Core 2 » Deals on Demand

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Core Training 2 » Deals on Demand

Wow, what a first week!

Up to now we’ve been focusing mostly on getting your head on straight, by helping you work through some of the inner demons and “stinking thinking” that’s probably been sabotaging you.

Why? Because this is the foundation that underlies everything else. We’re building a structure here for you, but any structure without a solid foundation will fall apart at some point, right?

So this is not about feel-goodery… We’ve intentionally pressed on a number of different mindset/inner game buttons, more than a few of which probably hit you square between the eyes. Here’s to sincerely hoping you’ve been sharpened and refined by it.

Ready to get tactical with us now? Great, us too!

Here’s what you’re about to learn: 

  • How to find “unexpected owners” using DBP
  • How to determine your target deal source formula
  • Swipe & deploy my proven marketing piece
  • Step-by-step how to set up your deal machine
  • My done for you resource that I personally use to do all my mailings for me
  • And much more…

Bottom line: We’re going in deep. Hold onto your hat, and take notes.

Watch and Enjoy…

Resources Mentioned in This Session…

Questions? Comments? Chime in below…


Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon as it’s posted, we’ll send you an email (how nice of us!) and then it’ll magically appear here for you. Patience, Grasshopper…we’re eating the elephant one bite at a time. 🙂


164 Responses to “Core 2 » Deals on Demand”

  1. Charles Mace Reply

    I am having an issue pulling my list on CRS. I’m entering all the criteria and have a few hundred matches. When I enter the two year date the property matches go to zero. I’ve entered several dates and tried different counties and the same thing happens. I have access to Charleston county and followed the steps exactly like they was shown in the training. I got a nice list until I entered the two year date. Once I did the matches went to zero. Is anyone else having this issue?

  2. Charles Mace Reply

    I would have never thought to use CRS to pull a list like that. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Joseph Tucker Reply


    I have the MLS here in Tampa, I’m able to finds the zip codes but than I see you have last sales price from 0-1,000. My MLS doesn’t have last sales price just Sales price? would I use that? For Date of sale you said to put 2yrs, my MLS doesn’t have that either, would I use Last Market Recording Date? Than last , you have Last Tax appraisal value from 50,000 to 200,000 but my MLS doesn’t offer last tax appraisal value, would I choose between annual tax or Just value-total? Thanks

  4. Tim King Reply

    I love what you’re teaching about targeting unexpected owners! If we follow the yellow letter campaign exactly like you lay it out, what range of response rates would you expect? Not looking for a guarantee…just what your experience has been.

    Again, thanks for awesome value!

  5. Herbert Hall Reply

    On your yellow mailer letter, would hand written work better than typed.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Handwritten ALWAYS Herbert. Make it happen.

  6. M Rodriguez Reply

    Hey Patrick & JP I want to thank you for the excellent and easy to follow training. I especially appreciated the quote at the end since I’ve recently bought the audiobook seeing and recognizing that quote really gave me a since that I’ve been doing the right thing by educating myself on how to be successful.
    I do have one question on the list in general that JP sort of touched on. That is, how many leads do/ did you mail to or would you recommend mailing to on a weekly or monthly basis when you’re just starting out? I was thinking I’d start with 250-500, but that can get expensive without having done any split testing for results. I’m really motivated to get the phone ringing, but at the same time without proper systems already established I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I would definitely appreciate your thoughts. Thanks and happy new year!

    • Hey Michele, love your enthusiasm! Short answer is of course, the more you mail, the more responses you’ll get 🙂 Personally whenever I’m mailing letters, I like to start with at least 250/week and see how that feels, then maybe move up from there if you have the bandwidth. When sending postcards, I prefer a min 1000/week. Go get ’em!

  7. Norman Robinson Reply

    Great 114 minute training…….I am on a roll THANK YOU JESUS for sending people to teach me

  8. Mark Fulcher Reply

    I am a realtor and my MLS doesnt provide any type of the info on this training. I think this process is awesome. Need to access the info from a different source. Please advise. Thank you.

  9. Bryan Sander Reply

    Hi Patrick- How many times do you send your letter to the same list?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Bryan, I usually send it up to 3 times to the same list (depending on how the response rate goes for each mailing). If you continue to get good response though, continue mailing the same list.

      – Patrick

  10. David Davenport Reply

    Ive been slow at listening to this. I just logged on to listen this morning and it gets one minute and 30 seconds into it and all the sudden speeds up to 10 times the rate. Whats wrong?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey David, hmmmm I haven’t ever heard of anyone with that issue.

      Try reloading the page and starting the video over again. You may also try a different web browser.

      – Patrick

  11. Philip Schuck Reply

    In the non disclosure states the only way to get sales data is using the MLS so having a Realtor on your team is a huge advantage cause even through the court retrieval services the information is going to be limited and you can’t filter sales information.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the comment Philip.

      Also, you may try doing a document search for ‘quit claim deeds.’ This is an alternate method to searching by sales price.

      And here’s a company that provides ‘quit claim deed’ lists nationwide…

      – Patrick

  12. Luke Modzelewski Reply

    Hey Patrick and JP,
    I am really enjoying the training, I thought I knew a lot about real estate, but you guys are taking my knowledge to another level, so thank you for that. Also, will you guys be providing a PDF of the “Seller Lead Questionaire” or do we need to make up our own.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Luke, that’s awesome that you’re loving the program.

      The link to download the seller questionnaire should have appeared for you on the resources page now. If not, shoot an email to support and we’ll email it over to you.

      – Patrick

  13. Christine Alcoser Reply

    when your doing your prospecting search is it searching tax records or MLS properties?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      In the video, the local MLS in my area has a tax search function that I show. It’s searching through tax records even though I’m logged into MLS. And on one of the steps in the list getting process, I showed how you can see if any of the properties have activity on MLS (active, sold, expired, etc) and segment from your mailing.

      – Patrick

  14. Ricardo Costa Reply

    hi the information is great , i know a lot of this stuff real estate is my passion just like its yours but i never done a deal yet, im hoping with your info i can do a deal.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You can make it happen Ricardo! Just follow the training, take one step at a time, and let us know what questions we can help with along the way.

      Let’s do this.

      – Patrick

  15. Don Obermeyer Reply

    Great ideas today

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the training Don!

      – Patrick

  16. Ted Madden Jr Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    Problem solved.



  17. Jordan Solomon Reply

    Hi. Quick question about CRS. Can it be used as a standalone product, or can it only be used in conjunction with the MLS? If it CAN be used on its own (and it’s available in one’s area, of course), is there any reason not to do so? That is, it seems easier than going through the trouble (however much trouble that is) to get MLS access. No?


  18. Arthur May Reply

    I am in the process of negotiating with a realtor for access to the MLS. Again, the MLS will have information on those under the radar properties that are not listed for sale – right?

  19. Arthur May Reply

    Great material. I am trying to view again to write down some critical steps. I can’t seem to make that work. Can you please tell me how do do that?

  20. Angela Nakajima Reply

    The Court House Retrieval Service is in my area and
    another State that I want to do wholesaling. Can I use
    this service instead of the MLS?
    Thank you.

  21. John Sanford Reply

    Holy cannoli! I have access to my local MLS and it appears I have this ability. I’ll have to play with it to see if I do or not. Exciting!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome John!!

      – Patrick

  22. Odikro Emmanuel Reply

    very interesting stuff. You’ve got my head spinning and wandering if I heard you right regarding HOL. Did you mean $100k or less? Are there real homes in today’s world selling for hundred bucks or less? I’m guessing you mean a hundred thousand dollars or less. Right?

  23. Michael Merrill Reply

    Does Real Quest have info on probate properties?

  24. Cecil Ohnson Reply

    Great training. You guys rock!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks Cecil! 🙂

      – Patrick

  25. JOhn Ward Reply

    Plenty for all. I just want my first paid flip

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right John. Plenty for all indeed.

      – Patrick

  26. Justen Bethay Reply

    Excellent training! Thank you for really breaking down the contact with the seller and providing the questionnaire. I can see where I can definitely improve. I look forward to the Amp Sessions!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Really glad you’re loving the training Justen!

      – Patrick

  27. Debra Gleason Reply

    What is DBP again?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Debra, it stands for “Database Plucking”… which is how you put together your list of unexpected owners.

      – Patrick

  28. Gregory King Reply

    Thanks for training it was loaded with great content and usable strategies that everyone in the community can use

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Gregory 🙂

      – Patrick

  29. Sean Sappleton Reply

    So much great information. I can not wait to start implementing these strategies and start building a real estate portfolio. Thank you so much

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Sean, glad you’re enjoying the training.

      – Patrick

  30. Kenneth Stoner Reply

    Patrick and JP ,

    You two guys are doing a great job training on the ins and out of setting up a real estate investing machine. I am learning what I need to learn to be a real estate investor. Thanks, so much to both of you!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Kenneth, we appreciate the feedback. Keep soaking up as much info as you can… and take massive action.

      – Patrick

  31. Joseph Tucker Reply

    Hey guys that was great training. I’m about to get my real estate license soon and look forward to using the MLS to find deals and comps. Just wanted to know what is your thoughts on using Agent Pro 247 for finding tax delinquent owners? Thanks

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Joseph, that’s a good question. I don’t have any personal experience using that system. If anyone here has thoughts to share on Agent Pro 247, let’s hear ’em.

      – Patrick

    • Jordan Solomon Reply

      Hi Patrick,

      You say that the MLS search you ran is on the MLS site but really done through the Courthouse Retrieval Service, and that this product is not available everywhere (and it not, unfortunately, available in my area). Doesn’t this also imply that the MLS will not have this functionality everywhere, as in wherever the court search system is not available? Otherwise stated, is it possible to do this search on the MLS WITHOUT this product? Thanks.

      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Hey Jordan, some other MLS’s have a feature where you can search through tax records. So, it’s definitely worth looking into your MLS to see if it has a similar feature. Before I discovered how I can use my local MLS (which has the CRS system built into it), I used to get this list from the tax assessor’s office at my local county courthouse. I just went to the courthouse in person, gave them my list criteria, and a check for $50 bucks (which was a flat fee they charged for compiling any list together for someone). Maybe your county offers a service where they can pull the list for ya. Some title companies have access to databases where they can get this list.

        One of the bigger counties in SC, Greenville, has a search function through their online county website where you can pull the unexpected owner list. So, look into that as well in your local county and neighboring counties.

        If you determine to find a way to get the list (using one of these strategies), you’ll find a way.

        – Patrick

  32. Joel Thornton Reply

    I have ARMLS Arizona regional multiple listing system what is equivalent to your prospecting

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Joel, see if there’s a function in your MLS like the one I show in the video where you can search through public records. In my MLS, it’s under tax search. You could contact your MLS’s support to ask them if there’s a function like that.

      Also, check with your local county courthouse. I used to get my lists through the tax assessor’s office before I discovered how to pull it through my local MLS.

      – Patrick

  33. Stephen Anderson Reply

    I have sorted the properties as you stated but I have a question. What type of deed does these people typically get when they get the property from probate?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Stephen, the deed type that people typically from an inheritance is a quit claim deed. In most areas, you can’t search by quit claim deed though… so that’s why we use the formula I go over in the video.

      – Patrick

  34. George Shaw Reply

    Let me just say, “Wow!” Went to my title company today and I asked them if they could get me a list with properties sold for $100 or less in the last 2 years for my county(honestly, I thought they would think it was a joke). “Sure,” the young woman said and proceeded to compile a list with over 300 properties, in about a minute’s time. I could have a received a photo and detailed info on each one, but didn’t want the bulk, either in email or regular mail.

    I walked out of the title office feeling like I just tapped into a gold mine. Also, it cost me only a couple dollars, that’s it.

    Can’t wait to get started. Thank you!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Wow, that’s awesome George! Love it!! 🙂

      – Patrick

    • Angela Nakajima Reply

      What did you say to the Title Company to get the list and which State are you in?

  35. Chris Luciano Reply

    Fantastic Training! Massive “NEW” information and easy to understand.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Chris! 🙂

      – Patrick

  36. Allan Gibbings Reply

    Do you include a return address on the envelope?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Yes, I include a return address… but not on the front of the envelope. It’s included as a label that goes across the back flap of the envelope. Check out the example picture in the training.

      – Patrick

  37. Valerie Davis Reply

    Thank you for your CORE training an AMP training.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Valerie!

      – Patrick

  38. Payton Branson Reply

    Love the trainng. Im going to reviw 2 or 3 times.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome! 🙂

      – Patrick

  39. Tim Goodart Reply

    Patrick, I’m trying Listsource to generate a list but it seems to not be working. when I enter :
    the state of CT
    last sale date within the last 2 yrs
    last market sale price$1-$500
    absentee owner

    I get 0 records. Does this make sense to you? Based on what you said it the video, I would have expected something more than 0.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Tim, try contacting Rich Wagner and see if he can help you get the list through Listsource (he’s an account manager). Here’s his email:

      – Patrick

  40. Julie Bartlett Reply

    OK…problem solved…logged in and logged out and bingo. We have video!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Julie, glad you got logged in to the video. Hope you’re doing well!

      – Patrick

  41. Barry Banks Reply

    In the DBP training, The Final Component – Your Niche, the (Property Value). By having a specific tax value range, properties there tax vaule on record using that as a range for the type properties i want to target. Seems I need a number to go by, what is the range or range percentage.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Barry, tax values vary depending on where your property is at… so I can’t really give you a range. But, you can figure that out with a little research.

      Based on the price range of houses you want to focus on, look up a few on your county website and see what the tax values are. Based on what you find, determine a range that you think makes sense, put together your list, and go from there.

      – Patrick


    What a complete and leaving no stone unturned presentation. My appreciation for each of you and the synergistic way that you relate to each other grows and grows with each lesson you provide. What an inspirational and exceedingly detailed training. Thank you for all the gratitude you bring to your sessions. I love how you honor other mentors or resource sources that have helped you on your way to the stature you currently enjoy AND that you don’t mind sharing with us.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Great to hear Darwin! We love sharing what’s working well for us in our businesses.

      Happy Investing! 🙂

      – Patrick

  43. Walter Reid Reply

    Great training, can’t wait to implement.
    I don’t know if I missed it but after pulling info from the MLS I would then contact List source, correct??
    I did not here the process on how to send the MLS info. to List source.
    would it be an excel spread sheet??
    In my notes you did say Yellow letters will completely do it for you for $1.00 per letter. does that include the DBP?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Walter, glad you’re enjoying the training.

      To get your list of unexpected owners, you may be able to use your local MLS (like I demo’ed in the video). Or Listsource is another option for getting the list. We have a contact there that can help you if you decide to use Listsource. Just email our support and Charity will send you the contact info.

      Yellow Letters Complete (YLC) is the company I suggest to do your mailing for you. So, once you get your list (using MLS, Listsource, or any other method we cover in the video), then send your excel file with all the names/addresses to YLC.

      – Patrick

  44. Stan Rehn Reply

    Thanks for the great training!
    I have a question or two. I am sifting through the mls generated tax records search results as instructed. I’m a part time Realtor. I am deleting the records where the last transfer indicates the grantor and the grantee are the same person -not sure why- (many like this) , and also trashing the ones where the new owner, the grantee, is a company or a trust. Would you keep the record (and mail to) where the grantor was a company or a trust, like A & B Properties? It seems funny but I am running across those that indicate they got the property from a company for nothing!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Stan, I don’t mail to any properties owned by entities (LLCs, trusts, etc). I recommend just sending to individual owners.

      – Patrick

      • Stan Rehn Reply

        I think my question was unclear….
        Do you recommend mailing to properties that were acquired from an llc, or another company, and not just from an individual? If they got it from a company for free, as a few strangely do here, it doesn’t seem likely that they are an unexpected owner. (?)

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

          I recommend mailing to those individuals. Maybe it was a situation where a property was transferred to the individual because of a failed business partnership… and now they unexpectedly own the property themselves.

          – Patrick

          • Stan Rehn

            Thanks! I’m starting to get calls! Yipee!!

  45. Angela Barnes-Roberts Reply

    Hello, I am very late getting started. I purchased the course and then had a family emergency that kept me from starting. I am here now, ready to get started and am so excited about this first core training. I have learned so much and am ready to start implementing. I have an appointment to meet with a realtor tomorrow. So I plan on getting access to the MLS as early as tomorrow. Great Training!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Angela, no worries on getting started late. You’re here now 🙂

      Hope the meeting with the Realtor went well.

      Let us know if we can help you with anything.

      – Patrick

  46. Brian Duncan Reply

    Hi JP & Pat
    You guys are truly awesome with your training. Again, this is after the fact but I am working to be able to attend the sessions live.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks Brian. Glad you’re enjoying the training.

      – Patrick

  47. Erik Brown Reply

    Hi Charity, Patrick, and JP!

    I was following up on the comment below after watching your training video:

    Hey Ben, we have a contact at List Source who knows how to pull the unexpected owner list. Send a message to our support area and Charity will send you his info.

    Would you be able to send me the contact? I have found Northstar MLS, our local MLS in MN, does not pull the data as efficiently as yours did on the video. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Erik, I send you an email with the contact from Listsource. Please let us know if you need help with anything else!

  48. Thomas Erb Reply

    Awesome Training!

    I’ve tried looking for this answer in the other posts, so please forgive me if it’s already been answered.
    Question about the Yellow Letters…

    How do you get around the font issue if I’m merging the owners name and the address? I’ve hand written my letters and made copies. I’m merging the owner name and address into the letter, but the font is different from my handwriting. I’m trying different ‘handwriting’ type fonts and of course none of them look like my writing. There has to be an easy way around this. Maybe using the font for the entire letter? That would seem to defeat the purpose of making it look personal and that I hand wrote it.



    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Thomas, that’s a good question…

      I personally don’t know how to do the merging with the handwritten font. When I used to do all my direct mail in house, I left off the personalization stuff (name/property address) but this greatly reduces the response rate.

      So, I started using Yellow Letters Complete for all my mailings. They handle everything, can do the handwritten merging of personal info, and it’s pretty darn cost effective.

      – Patrick

  49. Kevin Smith Reply

    I have access to MLS and I was online to familiarize myself with the interface. I am having some difficulty configuring my searches as depicted in week 2 training module. I will submit request for help to email desk for support. Look forward to the help.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Kevin, is there a way to search the tax records through your MLS? If so, you may find it helpful to call your MLS’s support and talk to someone who is familiar with the system and how it can be searched.

      I go over multiple ways to get the list in the video as well… so if your MLS doesn’t seem to have this functionality, try another strategy. We have a contact at ListSource that knows how to pull the list. If you want his contact info, ask Charity for it when you email support and she’ll get it over to you.

      – Patrick

  50. Dominic McGhee Reply

    I found the link for the questionnaire in my resource section. Sorry about that!!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      No worries Dom. Glad you found the questionnaire. Let us know how we can help you.

      – Patrick

  51. Dominic McGhee Reply

    Thanks for the training!!!…As far as the seller questionnaire, is there a way to retrieve it for my use? Also, Thanks for empowering my mindset to stay positive and believing in myself!!!


  52. Tonia Gilstrap Reply

    My MLS I have access to does not have a prospecting link. It has a search link but a status must be selected and choices are new, withdrawn, cancelled, active, expired, sold etc. What should I select to get an accurate listing? I also have a tools tab where I can search public records data ie tax but it asks specific info ie owner name, add, city and zip not general geographic area. What to do? I also have access to listsource but have to pay for records found and only found 55 records but can’t pay for them because the amount is less than what’s accepted by credit card payment. Again what do I do please help?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Tonia, we have a contact at ListSource that understands how to do our searches and pull the list. He may be able to get more leads. I would recommending contacting him. Email our support and Charity will send his info your way.

      – Patrick

  53. Lynn Chambers Reply

    Great training guys! Question: How often do you find you need to pull a fresh list?

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks Lynn! Typically, once a quarter.

  54. Abdul Jihad Reply

    Very informative, good information. Looking forward to implementing the steps.
    Thanks guys.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Let us know if we can help you.

      – Patrick

  55. Conor Lehane Reply

    Thanks for the reply Patrick.
    I looked into the court retrieval service that you use in the training for prospecting. I did a 3 day trial but with this trial it didn’t have the initial step where you select the Tax tab. Ultimately I was able to perform like on the video but didn’t have the HOL step. Does this come with full subscription?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Conor, when I select the tax tab, that takes me to where I can use the CRS system inside of my local MLS.

      So, if you go directly through CRS, you shouldn’t have to click on a “tax” tab… and should be able to segment your search by sales price (HOL – $100 or less). Call their support and I’m sure they can walk you through it.

  56. Jamesee Dickerson Reply

    Excellent training you guys. I looked at Dekalb County in Ga’s Tax Assessors website and wondered how can I send you a absentee owners property information to see if it is sufficient to use it.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Jim, if you want us to check out some of the info you’ve pulled from records, you can email us at support [at] strategicinvestorinsider [dot] com … or use the form in the “Member Support” tab in the navigation bar.

  57. Conor Lehane Reply

    Great stuff fellas. Some good content in there
    One question regarding the HOL segment of the formula.
    Is this the cost to transfer the title to the unexpected owner?
    And if so is the variation determind on property value / sq footage etc.
    Been trying to research on my county records but this ‘tranfer’ is proving a stumbling block.
    Thanks guys

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Conor, the HOL (hundred or less) is the actual sales price on record. Many times, the price will be $1, $9, $10… some low dollar amount under $100 bucks.

  58. Nolan Cook Reply

    Do you guys recommend doing this in your local market or going virtual.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Both Nolan, but start locally/regional. Multiple county’s closest to you just to get your feet wet. Then scale.

  59. Nolan Cook Reply

    Great training hey guys can you use Yellow letters complete to get the same information for your list.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Hey Nolan. Yellow letters are intended to marketing toward motivated sellers. Not cash buyers.

    • Nolan Cook Reply

      Ok thanks Justin I just found out they can pull absentee owners leads too.

      • Justin Wilmot Reply

        That’s awesome Nolan!

  60. Stella Thorn Reply


    What would you say to a lead if they ask you “how did you get my address, name , phone # etc.”


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Stella, I would say something like “We look at a lot of properties and came across yours and it looked like it may be something that we’re interested in”… and then I would just back in to asking the seller questions.

  61. Theresa Cashe Reply

    Extremely informative video. I gained some new information. Awesome. Would the other sources referred to, provide the same information about unexpected owners as the MLS? The MLS is indeed the best. Thank you

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Theresa, Patrick prefers MLS, as that has been the best resource for him personally but the you can often get similar information from the other sources mentioned. If you have specific questions, or encounter any issues, please contact us at member support.

  62. Daniel Nolan Reply

    great Ah Ha stuff. If I only had a MLS like yours! I wish we could search the MLS in the flexible ,customizable fashion that your sample offers for developing mailing lists (inheriteds, divorces, absentee, out of states). I have access as an agent but our MLS doesn’t accomodate custom lists or label creation. For those who have an MLS like yours, the value is priceless!
    The Repair Cost Crusher portion is tremendously helpful . Thank you!!

  63. Jon Keeney Reply

    How much are typical MLS dues?

    • Varies from MLS to MLS…but I’d say I’ve seen around $350/yr t $600/yr, depending.

      • Jon Keeney Reply

        Thanks, JP

  64. Ben Holden Reply

    If a potential seller has more than one property in their possession, do we mail them with multiple letters, each one specifically mentioning the address? Or do we just send one and ask if they have others?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Ben, I suggest mailing one letter to the owner. Just pick one of the property addresses. A lot of times, I get leads where people say “I’m not interested in selling X property that you mailed me about… but I do have another property that I’m interested in selling.”

  65. Amanda Bridges Reply

    Hey, am asking how I can get BULK invitation envelopes – where do I get them? I only have the regular envelopes to use right now, because I don’t know where to get invitation envelopes. I will be in Savannah tomorrow and will go look and see if Staples or Office Depot has them. I will also buy red pens, and more yellow note pads.

    • Hi, Amanda…just Google “invitation envelopes bulk” and you’ll see a number of resources you can use for this. 🙂

  66. Philip Frallicciardi Reply

    Great training Patrick and JP. I really think you have a great approach. Are you finding all your deals in Charleston County only? Or are you looking in surrounding counties? Just wondering since Charleston county is a relatively small county. How many transactions are you closing per month? Looking forward to getting my first mailing out this week. Thanks!

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Phillip, Patrick is searching the tri-county area. Good luck with the mailing. Let us know what kind of response you get!

  67. Phillip G Huddson Reply

    Awesome training and insight. I have contacted my realtor and asked about the possibilities of making me his “unlicensed assistant”, and I would pay his MLS fees. He will check with his broker and let me know something next week. Also, which of the three list gathering systems would be good for a newbie with little funds. The “Court House Retrieval” looked pretty expensive. Any suggestions?

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Phillip, Glad you are enjoying the training. Even if your realtor can’t make you his assistant, he may be able to still do the searches for you. MLS is the best and most reliable database to use.

  68. Ben Holden Reply

    I too have used List Source in the past with no problem, but the last market sales price criteria ($1-$100) is not registering. I’m hoping that CRS which thankfully is in my area, will be able to come thru.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Ben, we have a contact at List Source who knows how to pull the unexpected owner list. Send a message to our support area and Charity will send you his info.

  69. Steven Robinson Reply

    Hey guys this was a great training session, and I learned a lot & are ready to make it happen. I wanted to know will you all be making a short video on how to search on list source for the dbp deals?

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Steven, Thanks for the feedback. We are working on some updates, but you can also try searching the courthouse records.

  70. Joanne Mines-Sims Reply

    CORE 2:

    One question re Follow up Yellow Ltrs. guys:

    How soon after Fresh leads would you recommend we send Follow ltrs (2, 3wks/mos)?

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Joanne, You can start sending follow ups 2-3 weeks after you have sent the yellow letters. Marketing is all about testing and repetition, so keep track of what is working in your market so that when you send another round of letters to new prospects, you will know the best follow up schedule.

  71. Joanne Mines-Sims Reply

    CORE 2:


    Thank you P. Rid for the invaluable strategy and information.

    Thank you JP for breaking it down for the RE Brain stumped (that would be me).

    This info (alone) places me forever in your debt and at your service, so I’m STOKED about what’s to come!!

  72. Anthony Schenck Reply

    Hi guys great training (I’m running about a week behind sched). Patrick – you know my area…Newberry County SC, not very dynamic or populous, but i am close to Lexington County and the Cola area in general. Straight up, if you were here what would be your #1 choice for data source to pluck?

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Anthony, Patrick says that if it were him, he’d start with a larger market than Newberry. He’d probably start with Lexington and test that area. Hope that helps!

  73. Patrick Kane Reply

    Hi Guys,

    I currently have a national subscription to RealQuest. Some markets it seems you cannot use “Sales Price” as filtering info. You can however, again in some markets, use deed type. If I were going to use deed type to help filter for these types of leads, what would I use i.e. quit claim, Conveyance deed….what specifically , I figure it will be a few different ones…..Let me know if you think this is an option. Once the list is generated, there is a ton of data avail on the spread sheet I can you to help drill down on the list.

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Patrick, I am not sure that filtering by deed type will get you the exact list that you are looking to target. Have you tried using MLS for your area?

  74. Michael Campbell Reply

    Hey guys!
    Do you mail to owners that have letters attached to their names? Like LLC and stuff like that ?

  75. Sotirios Orphanos Reply

    Hi, i have access to my mls and when i input the criteria for getting the list i get 0 records. I live in long island.

    • Hi, Sotirios – I’m not sure what the problem might be. My guess is it’s probably something to do with your search criteria, but I can’t say for sure. My recommendation: Connect with a local MLS expert (your local board of Realtors has one on staff) or a Realtor who really eats the local MLS for lunch, explain to them what you’re trying to accomplish and the zero results you’ve encountered. chances are they’ll be able to show you exactly what do change.

  76. Steve Schmit Reply

    When I pulled the list from CRS through the MLS I could get all the info needed except the the Last Sale Amount column was always “0” and is I put in the drop down menu on “sale amount” to 0 – 1000 nothing would pop up. I’m in San Antonio, TX – Do you know why this would be the case? Is it because Texas may not list the sale price on public record? What would your advice be to find the 0-$100 sales amounts?

  77. Gary Childers Reply

    First I would like to say the training is good and I have learned a new strategy of finding motivated sellers, so thank you for that information.

    I think what helps people more than anything else is actual start to finish putting a deal together. I would like to see receiving a call, taking information on the phone, setting up the appointment, going to the house, putting under contract, how the deal manifested and put together, finding a buyer, what contract you use for both the seller and the buyer, what contingencies clause you use, assigning the contract or use a double closing. It’s good to know where to find a seller but actually going through the whole process start to finish would help the person who has never done a deal in their life.


    • Gary O'Connor Reply

      That requires a “soup to nuts” answer. Not enough space here. I think they’ll ask you to be a bit patient, and each SHOULD be addressed in sequence… That’s my “amateurish” take on it. Best, Gary (too).

  78. Freddy Escorcia Reply

    Thanks for lesson. I have used list source in the past to pull my data. I tried to pull the info you showed in the video and was not able to get any leads, is there a chance you can show this using listsource? thanks

    • Hi, Freddy…have you tried contacting the folks at Listsource directly by any chance? To tell them what you’re trying to pull and ask why results aren’t coming up? That’s what I’d do and recommend in your shoes.

  79. Alexander Frenk Reply

    Thank you.
    It was long time after I was involved in the RE.It is good refreshing lecture.
    I do have a question – there is not new but I guess by this time already established substitute fir MLS.I mean RedFin.
    What is your opinion about it?It is used to be free – you do not need any RE Realtor!
    And second Q is : I assume you are not part of the very famous RE Mogul group but..Preston used to have not very bad Freedom Soft software.He and the Co have the new software now.What do U know about it???
    Please send you respond to

    • Steve Schmit Reply

      Love the strategy. When I pulled the list from CRS through the MLS I could get all the info needed except the the Last Sale Amount column was always “0” and is I put in the drop down menu on “sale amount” to 0 – 1000 nothing would pop up. I’m in San Antonio, TX – Do you know why this would be the case? Is it because Texas may not list the sale price on public record? What would your advice be to find the 0-$100 sales amounts?

  80. Barrett Newsome Reply

    Love the training guys. Great information!

    I just have a couple things to run by you. I’ve contacted two Realtors about gaining access to the MLS and have been turned down by both. Them seem to feel like they are breaking some sort of rules. Any suggestions?

    As I continue to locate a Realtor to work with I decided to try and pull a list from Listsource. I only found 3 properties matching the search criteria. I live in the Oakland, CA area. Would my higher priced market make a difference? Should I try a cheaper virtual market?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, Barrett. Regarding getting access to the MLS, my first piece of advice is to keep looking…they’re out there. And remember to look to create win/win situations. Look at it from there perspective…what can you offer them that will make them feel safe/secure about you, and actually benefit them? Pay all of their MLS dues? Give them your extra leads? List properties with them?

      Remember, if they’re interested, but worried about getting fined for breaking the Realtor board rules, then you can easily get around it by becoming their “unlicensed assistant” as described in the video. Absolutely no rules broken there.

      Also, though I’ve never used them, I’ve heard some investors have been using for comps…might be worth a look.

      Regarding market price point…not sure what kind of difference it would make. Sure, you could always go virtual and work in another market…but chances are, there’s probably plenty of deals all around you. You just have to become a true market expert and sniff out where the action is.

  81. Kevin Hicks Reply

    Patric & JP,

    Thank you for sharing the DBP formula with us. I live in Southern California and I currently have access to ListSource & subscribe RealQuest. When I input the component HOL, I get only 1 result, and I live in a large county. Maybe I’m missing something. Any suggestions you can give?


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Kevin, we have a contact at ListSource who knows how to pull the list of unexpected owners. Shoot a message to our support area and Charity will send you his info.

  82. Beatriz Garza Reply

    Great Information, now it is up to me to take action!

  83. Christian Phillips Reply

    OK, rookie question about MLS…

    When a realtor gains access to MLS, does that give them MLS access to the nationwide MLS listings?

    Or just a specific geographic data set, like by their state, zip code, etc?

    Thanks for the clarification. This will help me craft my pitch to local real estate agents regarding a ‘mutually lucrative business offer.’


    • Awesome question actually. And the answer is, you just get access to that area or region. Each city or county will have it’s own board of Realtors, and each board will have it’s own MLS. They are all tied into the national board and to…but as an agent, you can’t just go searching through all the MLSs all over the country. But heck, that sure would be nice!

      • Christian Phillips Reply

        Thanks for the reply. Knowing that the MLS access will be regional is a key piece then. I will make sure to identify the key zip codes I am looking to invest in 1st, and then ‘work some magic’ with the realtors in that zip code.

        And now that I think about, your Craigslist reference is awesome because once you find your target zip code, simply place a Craigslist add in that zip code.

        Thanks guys!

  84. Roger Ordonez Reply

    Again you guys have really blown my socks off with the straight forward approach of telling it like it is! The concepts are pretty simple, I believe it is just a matter of getting it, I mean understanding it, & the really most important part about it TAKING ACTION – DOING IT!!!!

    I have already got me a real estate agent & we are meeting in the next few days & I am going to have her watch the video segment part of filtering the MLS to build the DBP, so she understands what I need access to the MLS for & approach her with the real estate assistant relationship & see if we can not come to agreement about getting that set up! Excited. I got a subscription to my counties tax assessor’s online database, to be able to look up bankrupt, probate, and divorce properties & I can export them out to excel and then do the implement the yellow letter approach. Some of the things in this training are things that i started out doing, but never followed thur with it due to missing links\pieces, but here i see that it is finally coming together.
    Thanks so much.
    P.S. Ready to take action on Week 2 Core & Amps!!
    Again Thanks

  85. Damien Gardner Reply

    Hey Guys you don’t know me but you will, I am working towards greatness. I like your approach I’m on board with the info being rendered, not a newbie but still a newbie because I haven’t done my first deal the way I invision my first deal, but it’s coming.

  86. Lawrence Opoku Reply

    You’re truly pouring these information from you heart. God bless you JP and Patrick.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the kind words Lawrence! Glad you’re enjoying the training.

      – Patrick

  87. Manuel Souza Reply

    Awesome training!!! Thanks a great Deal.

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