact Sammy.

    Then, NOD’s started coming. A huge long list. Mostly in a far off zip. Now, we started getting a bit overwhelmed. And then a top 16 list came.

    I’ve been extremely busy trying to prioritize, when I saw one was headed to auction I tried to put more gas on that one. I gathered so much info. I even talked to one of the step daughter just outside her home after we tracked her down. That deal was so difficult to find the actual owner on after all the deaths, contracts, divorces, disconnects and move aways. And no one seemed to keep in contact with the step-siblings.

    In the end, I finally watched it get rescheduled and sold at auction for 140k and it’s ARV was only 185k or so.

    So, I basically research and deal find, “birddog” for this Group. If I send them info on a potential deal and they pass, then I see if I might wholesale it.

    I’m told if a deal actually goes to close that I’ve helped them on I will receive a 1099. I haven”t had one go to completion yet eventhough I’ve put several people on the phone for them and even set up one appointment on a probate home.

    Some people are co-wholesaling and I would really appreciate a couple solid ways to do this and include one or 2 partners so we both or all 3 can have an interest in marketing and selling it.

    I really need another ME-someone who is REI educated, dedicated, teachable, actionable, and excited, or can at least get to that point because of a passion for real estate investing.

    I’m going a little long here and could go into a few stories.

    Much of what I’m about to describe actually happened. I need to know better how to proceed next time I get a chance like this:

    Let’s say I have friends John and Kent. and I find some wholesaler group Joe and Clark. Clark calls me about a horse property. My main Investors say it may be a good deal, look at the info I connect them with and pass, saying not sure they can take it on at this time.
    Now, I want my chance to wholesale it but want my friends to be able to market it legally too.
    Clark and his patner Joe will sell it to me at 528k It needs about 75k in repairs, ARV is 850k and I want to have the rehabber able to profit about 100-150k even if he sells it at 750-800k (not necessarily the 850k)
    So is the best way to proceed to draw up a partnership contract for Joint Venture 1234 Horsey Blvd and assign profits to be evenly to Cory (me), John and Kent with the Wholesalers of the Horse Property in a flex option for 10 actual days. Then John, Kent, or Cory (I) can market it???

    Seems like some are comfortable with craigslist postings as leads, not deals with a contract…
    I used to have a license years ago as I tried learning investing back then. I do not want to get to a point where practicing Real Estate without a license whipes me out. Ugh.


  4. Azhar Sabir Reply

    You did what you said you would and some more….which goes a long way in this business. Thank you

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Azhar, that’s great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

      – Patrick

  5. Rudy Torres Reply

    What does BPO stand for?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Rudy, sorry for the slow reply…

      It stands for Brokers Price Opinion. It’s like an appraisal, but done by a Realtor and not as detailed.

      – Patrick

  6. Justen Bethay Reply

    Great training guys, and excellent course. You have definitely over-delivered, and I have gotten so much from this. I have even enjoyed your book recommendations and really loved that Amp Session with Tony Robbins as well. I am really looking forward to the last few Amp Sessions including the 4 1/2 hour Workweek and your Shady Seller Lockdown trick. I will be emailing you when I close my first deal 🙂 Thanks Patrick and JP!

    Justen Bethay

    • You got it, Justen! So glad you’re here and that you’re getting so much out of the training. We really put our hearts (not just our heads) into it 🙂 Thanks for the warm comments!

  7. Larry Waltz Reply

    Hey Guys…This is great stuff! You guys are down to earth, realistic and deliver meaningful and valuable content. I have a list of folks to mail to and now I get to start with the Yellow Letter folks. Question: What is the name of the person there that is familiar with your methods and procedures? Thanks Larry

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Larry, thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear you’re loving the program.

      One of the people at Yellow Letter Complete you can speak to is Zach. Anyone in their office can help you though.

      – Patrick

  8. Ray Strickland Reply

    Patrick and JP: Using your basic Public Records techniques to find potential Buyer/Investors and potential Private Lenders, I’ve incorporated a trick to spot more quickly the “Heavier Hitters” of both types. (Thanks especially for the training on using Public Records.)

    Example: When I locate a Private Individual Lender, I take that name and do a “search” by name. This is helping me quickly isolate who is really doing multiple loans, to whom, and the amounts. The serial lenders are put on my “A” list to target for contacting first.

    Likewise with borrowers of private money. I do a search on the borrower’s name. If there are multiple hits on the same name, “Bingo”. They are possibly rehabbers or landlords actively borrowing, rehabbing, and flipping multiple properties and worthy of putting on my priority list to contact.

    Using this technique can possibly zero in on some of the most active Investors/Buyers and active Private Money sources quickly, saving time and money in getting the Buyers and Lenders lists started.

    Because I straddle two large active counties, taking names found in one county’s Public Records and searching for that same name in the other county’s Public Records can possibly help isolate these Heavy Hitters even faster.

    Overall this is a good basic course. I’ve enjoyed it and, as you may surmise, especially the techniques for finding active Buyers and Lenders quickly using Public Records.

    Thank you both.

  9. Michael Underwood Reply

    HEY JP & Patrick
    I would first like to say Thanks,You guys have been Awesome
    In my opinion the Core Training 4 » Profit on Demand
    Is well worth the price you charged for the entire program hear, By just understanding the different challenges and pit falls that can come up at any giving time and knowing what to look for can save us a tone of money and time,
    There for the real cost for this training alone is priceless.I can’t even began to put a vale on the other training you have given us, I say given because it is truly a gift,
    Not to mention you have added even more on to this as a gift, The truth is you guys are the true gift and I appreciate the two of you very much. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Michael, thanks so much for the kind words. It’s great to hear how much you loved the IPOD program!

      – Patrick

  10. Rita Granderson Reply

    I learned so much . I have one offer out at this time. My team is coming along well and I am making progress. Thanks!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Rita! Keep moving forward and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  11. Stan Rehn Reply

    Hey guys,
    I’m making offers today, thanks to your marketing plan!
    I’ll definitely let you know if I get a deal.
    Now, I’m a bit forgetful, so bear with me, where did I read last week in IPOD material that suggestion on how to get an indication, online, if an area is likely a “war zone”. I liked it, but don’t know just where I saw it!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Sounds great on the offers Stan! Nice work.

      Hmmm, I’m not 100% sure… but I think that’s covered in the Deal Analysis on Demand Amp Session here…

      – Patrick

    • Cornelius Baker Reply

      Hey, I just came across the “Crime Risk” map at

      Just put in an adress even on google and scroll down to Trulia. Then click on that and scroll down on the Trulia site on the first page

      That might help others.

  12. Mike Johnson Reply

    Hi Patrick and JP,
    In dealing with Private Investors, especially for new people, there is a lot of Scamers and Hard Money people that claim to be private money investors to watch out for. This is an area to where a new investor could lose a lot of money with so-called lenders, wanting up front fees and then disappearing or charging outrageous rates.
    Could you guys touch base with your knowledge and experience with some kind of guide line to follow and things to watch out for.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mike, you shouldn’t ever have to pay anything to a potential lender prior to closing on a property… and then depending on how the loan is structured, there may or may not be fees to pay at closing. If the lender required you to pay points (a point is a 1% fee based on the loan balance), they may require them to be paid upfront… not before the actual closing though.

      With most private lenders that I work with, they don’t call themselves a “private lender” or “private investor”… they are just regular people who want a better return on their money.

      If someone calls themselves a private lender/investor, they’re probably more of a hard money lender…. lending money to investors at high rates.

      Hope this helps.

      – Patrick

  13. Richard Blair Reply

    This program is priceless !!!! Well worth the tuition. Load and load of valuable information. Already on e of the smartest investment I ever made. Highly recommended it.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Richard, thanks so much for the kind words. That’s great to hear!

      – Patrick

  14. Cha Yang Reply

    Thank you for your hard work in putting all the materials together for us. The materials are a great wealth of knowledge that anyone can benefit from. Thanks again, Cha

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Cha, you’re welcome. Glad to hear!

      – Patrick

  15. Elizabeth Nichols Reply

    This continues to be a very good, practical course that will benefit benefit both new investors and those with experience. You’ve definitely over-delivered!

  16. Robert Bearden Reply

    Patrick and JP, you two are the REAL DEAL!! So refreshing to have found you and your ‘Under Promise Over Deliver’ approach of this material. I truly believe you are after our personal success in an otherwise tight lipped industry. How else can you justify the cost VS volume of material you shared with us….wondering where is the catch?? Answer: None! I especially enjoyed the snippets of each of your failures so as to avoid repeating them. What has become priceless though; is the new found understanding that you both really mean you are there to help. I will highly recommend you two because it is not every day you find businessmen with an ‘Abundance Minded Philosophy’ willing to share these secrets. In a not to distance future, my life will realize an overwhelming POSITIVE change because of you two! Thanks again!

  17. David Stermer Reply

    Guys, I know I am late getting through this training….but I wanted to say that for a guy that has been around the real estate business as an investor for over 6 years and many years ago an agent….this is some of the most practical instruction that I have ever seen….you guys are really good at what you are doing with training! Thank you so much!

  18. Paul Holden Reply

    Thanks for the second chance on PMOD, I have gone through the material and others will gain a lot from it.

  19. Jan Fry Reply

    Hi guys,
    Thanks so much for your explanation on wholesaling. I understanding it better now. Jan

  20. Roger Ordonez Reply

    Hello IPOD Team, Just watched this Core training week 4 again 9-21-2013. It is truly the area where I have needed help with. Understanding the double closing & assignment of contract has really cleared up questions & confusion I had in the is area. I reall am looking forward to the in depth training of the contracts that are coming up. IPOD Team you all have really over delivered, have given great real life examples, etc…..
    I am very grateful to be here with you all!!!!
    This is by far one of the best training’s I have signed up for!!!!!!
    New Investor’s again, pay attention, take lots of good notes, rewind if need be, learn this 100 % until you got it. Be determined , have a mind set of being persistence, & most of all DON’T GIVE UP!!!!
    It is really started to work for me!
    Thank you

  21. Nishi Pasarya Reply

    Great training! Thank you Patrick and JP for putting your hearts and soul in this training, for sharing your knowledge, and for being so generous with providing some wonderful resources. I have truly enjoyed and learned from this training, and I especially admire your genuine interest in helping people, Thank You.

    An update on my previous comment. I was contacted the same day that I left that comment, and Charity was kind to go over my account, helped answer all my questions, and she promptly processed my refund for PMOD, as requested. Thank you Charity.

  22. Roger Ordonez Reply

    IPOD Team, how’s it going? I hope all is well! Where do I start. Being someone that has never done a deal, buying all types of different online, off line training programs, being told that your crazy Roger for thinking about getting into real estate – have you seen the market ? I could go on. I have been educating for about a year now. This IPOD training is by far the best and shoot straight from the hip type of education, the experiences you all speak about are so real, i have experienced several of them myself just as you explained in the training, it is real. To say the least & to keep it short which is really difficult to do. However, anyone out there that is tried of buying all sort of different trainings
    STOP IT!!!!!!
    This IPOD training is by far the best training I have come across & like I said I have bought too many!
    From getting the correct mind set, to developing your team, to learning Data Base Plucking huge & learning marketing, up to this point about closing the deal with wholesaling has really brought it together for me . I HIGHLY recommend this training to new investors. This is really & truly where to start. Because of this training, I am meeting with a title company on Monday 9-23-13 so she can fully explain how they process the deal\contracts, & because of this training I have questions for her to show her that I have been doing my homework, in turn this is really going to help me understand & put it together for the process of closing. I am also meeting with a real estate agent on Tuesday 9-24-13 to do data base plucking! So she can email me the excel spreadsheet for the unexpected owners. I can see the transaction taking place in my mind & soon be driving to the bank to ca$h the check. I am going to review a couple of modules where I was not completely clear on or where I have questions, I want to review to verify that I did not miss anything, this I highly recommend to the
    I Love this being able to review anytime & also the support Patrick & J.P. give is awesome, they really know their real estate & best of all they do answer you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have so much more to say about this, however I want to respect peoples time!!!!
    HEY You – Yeah You NEW INVESTOR do everything these Gentlemen are teaching, it is really working.
    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. C Hebron Reply

    hey guys,

    you have done an excellent job in delivering the material in a organized, concise and simplified manner.

    I have been formulating my system of attack in this real estate business and you two have given me more than enough tools to point me in the right direction.

    you also have given ways to avoid the many traps and pit falls that we will no doubt encounter along the way. This money well spent.


    • Thanks so much for the feedback, C! Warmly received indeed!

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