Amp » Additional Sources of Buyers

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Amp » Additional Sources of Buyers

buyers-are-servedA few days ago in your 3rd core training session, Buyers on Demand, we taught you exactly how to build your cash buyers list via “DBP” (or Database Plucking, as you now know it).

Hope you took some good notes on that one. It’s an exceptional way to fill your quiver with arrows all by itself, and also super congruent with the Investor Profits on Demand approach to real estate investing.

We also mentioned that, while there’s a whole heap of other viable ways you could effectively build your cash buyers list, our goal here is to keep you pretty tightly focused at first on learning a few really powerful angles that work really well, and fit awesomely within this approach.

In other words, we’re not trying to go a mile wide and teach you every possible thing about every way you can skin a real estate cat. This will only overwhelm or confuse you. Instead we’re going an inch wide and a mile deep for the most part.

That said, we would like to go ahead and share a few other solid, proven ways you can amp up your buyers list, in addition to what was already covered in core training 3. Not to distract or confuse you — but to build upon it later.

So what follows here for you is intentionally super simple… In fact, it’ll probably be the simplest and quickest video you’ll devour in this whole multi-week feast we’ve been serving up for you. We’ll cover two more easy, effective, low cost ways you can add even more buyers to your buyers list. Easy peasy.

Now Watch and Enjoy…

Questions? Issues? Strokes of Genius? Go…


Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon as it’s posted, we’ll send you an email (how nice of us!) and then it’ll magically appear here for you. Patience, Grasshopper…we’re eating the elephant one bite at a time. 🙂


10 Responses to “Amp » Additional Sources of Buyers”

  1. Norman Robinson Reply

    Love it….I have always feel embarrassed about putting signs out….lol I guess I need to do it early in the morning

  2. Ricardo Costa Reply

    thanks , but disappointed, ricardo

  3. John Lomax Reply

    I absolutely enjoy the videos. Thanks for sharing your success and being available to answer questions.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You’re welcome John. We’re here for ya.

      – Patrick

  4. Cornelius Baker Reply

    I’ve seen and listened to far too many Investors/Coaches and or Mentors to use tactics that are actually “bait and switch”, unethical, blind ads, and or “ghost ads”. If one is a Realtor they could jeopardize their license or standing. I used to have a license and remember how hard I worked to get it. So, when advice came to post an ad or bandit sign saying something like

    Home for sale 3/2- $12,000 quick close, call

    and then be further advised to tell “buyer” a lie and say “oh, that one is gone but I have more…”

    When I’d hear that I’d cringe and wonder, ‘who the heck was I listening to?!’

    Realtors here have fairly strict protocols.

    I’m so glad you did not advise us to use such shady tactics.

    A sign saying
    “Buyers for Discounted Properties wanted! Get on our list, now! Call 480-123-4567”

    Is far closer to intrepid and would allow one to sleep well without worrying if one is dealing fairly and honestly with their business.

    Appreciate your Instructions… Wish we could retrain the shadier less conscience-guided advice givers.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Cornelius, there are definitely plenty of ways to build a buyer’s list without using ghost ads. Glad you enjoyed this Amp session.

      – Patrick


    Amazing Content Guys!
    Was wondering will you be offering a blue print for getting private money in this training??

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Lester, the IPOD training program doesn’t focus on private money… but we do toss out a few resources to check out on the subject. Keep going through IPOD’s core and amp sessions, check out the resources we mention on private money, then let us know how we can help you.

      – Patrick

  6. Theresa Cashe Reply

    Excellent. I truly love your presentation. They are down to earth, practical and easy to understand. Thank you.

  7. DON JACOBS Reply

    This is basically the same as the PMOD approach to contact all those who are looking for us.

    Great idea! Thanks.

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