Amp » The 4½ Hour Profit on Demand Workweek

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Amp » The 4½ Hour Profit on Demand Workweek

You’ve probably at least heard of The 4-Hour Workweek by now. Powerful stuff.

But seriously, can it really be done? Can anything like that actually be achieved in a real estate investor’s business?

The answer may surprise you…

In this session we’re going to pull the curtain back on Patrick’s business, past and present, and demonstrate specifically how he’s artfully leveraged different people and systems to craft a business that actually runs like a business (with him as CEO) and still affords him the chance to enjoy actually living his life.

We’re talking about a guy who holds a number of cash flow rentals, flips a few deals a month, teaches and coaches others, and still has plenty of free  time to skateboard around town, sip ice coffee and horse around on the beach every week.

What does it take to craft a profitable business that for the most part runs without your hands pulling all the levers and turning all the gears? A “lifestyle business” that requires only about an hour a day of your personal time, and half an hour or so on Friday?

That’s exactly what Patrick’s done, and in this amp session he’ll lay it all out for you, blow by blow.

Far too many 0f us get into this game with the desire to “live the real estate dream” only to end up creating the worst, hardest job ever for ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to start crafting your own 4½ Hour Profit on Demand workweek.

Watch and Enjoy…

Resources Mentioned in This Session…

Patrick and JP <3 (heart) your comments & questions. So let’s hear ’em!


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22 Responses to “Amp » The 4½ Hour Profit on Demand Workweek”

  1. Benjamin McCray Reply

    You guys are awesome… your training style is very thorough and easy to comprehend. Thank you for your willingness to share and help others win.

    One thing I would love for you guys to consider is some form of hands on mentorship… there’s some people that can comprehend the “class room” training which you guys did a great job doing. But then the hands on TAKE ACTION, lets say you help an individual close their first deal and you get a percentage of that deal. I’ll be more than willing to get a solid lead, and then you guys walk me through the start to finish in closing it out and just for the hands on experience do a 60/40 split ….. there’s no better learning than doing.

  2. Jacob Carita Reply

    You both have put a lot of time and effort to put everything together. I real want to make this happen. I just have to put my mine to to do it. Thanks Jacob

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Jacob, I’m glad you can tell how much time and energy we put into this training program. You can do it! Let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  3. Gordon Graham Reply

    Hi JP and Patrick–
    Really enjoyed this session. I appreciate how you interject the inner philosophy, the idea of living a quality life, as more important than how much money one makes!! Lots of great ideas! Well done!!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Gordon, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoying!

      – Patrick

  4. Tom Uyechi Reply

    Great stuff!
    When bringing on your team members, do you pay them hourly or on commission and how much?

    Tom Uyechi

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      I think the ideal setup is to pay based on commission (aka results). But at times, for certain team members, it may make sense to pay hourly… or to pay a base plus commission.

      I would suggest starting w/ straight commission. That way you’re not paying anything out of pocket up front.

      – Patrick

  5. Michael Underwood Reply

    Thank you Patric and JP ,You guys have done it again
    This is awesome content it is very important to me to have a business that allow me to be free and enjoy my life on my terms and not to tie me down and limit my freedom, If we going to trade time for money it will be best to keep our jobs why start a business
    I have heard or read some wear that if you business can not run with out you then you don’t wave a business you have a job.
    THANKS !!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome Michael. It’s great to hear you’re loving all the training.

      So true… if your business can’t run without you, it’s simply a job.

      – Patrick

  6. Conor Lehane Reply

    Great content guys. Love JPs role of being the voice of the trainee asking the questions and summarizing the info. Keep that honest and matter of fact style going.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Conor! Glad you’re enjoying the program. 🙂

      – Patrick

  7. Roger Ordonez Reply

    Hello IPOD Team, GREAT AMP Session! This Amp session has really hit home for me. I have been a tech for about a year, & have been wondering\daydreaming on how to even just think of putting a team together, let alone letting GO!
    You know the roles\responsibilities, the designing your 4.5 hour POD workweek questions, have really placed it on my heart to give deep thought about the,
    WHAT IF……. life happens reality & the business depends on me to run….Ouch!
    That is a powerful statement, however truth! I am Thanking you you all for pouring out your time & experiences, education, etc……. for us, this is really helping me put things into order & structure which will be developed into a well oiled machine!!!!!

    • Ha, you got it, Roger! Best to force yourself to think about that stuff, than to blissfully assume it’ll never happen. And even if nothing squirrely ever happens, the worst case is you have a better systematized, more automated and enjoyable business!

  8. Gary Childers Reply

    JP, how do you pay the following team members?
    Business partner-negotiator
    Lead manager.

    Do you have a VA you recommend who is already trained in real estate, responing to leads?

    • My initial thoughts are…

      Business partner-negotiator: 30%-ish…kinda depends on what all falls under his/her umbrella

      Lead manager: hourly…maybe $10-12/hr

      I don’t have a specific VA to recommend right now.

  9. DON JACOBS Reply

    Without exception, this is the most insightful and conceptual of all of the sessions in these presentations to date. It describes what thinking is needed at the beginning of a startup business in not only real estate investment, but most any entrepreneurial business. I only wish that I had this knowledge at the time we looked at the potential team members needed on day 0. So many questions have been answered, and the ideas for more organizational arrangements to allow a business to operate without my involvement are flowing like a waterfall. Thank you for your sharing these concepts of organizing your team, Patrick. I don’t think you can imagine how profound these thoughts have been. I had questions at the beginning after the first video about putting together my team, and now many of them have answers generated by listening to your discussions in this session. This hour and a half has been a real blessing for me, and I guarantee you that it won’t go to waste.

  10. Victor Grimes Reply

    Patrick & JP,

    This was an outstanding AMP session. I’ve been in the REI business for a little over a year and have been the lone technician. This makes plenty of sense to me, as I’m at the point in my Business / Life where delegating by hiring for the specific roles has been on my mind for the last few months. This session pretty much maps out the business model that makes the most sense.

    Thanks again for a GREAT! AMP session.


    • Sweet! you’re welcome, Victor! And thanks for the feedback, man!

  11. Mark Reply

    Wow. Great lesson. Even though I am just starting to build my business, I can see this is the business model I eventually want to follow. I have always struggled with the idea of “giving up control” or even trusting someone else to do what they’re supposed to do. But deep down, I know I can’t “do it all”, and still live a balanced life. Thanks for the insight.


    • I hear ya, Mark. I have a similar devil on my shoulder I have to constantly ignore 🙂

  12. David Doyle Reply

    Hey guy ,,,
    How bout a simple ” mind map ” business plan for a one man wholesaling business,,,,
    little money
    lots of time
    recruiting help mates paid commission only
    starting with property acquistion
    i e “bird dogs
    I cant offer people much money,Im offering $1000 on closing in escrow
    Most folks out here want some kind of spiff or hourly wage for finding leads
    Please advise
    Dave Doyle
    Los Angeles

    • Hi, David. That’s sounds like a great idea, but we’re not going to be creating it for this particular training. It’s just outside the scope of what we’ve planned here. But we may be able to work that into a coaching lesson in the near future or something. Thanks for the suggestion!

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