Core 1 Β» Your 5 Step Kickstart Guide

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Core Training 1 Β» Your 5 Step Kickstart Guide

So this is where to begin. It’s your very first step on your very profitable journey with us. Down your very own yellow brick road.

Hang on. The yellow bricks road leads to the Emerald City. Let’s follow the red brick instead…to Investor Profits on Demand πŸ˜‰

Ready to get cracking? Great, us too!

Here’s what you’re about to learn: 

  • The 2 critical requirements for your success 
  • The absolute WORST thing you can do when getting started (virtually guarantees disappointment, frustration, and failure)
  • Getting laser focused on your business model and niche
  • The time management myth: Work less and make more
  • Why traditional goal setting is fundamentally flawed (and what to do about it)
  • And much more…

Bottom line: This first session is all about getting your head on straight and setting the foundation for everything else to come. This will under-gird everything else from this point forward.

So what are you waiting for?!?

Watch and Enjoy…

Questions? Comments? Chime in below…


Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon as it’s posted, we’ll send you an email (how nice of us!) and then it’ll magically appear here for you. Patience, Grasshopper…we’re eating the elephant one bite at a time. πŸ™‚


206 Responses to “Core 1 Β» Your 5 Step Kickstart Guide”

  1. John Stafford Reply

    Patrick & Jp,

    First of all, I must confess that I was impatient and caught up in the “tactical trap” that I initially missed what the IPOD program was all about. It was so bad that I had even asked for a refund when I didn’t see all of the modules.

    Now I’m really glad that I took time to review everything and understand why you didn’t release them all at once. I would have missed out on the mindset aspect and potentially sabotaged my future success in more than just real estate.

    After taking time to review this 5 Step Kickstart Guide, I have gained a very different perspective and feel confident that I can apply the lessons to follow more effectively. Best of all, I will be applying these important lessons to real estate investing, my day job and other aspects of my life as well.

    Thanks for sharing your value system and showing it in action. You’ve earned my loyalty as a student and I look forward to sharing stories of my success while helping others along the way. More to follow…

    – John

  2. Lamar George Reply

    I just got done listening to the video and I am pumped. Thank You guys for sharing your knowledge. My favorite is action goals.

    You are so right about what we learn about setting goals. I am going to write my actions goals after this post.

    I feel deeply that I deserve success, I see it and I can almost taste it. I am ready to do what it takes. 110% committed.

  3. Cheri Moore Reply

    Thank you so much for the step by step overview. Fantastic

  4. Charles Mace Reply

    Enjoyed the training and am looking forward to the amp sessions coming up this week.

    • Justin Wilmot Reply

      Thanks for the feedback! Great to have you in the community.

  5. Darryl Mitchell Reply

    Great start! I like the way you guys are laying the foundation and framework for this process. Mindset is everything and have watched this video several times and I’m watching it again now. Sweet! Can’t wait for next week!

  6. Tim King Reply

    Great session…thank you Patrick and JP. I’ve never heard the difference between results goals and action goals explained the way you )did. Very eye opening.

    In thinking about niches (maybe this is more a question about markets) do you see any pros/cons of working in an area where the economy is fueled entirely by tourism as compared to a more traditional area?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Tim, glad you enjoyed the goal setting technique. it works!

      To answer your question, it would depend on the market. If tourism is very seasonal, depending on your business model, that could affect you. A more traditional market may be a bit more stable and consistent. But that doesn’t mean a market fueled entirely by tourism would be a bad place to invest. Dependent on many factors.

      – Patrick

  7. Sione Fakalata Reply

    Hi Patrick,. I see the precision training program you and your Team have developed is a greatest compacted system that I have ever seen.Follwing the whole sessions and excecuting accordingly is an only recipe to achieve my first goal,i.e,”To be able to complete a wholesale deal in real estate.” Thanks

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      You are so welcome! It is always great to hear about our members goals. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with along the way.

  8. Garrett Jenkins Reply


  9. Mary Selby Reply

    Great job guys! I’m excited to do my action list and get started, looking forward to the AMP sessions too!

  10. Norman Robinson Reply

    The Lord answered my prayers…..I have been trying to do wholesaling real estate for 3 years…WITH NO CONSISTENCY AND NO RESULTS……I got depressed……Finally a training that was VERY AFFORDABLE…..and is telling me step by step what I need to do. I NEED THIS SO MUCH!…..I learned the difference between “Action” and “Results” goal which will change my life

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Wow Norman, that’s great! We can’t wait to be a part of your success story!

  11. Anthony Yannucci Reply

    2 words–ALL IN! If you deliver, so will I!
    Ready to work! Want to close first deal before Dec. 25, 2015. Let’s do this!
    Glad you guys are part of my Dream Team!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Anthony, you can do it! Let’s make that first deal happen by Dec 25th.

      As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

      – Patrick

  12. Quincy Farley Reply

    I totally understand what you mean when you say you have to have the right mindset before you can accomplish your goals and have great success. That is one problem that has plagued me for many years after I set out to start my own business. I really appreciate the knowledge you are dropping on creating that successful mindset to accomplish whatever we want in life. This training is helping me become a more patient and focused entrepreneur. Awesome Training!

  13. Ivan Sosa Reply

    Hi – I was wondering what’s the best way to approach a potential deal. I remember you guys mentioned about a letter template you have prepared that helps with that. What if I need to talk to the individual(s) about the deal in person? I can find deals but I have no idea how to approach it or what steps I should follow. Any advice is highly appreciated.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Hi Ivan, Glad to see you are excited about the training. Patrick and JP will get into all the super exciting tactical stuff in the next Core Training. Week 2 is packed with strategy and techniques!

  14. Mike Vizena Reply

    Hey im excited about this program, i have been a student of several mentors etc. Richard al—- nothing down, Carlton sh—s, Dean Graz—- etc… i have bought and sold a few homes but nothing really exciting. the ones i bought i lived in and sold really havent made profit per say just sold when i had to ? markets change now im making less and need
    your help i will b
    e active

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mike, it’s to have you in the program. Study the training and follow it step-by-step.

      Let’s make your next home you buy and sell an exciting one!

      – Patrick

  15. Richard Plumer Reply

    What frustrates those of us who don’t want to hear lots of rah, rah stuff and mind-set stuff right now is that we know about that already, and what you guys don’t seem to understand is that talking about that, saying words about it, doesn’t get it done: that’s all important, but lots of us already have years and years of that, and while we use that, and we incorporate it, we are ready for the specific actionable real-estate knowledge right now. We don’t want to hear more rah, rah: if you detect some specific lapse, fine, tell us about it. But don’t keep going on and on about that and how transparent you want to be, or think you are: give us the real-estate stuff we signed on for, and that will show your transparency, and help us get to the right mindset.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Richard, thanks for the feedback. We do appreciate it.

      The reason that we start with mindset stuff is because without it, you will NEVER succeed. Not at anything.

      Not that many years ago, everything bad that can happen in real estate, happened to me. From foreclosure, to judgements, to lawsuits, you name it. The ONLY thing that got me through the deepest, darkest time in my life… the kind of mindset stuff you’re talking about. That’s what got me through it… and back to where I’m at today.

      We’re going to get to the techniques and strategies soon enough. But first, we must build from the ground up. And that starts with mindset.

      – Patrick

  16. Dave Trevino Reply

    I just finished watching the first core training vidio. It was great. I especially liked the part about setting action goals. I can see were this little bit of knowledge alone can really produce successful results. Looking forward to learning more.

  17. Nicholas Menonna Jr Reply

    First training module was good
    I’m anxious to really get started
    how do i find out where to send letters to find motivated sellers?
    how soon with the amp sessions be available
    so i can be ready for the next training module #2

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Ho Nick, glad you enjoyed the training. The Amps will be released throughout the week. You will get an email when they are available.

  18. Benjamin McCray Reply

    Awesome!! I’m very excited about the next 4 weeks. Like many others I’ve stumbled across many trainings, I really appreciate you guys style of training and I’m totally committed to being a student. And becoming a successful protΓ©gΓ© of yours.

    Taking notes, taking heed and TAKING ACTION!!!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Let’s do this Benjamin! πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  19. Herald M Allen Reply

    Hey guys, thank you, thank you. Got me nervous in a great way. Yes, I am ready

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Anytime you’re learning/doing new things, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable. However, that means you’re moving towards your goals.

      As you take action, let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  20. Jesus Vasquez Reply

    can U email me the link to the AMP Session Training

  21. Steven Browne Reply

    Thank you for a great training session. On goals, I would like to give you a quote from the great Jim Rohn:

    “Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them. Reasons come first. Answers come second.”

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      I love the quote Steven! I’m a big Jim Rohn fan.

      Thanks for sharing.

      – Patrick

  22. John E Crews Reply

    I can see that this will help my real estate business , looking forward for all the training , this is a great investment


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you feel it’s already a great investment after just the first core training.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation here.

      – Patrick

      • Shawna Bowden Reply

        First would like to say thank you for all your time and energy helping others. Just finished listing to module 1. I’ve been studying and feeding my brain the knowledge to succeed as a wholesale investor. Past two weeks been taking action on Craig’s list, Facebook, Twitter and backpage. I just sent out 10 yellow letters and got one phone call back from a landlord who wants to sell his rental home. I asked him all appropriate questions in reference to the property. Owner been trying to sell home for past 5 years at retail value. I took the liberty to take a look at the house, great neighborhood but his house is a eye sore, needs tlc and about $25,000 of repairs. He didn’t call back to set appointment to see the inside. Should I just leave owner alone until he calls me back. Owner seems to be unsure of what direction he wants to take.

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Hey Shawna, I love to see the action you’re taking. Nice work!

          If the seller is still asking retail value for the property and isn’t willing to sell at a discount (based on the property condition, motivation, etc)… this lead would be great to follow up with over time.

          Maybe wait a month or two before contacting them back.

          The more you stay in touch with potential follow up deals, the more you’ll end up getting.

          – Patrick

  23. Todd Gilliam Reply

    Appreciate all your commitment to our training! Words can’t truly express.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s awesome to hear Todd. Glad you’re enjoying the program.

      – Patrick

  24. Charles Boursiquot Reply

    Great Stuff and Learning!
    This is right step into the path of Success!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Charles, as you continue to study the training, let us know if we can help with anything.

      – Patrick

  25. Herbert Schmidt Reply

    I am grateful for all your guys’ hard work putting this program together. Thank you.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Herbert, thanks for the kind words. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  26. Krutel Mack Reply

    Good training it is always great when you find someone that truly cares about seeing other people succeed in this case it’s the both of you. The core values that you share have been a part of my life also great job. I look forward to a long term business relationship.

  27. Rodolfo De Leon Reply

    Just got a chance to listen to week 1! I want to thank you for some great info but mostly for the way you put the real world human element in as well. Awesome! I am so busy in my job now but I will find the time to learn and grow in everything you guys got!

  28. Raymond Gonzalez Reply

    I must have missed the explanation of an IPOD deal?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Raymond, I go over all the details on the specific type of deals we’re targeting in IPOD in module 2, Deals on Demand.

      – Patrick

  29. John Sanford Reply

    Update – even though the owner’s address didn’t show on the exported CSV there is an option to create labels using their tax billing address. So won’t have to go through appraisal dist – I’ll try printing the labels as pdf then cut and past into my spreadsheet so mail merge.

    Also I’m allowed through the MLS to export 10k/month, my trial run cost me 119 of that ;^)

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Way to go John! Keep up the great work!

  30. Angela Nakajima Reply

    I agree, mindset is the most important thing for budding real estate investors. Love your information about ‘action goals’ It will definitely help me take the action to be a successful real estate investor. Thanks Patrick and JP.

  31. John Sanford Reply

    Ditto that of Janet Anderson. My wife told me if we took all the money we put into different programs we could have just purchased a rental full price. Can’t argue with that. I’ve had a few under contract but things have always fallen apart along the way. I’m still hanging in there!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hang in there John. You’ve invested a lot in your education and now it’s time to get a financial return on it.

      No need to purchase additional training, courses, etc.

      You have all you need here (and with the other courses you’ve bought), plus our support to make your dreams in REI a reality.

      Take massive action and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  32. Arlington Clark Reply

    Great stuff Guys!
    some of the things you talk about such as
    having a plan or action goals really help me to focus on my future!
    And give me direction because I really fell into the technical over load category .
    so thanks for the wake up call πŸ™‚

  33. Kelli Linton Reply

    Great training, running behind this week but I’m determined to catch up!!

    Started real estate investing in September of 2014. I quit my job to start full time after attending a real estate seminar. I received a lot of good information but I still haven’t closed a deal. I running into needing earnest money..even for assignments. I’ve been somewhat discouraged until I came across your training…I’m excited to learn even more about real estate investing and implement what I’ve learned. I’m working on the confidence part because it can be rough, I’ve gone through two real estate agents because they don’t agree with the earnest money that I’m putting down for the deals. I can go on and on and on…..but why??!!! I’m just excited about what I’ve learned so far from the Dream Team training also…The WIIFM syndrome has always been the way I’ve looked at LIFE so that information alone will make be a better person. I’ve learned to look at life differently and I genuinely would like to help people. I also purchased the books you referenced “The Go-Giver and “Think and Grow Rich”. I really appreciate you and I believe in the next 28 days I will be closing a deal>>>> I see, hear, and feel it!!! Thanks so much!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Kelli, no worries on “running behind.” As a member, you get lifetime access to all the training videos (core modules, amp sessions), and resources.

      You’re going to LOVE those books. I’d suggest starting with the Go-Giver… then Think and Grow Rich.

      One thing that you may keep in mind that can help you close your first deal… focus on finding deals that are NOT listed with a real estate agent already (that’s my preference at least). Then, you won’t have the same issue you’re having with earnest money dealing w/ agents. Just follow the steps in this program and you’ll be on your way πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  34. Justen Bethay Reply

    Excellent training, and thank you for making a reference to the book, “The Go-Giver”, it is a great read with some fantastic lessons. I got it from Amazon the moment you mentioned it πŸ™‚

    I can see you follow that with your business model, and I look forward to the training sessions to come. Thank you for all the value you have provided already!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      It’s great to hear you loved the training… and the Go-Giver!

      – Patrick

  35. JOhn Ward Reply

    Lets do this I need this fast 30 days $7500 I choose wholesaling

    Happy Investing COMMITTED

    John Ward

  36. Chris Broxon Reply

    Thank you. I do not feel so alone now. Great content, yes. But more importantly for me…..your speaking to us rather than my reading alone the same info. My suggestion is please put the opportunity for me to comment closer to the screen where you have listed key points, so I don’t miss the key points as I’m commenting.

    This learning and my acting is critical to me. I have a marketing career that well known marketers have said is ‘a resume most would die for’. However, I made some ‘bad’ financial decisions. Thus, I need ‘chunks’ of money for two reasons: 1. emotional and financial security and 2. so I no longer disappoint my little girl; some of which result from financial constraints. I am 71 so I need time management training and to create quick results.

    Thank you. Chris

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Chris, thanks for the suggestion with the comments.

      It’s ok that you’ve made some bad financial decisions in the past (I’ve made some bad ones too)… what’s most important is that we learn from our experience and leverage that in the future.

      You can do this. Study the training and take massive action.

      – Patrick

  37. Randolph Stevens Reply

    Great lesson, pumped and ready to continuing and implementing IPOD training!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome Randolph. Glad you pumped!

      – Patrick

  38. Eddy Chatelain Reply

    thanks for a great training session Now I know what to do to stay on track in my real estate business

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Eddy. Thanks for being part of our tribe here.

      – Patrick

  39. Cheryl Elam Reply

    Hey guys, I enjoyed the 1st lesson, it was AWESOME! I am new to REI, and signed up for this program to help me figure out how to get started. I’ve read a lot and watched a lot of videos and now I just need to do it and I’m sure you’re program will help me to succeed. Thanks, Cheryl

  40. Lesly Jean Baptiste Reply

    Thanks so much for the great foundation you’re building for your members and that should keep me grounded I am looking forward to what’s to come GOD BLESS!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Lesly, glad you enjoyed the Kickstart training. You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  41. Bruce Steinhard Reply

    Love the training! Great things being talked about. Makes sense. Getting my ducks in a row before I worry about the other things. I have bought several programs in the past and FEEL that I have found the one that will get me over the hump.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Bruce!

      – Patrick

  42. Gregory King Reply

    Great training

  43. Levi Gerber Reply

    Thanks a lot for a great session looking forward for next week

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Levi, glad you’re enjoying the training.

      – Patrick

  44. Flander flowers Flowers Reply

    man you put your foot in this please keep up the good work and I will reach my first deal soon

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Yes, you will reach your first deal soon. Keep taking action and learning as much as you can in the process.

      – Patrick

  45. Drew Lago Reply

    Awesome 1st video! Feeling real confident stepping into this new journey I will embark on…

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear. Confidence goes a long way πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  46. Gregory Tauber Reply

    Hi Patrick and JP,

    Just wanted to say That was a Great Session!!! I also wanted to add something that I have been doing for 2 months now that really helps make Amazing things happen everyday and that is this:

    I have an Appreciation Journal that I write into everyday. I started out with 3 to 5 things that I appreciate and now I am up to 35 to 50 things that I write down everyday. The way it works is Amazing!!! No more Negativity can come into your mind… just positive stuff as you don’t write anything down that is negative… just the positive things that we appreciate! The mind now Believes Everything that we write down as being True – whether or not it is!!! So then God and The Universe pushes and leads us to the People, Places and things that will make all the Things that we want to Be, Have and Do a Reality into our lives no matter how Large or Small… Everything is Possible.. just a matter of Building up our Vibrations and being Comfortable and Confident that all of these things will happen to US!!!. Feel Free to Share this with all of your other students. Talk Soon!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Gregory, it’s to have you as part of the tribe here.

      Really glad you’re enjoying the training… and thanks for sharing your experience with your appreciate journal. Good stuff man!!

      As you take action, let us know how we can help you.

      – Patrick

  47. Cameron Cox Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    I contacted a friend, who happens to be a real estate agent. I talked with a wholesaler about a joint deal who has a property under contract for a deep discount. He must have a buyer the end of this week. She suggested I talk to real estate agents to get referrals for cash buyers. Any suggestions on what to say to get cash buyer contacts WITHOUT being given the run around?

  48. Cameron Cox Reply

    What an amazing first week core training. My mind feels organized and prepared to accomplish my real estate goals! Breakthrough the potential mental sabotage, become poised for success via goal setting, and absorb the necessary knowledge to learn and PROPERLY implement real estate strategies. The best is yet to come!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Cameron. Stay focused on your goals and take action every day towards them.

      – Patrick

  49. Joseph Arredondo Reply

    I was pleasantly surprise by your straight forward, no apologies approach. I have done a couple of wholesale deals in the past four year but definitely know I can do better. I’ve had information overload due to looking and listening to so many gurus, which in turn cause me to second guess what direction to head in. I look forward to the next few weeks.

    Thank you,

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Joseph. Since you’ve already gotten some experience wholesaling, maybe it would be a good idea to focus on wholesaling only for awhile… until you’re consistently closing deals (and build up some cash reserves).

      Then, once you’ve got wholesaling down, cherry pick a deal here and there to fix & flip or buy and hold (depending on whether you want to build up more cash… or hold onto a property for long term benefits).

      – Patrick

  50. Clay Wyant Reply

    Really, really loved the idea of actionable goal setting. Goals are something I’ve always struggled with but this makes me excited to cook up a new goal list and actually feel like I have more control over them- great!

    Also great stuff on the visualization techniques. I had read Psycho-Cybernetics a few years ago and it was a real eye opener. I need to read it again soon.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s a great book.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the info on actionable goal setting. I think you’ll love it even more once you start putting it into practice.

      Let us know if we can help you with anything.

      – Patrick

  51. Tom Ho Reply

    I absolutely agree 1000% with James Wiz. Comment above. I never ever have seen a program likes this with breaking down to weekly course, email reply back by Patrick, so little up front cost and most importanly they are real unlike many other gurus charging thousand of dollars and outsource out in Utah call center and untouchable when I need to get a hold of them.

    I have lost ton of money in past investment along with heartache, disgust and outrage. I chose to get up and keep going not giving up. I am looking for certain unconventional strategy in flipping such as yours to build up cash quickly through flipping to buy cash flow investment for long term.

    I have not seen the rest of the course yet but so far I am impressed. Most certainly I do see over deliver for the charged price.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Tom, really appreciate the kind words. Absolutely LOVE getting comments like this. It lets us know that we’re on the right path, fulfilling our mission with our educational training programs and support.

      Let us know if we can help with anything as you take action.

      – Patrick

  52. Raisa Schilling Reply

    WOW!!! That’s the first thing I have to say! As other participants said, you, guys definitely, over deliver and this is great. THANK you! And I have to add, that out of many gurus out there, you are the ones who tell me what to do step-by-step, and I see it as a great help and advantage. All I have to do is follow your instructions and become successful. THANK YOU!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Raisa, if you enjoyed the Kickstart training, you’re REALLY gonna love everything else we have in store for you.

      As you take action, let us know how we can help.

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  53. Dan Jackson Reply

    my goal with real estate may be to simple for your program I am retired and only need to supplement my social security maybe 5 wholesale deals a year with a profit of around 5000 per thats all I want if you can help me do that without all the other stuff please let me know.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Dan, that sounds like a great goal. Let’s focus on getting your first deal closed and move forward from there. As you take action, let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

    • Anthony Willard Reply


      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Sounds great Anthony. We’d excited to be here with you along your journey!

        – Patrick

  54. James Wiznerowicz Reply

    I’d just like to say for $97.00 so far you’ve more than delivered. It appears you really want to give a lot of value for not much money. Most people are charging $1,000.00 plus for what you’re giving here for 1/10th that price.
    I have to admit I’ve heard a lot of this before, but you present in such a relaxed and well thought out manner that’s encouraging and very helpful.
    These principles can be applied to anything you want to accomplish in life. As a Packer fan here in Wisconsin, your teaching here reminds of of the greatest football coach ever, Vince Lombardi. He taught and spoke more to his players about life principles and motivation than he did about football. Many of his speeches never even mention football. That’s why many of his players achieved great success in many areas after football. You could take the words “Real Estate Investing” out of this training here and it will help us all! Just like the great Vince Lombardi did with his training!
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and guide and prosper you in all of life’s journey’s!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Wow James, thanks so much for the feedback! Means a lot to us πŸ™‚

      Bless you and your family as well.

      – Patrick

  55. Payton Branson Reply

    This is my 2nd time viewing this lesson, very good information.
    Thanks / Payton

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Nice Payton! As Jim Rohn says, “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

      – Patrick

  56. Humberto Molina Reply

    Really Great
    Thank you
    I’m very motivate to learn
    I want to be very successful at real estate investing

    Thank you

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Humberto, it’s great to hear you’re motivated to learn. Follow the program step-by-step and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  57. Jeffrey Ursaki Reply

    Gentlemen, thanks for upbeat message. I was involved with guru’s before. I wasn’t successful. It seems that i was on info blowout. Looking back over all of it, the mind game was something i trully lacked. Thanks for spending allot of time on it.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Jeffrey, the mind game is so important. When you get that right, everything else falls into place.

      Glad to have you in the program!

      – Patrick

  58. Asher Appleman Reply

    To Answer the Question Why;
    In the first , I would love to Not be dependent on a job . Secondly I see the money as a means to many ends . To be independent with time and money is not the be all and end all in life . However , it sure does a whole lot to improve a persons’ life . I know my life would improve quite a bit . I know that some people who come into much money quickly , squander it because their heads are not screwed on straight . I will be on my utmost guard not to be one of those people .

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Asher, thanks so much for sharing your “why.” Love it!

      – Patrick

  59. Kevin Lynch Reply

    tony robbins says there has to be certainty!
    doubt just fuels the excuses as to why something doesnt work.
    but when you know it is going to work come hell or highwater… results happen.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right Kevin! πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  60. Michael Underwood Reply

    Core Training 1 Β» Your 5 Step Kick start Guide Is Awesome , I now that I made the right choice getting on board with you guys, It seams that you are extremely dedicated to our success and your 3 pillars is a big indication of a plan that has the total package to achieving greatness also to through in visualization with goal setting let me know that you guys are far above average and it seams your plan is for your students is to become like wise, THANK YOU

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Michael, glad to have you in the program! It takes more than just REI tactics to massively succeed in this biz… and that’s what we’re here to deliver to you. As you take action, let us know if we can help with anything.

      – Patrick

  61. Keith Short Reply

    When is the sight going to up and running. Very disappointed

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Keith, sorry about the problem. What specifically was the issue? Was the site down… or was the video not yet available to you?


      – Patrick

      • Keith Short Reply

        Thank you I’ve been through the kick start program. I m on board and very motivated to learn and implement the strategies. focus is an issue but I’m committed to the process. Thanks again Keith

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Hey Keith, glad to hear you’re committed. Let’s do this!

          – Patrick

  62. Julie Bartlett Reply

    Really great info…I did some property location back in 06/07. Never got properties under contract myself, but just located good deals and then located a buyer and was paid a “referral fee” by the seller.

    Got out of the business during the big crash, but am so excited to be getting back in. I am in the LA area and prices here were out of sight back then, but would love to work here locally this time around.

    Lots has changed in my life in the ensuing years and I desperately need to change my earning capacity…I am retired on a SS income that wouldn’t support an indigent!!

    Was always afraid to get properties under contract myself, but with your training, I believe I am ready to take things to the next level!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Julie, that’s great you already have experience locating properties. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level.

      – Patrick

  63. Mark England Reply

    A little nervous about the training Patrick, but I’ve wanted to be a successful Real Estate Investor for so long. I’ve studied many real estate courses that left me confused and lost but when I listen to your infomercial video I just believe that this is what I have been looking for, like I said a little nervous but more excited about your program, I’m not even thinking about how much money I can make, I just want to be very successful at real estate investing.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mark, it’s ok to be nervous. That just comes with learning anything new.

      What’s important is that you start taking action. As you do, let us know what questions come up and how we can help you.

      We’re here for your support!

      – Patrick


    Wow!!! Awesome stuff! I am excited!!!!! I have to be disciplined though because life has gotten in the way the past 3 weeks or so. So, I am just now getting started on the program. Just finished module #1 this evening and modules #2 & 3 are now open and available. But, you guys are exactly right…about getting overwhelmed with too much info too soon that leads to inaction. Been there, done that. So, I am just pretending this is my 1st week enrolled in this program and am going to follow your instructions step by step.

    I really feel like this program is the one that’s going to get me over the hump. I am a 48 y.o. burned out Physical Therapist who decided years ago that R.E. investing was going to be my way to freedom. I have been struggling in R.E. investing off and on for about 12 years, have spent thousands on several different R.E. courses, been to several R.E. boot camps. I (along with my Dad) have rehabbed and flipped a few single family houses. And, I have managed 8 rental units my family owns for the past 15 years. I was about to give up on my R.E. investing dream because the “old school way” was too much work, risk and drama for us to ever really get it going to make a good steady “full time” income with. Then, I stumbled onto you guys…HALLELUJAH!!!!!

    You guys just seem very different (in a very good way!) than any R.E. program/coach/mentor program I have ever seen. You’ve renewed my faith in my dream! I’m ready (with your help) to finally make this happen!!!!!! Thank you both for all you do!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Gary, it’s great to have you in the program. Just follow it step-by-step and let us know how we can help.

      It’s AWESOME to hear that we’ve helped renew your faith in your REI dream! Good stuff man.

      Time to make it happen. Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  65. Andy Goodman Reply

    Hey guys,

    I’m all in for this and would like to sincerely thank y’all for being passionate about helping others find the way. I’m currently an insurance broker in Charleston, SC – but I’ve been on the fence to jump into REI for years now. I have a real passion for all things real estate (especially the prospect of breathing new life and love into run down (unloved properties) and seeing the transformation take place. I am a newbie to REI, but I have purchased two properties so far (for my wife and I to live in) so I at least have a little experience of how deals get started. The most recent was a foreclosure in Mt Pleasant we bought for $175,000 and put about $30,000 in renovations into it, which has a current market value of between $260,000 – $280,000 educated guess. This is what I ultimately want to be doing full time – I love it!

    I look forward to the upcoming training, and having y’all as mentors. Thanks again, and all the best to you both!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Andy, great to have a fellow Charlestonian in the program. $175K in MTP sounds like a pretty good deal. πŸ™‚

      Let us know how we can help as you implement what you learn.

      – Patrick

  66. Brian Duncan Reply

    Hey Guys,
    First, I wish to thank you for your methodology. I have been refreshed with some things learnt decades ago but my laser focus was out of place. I have not been able to attend your coaching interview session because the timing was not convenient for me.
    However, I need the kind of guidance I’m hearing about and would be glad to at least run deals by either of you or partner with you even in your current market. I am in Brooklyn, New York and am truly looking for an ice breaker.
    I’m going through this training session after the fact, it is certainly applicable and entertaining. I can’t wait.

    Thanks again

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Brian, glad you’re loving the training so far. Feel free to run any deals by us any time.

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  67. Mike Johnson Reply

    Hi Patrick & JP.
    My name is Mike Johnson with (Way Ya Go LLC. Real Estate Investors.) My partner Dr. Lyon and I are Real Estate Investors. We have a investment company where we work together with Investors, Wholesalers, Buyers and people with distress properties.
    I have been in this business for a long time and I always can be learning something new. I appreciate all that you two do for us. I am wanting to get started in self storage’s and hoping to work your system in with that aspect of the businness.
    Thanks again.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mike, nice to meet you. You’re right… no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you can always learn something new πŸ™‚

      One of my friends who is a very successful self storage investor is going to do an interview with us for one of our monthly trainings. Be on the lookout!

      – Patrick

  68. Aaron Willard Reply

    I am here to build a lifestyle that will allow me to spend quality time with my family. The key is for me to be able to add a stream of income that will free me up to do the important things in life. I want to be able to help others.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Aaron, real estate investing can provide that for you… and we’re here for your support when you have questions and need help.

      Time to make it happen!

      – Patrick

  69. Frank Hough Reply

    Have been doing fix and flips all my life until economy killed my business in 07. Have not been able to recover. Hope your program is the answer. I am use to working hard just need some positive results.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Frank, I understand what you’ve been through. My business came crashing down on my when 2008 hit. Has been a very tough recovery… but learned some lessons that have shaped every decision I’ve made since.

      You can recover from this. As you take action from you learn, let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  70. Sylvester Holmes Reply

    hi PR great start looking forward to week two ….where can I find AMP sessions? Cant seem to find on dashboard

  71. Theophil Mazumder Reply

    can’t wait to make first $5000.00 from wholesale deal. Lets roll.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Looking forward to hearing from you when you close that first deal. Let do this!

      – Patrick

  72. Ronald Harvey Reply

    Hello, this is Ronald & Keidra Harvey we are both students of Armando Montelongo, and have been submitting offers on properties, we are getting offers accepted but having trouble with funding being that we dont have money to fund our own deals, this training is very good and we both look forward to profits on demand to kick start generating some income to pursue our flips and cash flow properties

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Ronald/Keidra, great to have y’all on board. After you go through all the IPOD training, shoot an email to our support and we’ll send you a couple links to additional training on getting private money. There’s plenty of money out there… it’s just a matter of taking the most effective actions steps.

      Looking forward to working with you.

      – Patrick

  73. Craig Olson Reply

    I have already decided my niche as I have wholesaled a couple of houses, I decided that I wanted to fix & flip. I had a house under contract but couldn’t find funding. My biggest problems are not being able to find deals & not being able to find private lenders that aren’t crooks wanting money up front. I’m hoping you will help me out in those areas.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Craig, sounds good on your niche. The IPOD program will show you how to tap into great deals (that other people aren’t finding)… and as far as private money goes, here’s a good video to start with that goes over my 3-step private money getting process…

      For additional funding options, network with local investors and you may be able to get some referrals for hard money and private money… or another local investor may be interested in putting up the money and partnering with you on your deals.

      – Patrick

  74. Jeffrey Bernstein Reply

    I enjoyed watching this video very much and plan to go through the entire program this month. I do have an important question. In your archives I found a great video on 10 hour wholesaling. Basicaly the strategy is to match buyers with wholesalers. After I finish your core videos and amps for the month, should I concentrate on one strategy such as the 10 hour wholesaling or on two or three stratgies at one time.stategies at one time. Perhaps a future video will address this question.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Jeffrey, good question.

      I recommend staying focused on the IPOD training for now. And after you start taking action, 10 Hour Wholesaling may be a good additional strategy to add to your biz. Email our support area once you’re fully through the IPOD program and we can talk about a best next step based on your goals.

      – Patrick

  75. Janeen Sherman Reply

    At first, I wasn’t thrilled at having the info spread out over time, but now I can see the value in it.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Janeen, glad to hear you see the value in how the training program is delivered. It’s designed that way to help you get the results you want from it πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  76. Dominic McGhee Reply

    This was great guys!! When you guys stated on how we must commit 100% to this program and believe in yourself. This hit home to the core, because I know what it is like not staying consistent with the succeeding in real estate. I also know all to well about not believing in myself because of past failures in real estate. After today with your training and guidance I believe I can make it happen. I Look forward to next weeks training.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Dominic. You can make it happen!!

      – Patrick

  77. Lucesita543-3240 Rivera Reply

    Why am I here? I want to give my family a life that I did not have. I want to be more home and enjoy the day to day! I have a inner passion for this. I have read books seen videos since 2995 with no avail. I work as a property manager but I do not feel complete. I want to grow and need all your training to make it happen. I prayed for this and it fell into my hands as I went to you tube and found you!. I am excited to be here and I can’t wait for this new exciting chapter in my life!!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Lucesita, it’s great to have you on board with us. It’s time for us to make those dreams a reality. As you take action, let us know what questions you have and how we can help.

      – Patrick

  78. James Moore Reply

    Great starter guys. I’m pumped already. I will be going to a real estate summit in two weeks, hosted by Any advice on what to ask or say to people I meet? Any ideas on conversation starters?

    Thanks guys


  79. Paul Wingfield Reply


    I could watch this over and over again and I will, because it is a key reminder of what I need to keep practicing. Patrick, you are an amazing teacher. I really grasp everything you lay out and teach. I can feel the true passion in your teachings and voice.The mind set is super critical. Once you have the mind set in place the rest will follow. You can have all the tactics in the world but if you don’t have the right mind set, you will struggle and your business will not grow its full potential. I am so Amped to start week 2!!!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Paul, that’s great to hear! Thanks for the kind words.

      Let us know how we can help as you take action.

      – Patrick

  80. Myrtolyn English Reply

    I’m running behind with the lessons. There is no sound on the Kick Start Guide.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Myrtolyn, I just double checked and the sound works fine on my end.

      Maybe there was an issue with your computer speaker… or you may try a different browser.

      – Patrick

  81. Sarah Keitt Reply

    Hi Patrick & JP,

    I recently signed up for IPOD and just got done listening and watching this video and you both have encouraged me so much that I can do this! I am a newbie in real estate investing and am aware that there is a lot to learn.

    I am so glad and thankful that you are presenting the material in such a manner where I will not be overwhelmed.

    I look forward to working with you both and Charity.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Great to hear Sarah!

      We’re here for ya as you implement what you learn. You can do this. πŸ™‚

      – Patrick

  82. Enrique Castillo Reply

    The Q&A comments are superimposed on the video screen. I can’t see or start the lesson.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Enrique, I just checked out the video on my end and everything looks fine. Try reloading the page… if that doesn’t work, try a different browser.

      If you still have issues, shoot an email to our support area and we’ll figure it out.

  83. Jamesee Dickerson Reply

    Call me Jim though but I do appreciate the way you all (JP and Patrick) have started us out. Look forward to rest of training.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Great to hear Jim!

  84. Nolan Cook Reply

    Great training guys I also like the case studies I like seeing someone actually doing deals with the course. I can’t wait to get my first deal.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      … and we can’t wait to hear from you when you close your first deal!

  85. Theresa Cashe Reply

    Awesome and Profound Training.


    Hi Patrick & JP! I just finished listening to my first core training and I have to tell you that it is very real & sincere. I have attended 2 REI classes and paid more than $3,000 for classes that don’t have a follow up system. In the beginning they say they will walk with us but not really. Even then I am so glad I didn’t stop looking and believing that this too could work for me. I developed the interest in REI in Aug of this year and last October attended 2 classes from 2 different REI “gurus”. Expensive but seems lacking in personal support. I look forward to learning more and finally close my first wholesale deal.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Marisabelle, glad you’re enjoying the training so far. We’ve got your back here… so hit us up for support anytime when you have questions.

  87. Amanda Bridges Reply

    Right now, I’m wholesaling, to pay off my credit card debt from OTHER marketing and OTHER books and training that I have paid for and put ON my cards, and I DID do 4 deals over the summer, but have not had ANY good results from my marketing (flyers, yellow letters, postcards, ads in pennysaver) AFTER those 4 deals, so how do I pay for MORE marketing, when my 2 big credit cards and one little card are almost maxed out, and I have lived and paid surviving bills from the money I made 3 months ago with the other money?

  88. Amanda Bridges Reply

    JP is coming out of my left side of my computer, and Patrick is coming out of my right side of my computer.

  89. Keith Shoemaker Reply

    One of the audio feeds was good, the other guy sounded like he needed a better headset/Mic. Not sure which one. of you had the bad connection. I can listen again. to find out if needed.

  90. Aaron Kaplan Reply

    Undergirded is indeed a word – Def: to form the basis or foundation of : strengthen, support

  91. Keith Shoemaker Reply

    Have bad audio on this session, need to get a better microphone.

    • Hmmmmmm…. Keith, thanks for the input. But I gotta say, I’m baffled. I’m just not hearing it. I’m not sure if we’re not hearing the same thing, or what. But I just listened to the video again — jumped around a bit to see if I could find any sections of bad audio. But no matter where I skip to, the audio sounds just fine to me.

      Can you describe how the audio sounds bad to you specifically?

  92. Paul Holden Reply

    Howdy JP and Patrick,

    It’s great to hear you both speak from the heart. It’s not difficult to see that both of you have a passion for RE and wanting to share that with others. I’m looking forward to the rest of the training.


    Paul H

    • Awesome, Paul – thanks! Yes, we’re all heart…even when we kick you in the butt, it’s from the heart. From our hearts to your butt. πŸ™‚ thanks for being a part of this with us.


    I agree with Michael M about the mindset….one should have that already I would have thought! But I now realize, once again, this is for the newbies….95% on here sound like they are ‘fearful’
    to close a deal. Understandable maybe, even if one has not done one wholesale deal yet….but
    I do wish there was an Advanced course somewhere as to marketing to cash buyers, and building a good list.

    • I’ll say the same to you that I did to Michael, June —

      If you think you’ve got the whole mindset thing down and nothing in your inner game is holding you back anymore, then that’s fantastic for you! But my and Patrick’s experience is that most of us really struggle with it, and i’m sure you can agree it’s foundational to your success. That’s why we intentionally carve out the time to deal with it first and foremost. If your foundation has cracks in it, the rest of the structure won’t stand.

      Heck, even we (Patrick and I) still work on our inner game stuff all the time — it’s a never ending growth process. And if you read the greats – Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, etc… None of them ever lets you think you somehow “graduate” from sharpening your mindset. Whatever you’ve conquered so far internally…awesome. But there’s always more… there’s always a better version of yourself waiting to emerge. It’s a matter of whether you’re wise enough to see it and seek it.

      That said, patience! Next week and on will be almost all tactical. You’ll see. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for chiming in, June.

  94. Thomas Lewis Reply

    I’m having a hard time @ this

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Thomas, what specifically are you having a hard time with?

      Let us know and we’ll help walk you through this.

      – Patrick

  95. Erik Jones Reply

    Great training, went to a new REIA tonight and the topic was GOALS and being ACCOUNTABLE. Back in the saddle again


  96. Greg Lazzaro Reply

    thanks Patrick: I can tell you are speaking from your own experience, and you know what works,
    I think this quote says it all { IF YOUR DREAMS ARE BIG ENOUGHT, THEN THE FACTS DONT COUNT}

  97. Justin Patterson Reply

    This stuff works! I used action oriented goals, and visualized the results every night before bed. Now Im full time and ramping things up so my role is a more passive one… time to create new goals and visualizations. Thanks

  98. Terrence Gipson Reply

    Hello, team! Thanks for the fist module and all the info contained inside of it. Look forward to closing my first IPOD deal within 30 days using your system!



    • Ha, yay Terrence! Thanks for jumping in with us! Hold on to your hat, my man!

  99. Michael Maranslicht Reply

    Mr. Brutally honest over here… I’ve learned nothing during this weeks 77 minute webinar. These action plans are something we as responsible investors should inherently understand before going into something that requires a lot of work. You guys had some pretty good insider training/coaching calls, and I definitely learned a lot from the ones I listened to. I would like to see a lot less “motivational Tony Robinson goal talk” and a lot more knowledgeable advice that I can actually apply toward making money. JP, I’ve read your articles on other websites and I learned a lot from them. I hope next weeks webinar has nothing to do with “the mindset” (and I don’t care to hear how effective it may be, it’s a waste of my time and I’m sure I’m not the only one). Hope to hear more about deals getting closed and the process to closing them/marketing them, and what steps actually have to be taken to succeed. Thanks, Mike.

    • Hi, Michael. Thanks for your candor. I’m sorry you’re not interested in anything mindset related…Patrick and I intentionally crafted the whole first week to focus on getting your head on straight, because after almost 24 years of combined experience in the business, we believe it’s THE MOST important key to most investors’ success or lack thereof. And the rest of the comments here seem to validate this.

      Regardless if anything mindset related is a total miss on you and you only want the tactical side, please feel free to ignore this whole first week of training. Anything you get during week one will in some way be attempting to sharpen your inner game. But starting next week (week two) we’ll go all-in on the tactical/strategic side. So just hang tight…and thanks for being a part of the journey with us. My best to you.

  100. Kim Cullymore Reply

    hello , I am really enjoying and learning lots. My question is would you have some advice on acquiring some help in rules for if any for people trying to acquiring funding from investors from the USA for properties in NS Canada, thanks so much ,
    kim C

    Nova Scotia

  101. Thomas Lewis Reply

    im lost don’t know where to start to get a deal done

    • It’s OK, Thomas. We’ve all felt “lost” at times, and the more you get into REI the more you realize just how deep the rabbit hole can be. Patience though…walk this IPOD journey with us a step at a time. You’re only at the very beginning, friend. Make the investment in yourself to go through each piece we lay out for you here, step by step with us, and I promise you won’t feel lost anymore by the end of it. Just keep moving forward and each step will make things clearer for you. Thanks for being here!

  102. Tony Brooks Reply

    Great Stuff Guys! Building a Strong Foundation

  103. Oleg Ielagin Reply

    Patrick and JP,
    I’m done with 5-stepkickstartguide.It’s a very good idea with actionorientedgoals.When I get emailed next portion?

    • Hi, Oleg…more to come in the next couple of days. Watch your inbox, my friend πŸ™‚

  104. Roger Ordonez Reply

    Alot of info, however powerful concepts. I like the fact that you explain the steps, then provide the Action plan to execute them. Thanks for taking the time to go slow, taking notes is really helping. Following thur the action plans is going to be where it is at where the success will happen.
    Thank you!!!

    • You got it, Roger! And thanks for being a part of this with us. Hang tight…it’s only the beginning πŸ™‚

  105. C Hebron Reply

    hey Pat and JP,

    Its week two and I am ready for the next module.
    When will it get posted on the site?

  106. Sheila CHEE Reply

    Patrick and JP

    Thank you for your well thoughtout and organized presentation. Your encouragement and sincerity in helping students shows. I will take action and will follow your steps to get my first deal under my belt. I HAVE to. No excuses no matter how tired one is.

    With your help, I will succeed.

    Take good care.

    • You’re welcome, Sheila…so glad to have you. Stay the course. The rewards are there for you. YOU CAN DO THIS.

  107. Lawrence Opoku Reply

    Thanks so much for the great foundation you’re building for your members and GOD BLESS!

  108. Jannett Graham Reply

    Hi Patrick and JP…first let me congratulate you Patrick in returning to us. I am so happy that you made it through the storm because now I can see that there is even more currency in what you and JP are training us to do. There is every reason to believe that by doing I too, can succeed. Thank you so much.
    I was very happy that you asked for my WHY!..I have it and get it. Just need to know how to share it AFTER I experience proof for myself!.

  109. Mark Reply

    You asked us to answer this question, “How do I currently spend my REI time?

    Well…..checking all my real estate related emails from about 37 different gurus and newsletters! ( This is true, I just counted them!) And attending the occasional one hour webinar.

    Wow! No wonder I can’t get anything done. I have had this misguided thought that I’m somehow being “unloyal” if I don’t read all their emails.

    I am so glad you asked this question because it really got me to thinking. I have decided this has got to stop! I can’t be worried that I’m going to miss some vital, life-altering information if I don’t read their emails. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere up to this point!

    Thanks for helping me open my eyes. Time to focus.

    • Patrick Reply

      Mark, I’m glad this was an eye-opener for you.

      It’s time to hit “UNSUBSCRIBE” on at least 34 or so of those emails lists.

      Time to focus your work time on profit producing actions.

      – Patrick

  110. Barry Baber Reply

    Patrick, J.P.
    Thanks! this was eye opening. I truly plan to do my homework and then some. I’m looking forward to next week already. In the meantime I have some amps to look at.

  111. Patti Brocato Reply

    Hey Patrick and JP,
    Thanks for the positive comments and encouragement. I have been wholesaling for 4 months….still waiting for the “1st” deal to go thru.
    I look forward to learning from you both.

    Very excited to be a part of this!

    • Patrick Reply

      Hey Patti, can’t wait to celebrate with you when you close your first deal.

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  112. DON JACOBS Reply

    Good start! I already have my Biz Model and Niche identified. My action items are set with the guidance of Step 3. Next I will visualize my Results goals repeatedly until they happen.

    This presentation is very well organized, and it makes total sense to follow it.

    I WILL!

    Have a fantastic day! I am…

    • Patrick Reply

      Love it Don! Nice work…

      – Patrick

  113. Janet Anderson Reply

    Hello – I have been through several RE training and recognize some of these theories. I truly appreciate your open style and genuine effort to help slow learners, like myself, grasp these theories, then to implement them. I need your support, even if it is only to run my deal past you, and your encouragement to help me take that step to success. With your controlled delivery system, I think I can FINALLY develop the knowledge and confidence to see a deal through to a financial conclusion. Thanks for helping some of us understand and being there for us. Janet

    • Patrick Reply

      Hey Janet, we’re here for your support… and we mean it! Please run your deals by us or anything else that’s on your mind, we’re happy to help.

      Also, I suggest not to label yourself a “slow” learner.

      A lot of people who think of themselves as slow learners are really just slow on taking action (which is where the real learning takes place).

      Make sure you’re spending your time on profit producing actions and you’ll learn just what you need to see a deal through to a payday.

      – Patrick

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