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Amp » Pushing Your Limits — A Must Watch!

no excusesNot sure about you… but I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and eat up everything he puts out. 

But whether you’re a fan or not, I guarantee this video from Tony will seriously challenge you on breaking through some of the limitations you find yourself shackled with right now.

Seriously, you’ve got to watch it. And don’t be surprised when suddenly it all just “clicks” in your mind. So darn simple… but it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way you approach things, especially in terms of reaching your elusive goals.

Oh, and I should say that it’s not about real estate at all. But I couldn’t not (like that double negative 🙂 share it with you here, because frankly I believe this is the single, biggest underlying reason why most people don’t make it in real estate. And hey, it’s actually a pretty easy fix, which you’ll hear first hand from Tony just a few minutes into the video.

And let me just say, he’s spot on when he talks about the difference between two people, when they both get the very same course, learn the exact same stuff, and yet, one makes it big and the other falls by the wayside. It’s not about potential, or resources — you’ll see it plain as day in the diagram he scribbles out.

Here’s to being the guy or gal who breaks through those barriers and makes it big!

Watch and Enjoy…

Thoughts? Questions? Let’s hear ’em…


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77 Responses to “Amp » Pushing Your Limits”

  1. John Stafford Reply

    Why are 1% successful? Mindset, attitude, belief, decision and action. This was an awesome bonus! Thanks Patrick and JP.

  2. Darryl Mitchell Reply

    CERTAINTY! I AM FIRED UP! This is so good and real I can’t put in into words. Thank you. This is just good clear information. Thank you guys!

  3. Jesse Delharo Reply

    Patrick and JP this video is really fantastic, it is really great, and I just remember that I have a set of cassets of Tony Robbins, and I am going to go through them tonite, again…
    And this assures me that I am with the right group of people to guide me and help me be successful on my RE career..
    Thank you guys


  4. Norman Robinson Reply

    AWESOME…..I took great notes

  5. Mary Stead Reply

    I think this is great for someone who has had some success and needs a reason to push on. I am sorry,but it did not motivated me. I know who Tony Robbins is, but did not know the other two, I Googled them. I get more inspiration from Patrick and his lessons.

  6. Quincy Farley Reply

    That was a great video! I forgot how just how great Tony Robbins is as a motivational speaker and helping people condition their minds into accomplishing whatever you want in life. I will definitely be instilling this in my real estate business on a daily basis. Thanks for providing this valuable video!

  7. Guy Thomas Reply

    Great Video

  8. Richard Plumer Reply

    Look, you guys are so set in your ways you cannot do anything your customers want. You are so rigidly set on doing everything you want – even if that is none of what your customers want – that you infuriate your customers. May I suggest that even if you want to force feed all this attitude stuff on your clients, you should still do at least some of what your clients want – so you should provide some real-estate stuff (which your clients ordered to get) along with whatever attitude stuff you so compulsorily want to impose?

    I don’t want to hear “it is not about real-estate” when I ordered to learn about real-estate !

    I am going to have to cancel with a refund if this keeps up !

    Sorry, but that is how the cookie crumbles !

  9. Benjamin McCray Reply

    AWESOME!!! Success is found in our daily routines.. Lets’ GO and GROW!

  10. Fredrick Austin Reply

    We have to take action to be successful!!

  11. John E Crews Reply

    The right mind set and vision will get you to where you are trying to go in life

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the video John.

      – Patrick

  12. Ricardo Costa Reply

    the best video i ever seen i took notes cant wait to heard more of tony

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Tony’s stuff is awesome. He’s got a lot of videos on youtube. Also has some great books. Unlimited Power is my favorite of his.

      – Patrick

  13. Betty Gonzales Reply

    this video was awesome. i felt like tony was telling a story about me. about a person that has the potential, takes action, but gets no results. “Why”? Because i let people in my life tell me that i’m too old to change now. so that stops me from believing in myself. but thanks to tony and his video, things are going to change. Thanks Guys.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You can do this Betty! Don’t let anyone try to tell you what is and isn’t possible for you. You can do anything with the right attitude and action plan.

      Study, take massive action, believe in yourself, never quit, and let us know how we can help 🙂

      – Patrick

  14. Gerome Gadlin Reply

    This video is amazing! I did the exercise with the video and got the same results. Can’t wait to not only share this but put it into practice.

    Thanks again.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      This is a great video to watch… and rewatch… and rewatch again.

      Tony is the man.

      – Patrick

  15. Krutel Mack Reply

    Thanks I have seen this about 4 or 5 times. Each time someone sends it or recommend watching I do so and get something out of it every time.

  16. Andre TURNER Reply

    Awesome video guys

  17. JOhn Ward Reply

    Thank You

    Good stuff

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed John.

      – Patrick

  18. Justen Bethay Reply

    Thank you for sharing this video. I have to admit, I have not really seen anything but a short clip before of Tony Robbins. I have been missing out! What he’s talking about here reminds me of The Strangest Secret from Earl Nightengale, only he has really peeled the layers back some more and made it more relevant in today’s world.

    Justen Bethay

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Justen, really glad to hear you enjoyed the video. Tony has some great stuff! This is a good one to not only watch… but re-watch every so often.

      – Patrick

  19. Levi Gerber Reply


  20. Gregory Tauber Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    Yes, Anthony is Awesome! I really like him a lot although not a huge Fan of his. It’s very funny though that Anthony just bought a place about 5 miles from where I live on The Ocean in Manalapan, FL and where I am going to do my Appreciation Journal Meet Up Group. Also, alot of how you teach being it one step at a time like The Karate Kid with Mr. Miyagi. I actually met Pat Morita in New York on a Movie set and me and an Actress saw Pat and both stopped when we saw him and said “Mr Miyagi!!!” and he went right into The Mr. Miyagi Character, it was so Cool!. I wish I would have taken some pictures of that moment then but you just don’t realize at the time how Awesome things really are and just expect them to keep getting better all the time everyday, which they don’t necessarily as things are always changing. Talk soon!


  21. Donald Konkel Reply

    good video explain why people succeed/fail in any industry Don

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it Donald.

      – Patrick

  22. Michael Brooks Reply


    Keep it up,
    & I’ll keep up.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Michael, glad you enjoyed it. Tony is awesome!

      – Patrick

  23. David Summers Reply

    Wow I love Tony Robbins he an awesome speaker he has always given me motivation to accomplish anything and visualizing truly works thanks guys this will go a long ways with me !

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      I agree, Tony is awesome. If you like this, check out some of his videos on youtube… or his book Unlimited Power.

      – Patrick

  24. Duaine Johnson Reply

    This video for me is truly the holy grail. I have been buying courses since 1980. trying a little and then giving up. I am a general contractor who has electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills. I’ve own my own contruction business and I’ve made a little money. But this video has clearly defined why I can’t make it to the next level. Now I know why and I will push ahead with certainty and a plan to be all that I can be and much more. Thanks guys I needed this

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You can do this! As you take action, let us know how we can help 🙂

      – Patrick

  25. Lance Dudley Reply

    Thanks. I have not watched Tony in years. Makes me wonder why. It’s been so long it was almost like seeing him in an entirely new way. Very powerful what he is saying and the things he teaches. He was very clear in stating that he was not trying to motivate. That he did not want to be a motivator. He is into the potential that each of us has to be in “Peak State”. I for one need to be reminded. And he teaches visualization as something I can practice everyday to remind myself of my ability to be in “Peak State”. Mental conditioning with a purpose in mind. Great to be reminded and Awesome stuff. Thanks again. A wonderful gift really.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Lance, so glad to hear you enjoyed revisiting some Tony! If you want more, he has some great videos on youtube and his books are pretty awesome. I’m a big fan of Unlimited Power.

      – Patrick

  26. Jacob Carita Reply

    Thanks Patrick for sharing this. I need to take a visual aspect to what I need to accomplish. Take action which will get the resolves and give me the benefit on what I believe.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Your welcome Jacob. While you’re taking action, let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  27. STEVE CLARK Reply

    JP, Patrick Great stuff….

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Steve, glad you enjoyed it!

      – Patrick

    • Mark Bondurant Reply

      yeah man. I hear it loud and clear!

      • Patrick Riddle Reply

        Nice! 🙂

        – Patrick

  28. Kevin Lynch Reply

    I have commented on this video before, its stellar, an eye opening revelation. thank the lord for tony robbins.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Tony’s stuff is awesome. Learned so much from him.

      If you haven’t read his book, Unlimited Power, I highly recommend it.

      – Patrick

  29. Tom Uyechi Reply

    Boy! Does this hit home!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it Tom! Powerful info.

      – Patrick

  30. Esther Meehan Reply

    All about believing in yourself. Quit being a Doubting Tomas and Do! Thank you so much for the awesome share. I’m taking this to heart!! and start believing I CAN and will DO. I am more convinced you guys are AWESOME!.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Esther, that’s right! You can do it 🙂

      – Patrick


    For me this was a GREAT share. Even though I have watched this video before, I could feel myself entering the “state of enthusiasm” that I love feeling myself in when I get around high performance people and something inside me is resonating with them. As I started grinning with them as they were grinning with each other, I started feeling like “it’s party time and in some way I, at that moment sense, these are my kind of people and I have qualities that are just like them”.

    Now watching this video is a trigger I can use on myself each day, to shift me into this totally unstoppable state which cannot coexist with lethargy and apathy or their cousin (my limiting beliefs).

    JP & Patrick, your actions show that you want us to breakthrough our personal barriers, just as much as Tony, Frank and John want it for their clients. Thanks a bundle!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Love it Darwin! Keep up the education and take massive action.

      – Patrick

  32. Cynthia Morrow Reply

    What a great way to show what having a “burning desire” and the “I know it will happen, I can just feel, see, and taste it” looks like on paper!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Cynthia, glad you enjoyed the video.

      – Patrick

  33. Rita Granderson Reply

    I enjoyed Tony. I will continue to move forward and believe! All things are possible to him that believe!!!
    I see it!!!

    Thanks for posting this information.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right Rita! All things are possible.

      – Patrick

  34. Mike Johnson Reply

    Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.
    So those who are going to make it, will. And those who are along for the ride will be doing it again and again.
    Those who make it, are obligated to lend a hand down to those below you. BUT…! If they don’t take your hand up. You are not obligated to stay there but to move on.
    There is a lot to be done out there and you need the right tools to do it and being successful will give you the ability to make a difference..
    Thanks Patrick & JP. for the helping hand.
    Mike Johnson

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Good stuff Mike. Glad you enjoyed the video man.

      You’re welcome for the helping hand.

      – Patrick

  35. Glenn Walters Reply

    Thanks guys. Tony used a simple but Powerful illustration to drive home the Root Cause of most failures.
    I’m a retired engineer and a Visual, so his illustration made it crystal clear to me. I’ll be practicing it daily.

    Thanks Again,

  36. Abdul Jihad Reply

    Good info.

  37. Ola Craig Reply

    Thanks for sharing! awesome stuff!

  38. Theresa Cashe Reply

    Excellent presentation. It is life changing. Thanks for the words of wisdom, encouragement and motivation. Awesome discussion. I learned a lot from you guys. Thank you.

  39. Jonas Yoder Reply

    That’s great guys. This is something everybody should hear. Thanks!!!

  40. Amanda Bridges Reply

    Oh I forgot to add in my last comment – I don’t look at Ferrarris or Lamborginis to believe that I will drive one one day – I look at the jewelry channel on Dish Network, and when I see blue diamonds or GASP – PURPLE diamonds, I say to myself “Now THAT”S what I”M going to be wearing when I’m pulling in $100,000 a month with 10 closings in real estate!!!”

  41. Amanda Bridges Reply

    Great video! I watched it twice, and wrote down the 4 boxes and put CERTAINTY in the middle of them, and will watch it again when I have the chance…..

  42. Paul Holden Reply

    The light bulb is shining even brighter now. Thanks guys.

  43. Roger Ordonez Reply

    The mindset of the weak will show results of complaining & excuses.
    The mindset of the strong will show results of success and encouragement.
    This video is certainly a game changer for the results that depend on your belief.
    Tony really brought it home for me to understand that I am heading in the right direction.
    With this training from IPOD I know I will succeed.
    Thank you IPOD Team!!!!!!!!

  44. Kevin Hicks Reply

    Patrick & JP,

    Thank you for sharing this awesome video. So many great nuggets of applicable information. The light bulbs are definitely flashing inside. Tony Robbins makes it plain and simple.

    Thanks Guys!!!

  45. Victor Grimes Reply


    This video was truly insightful and inspiring. Tony really knows how to simplify things to the point it makes soooo much sense! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Victor, great to hear this was insightful/inspiring for you. Glad you enjoyed!

      – Patrick

  46. Kim Cullymore Reply

    true fact to live by ! awesome

    ns canada


    Things you already know, but need reminding of.

    Tony has a way of keeping it simple, this makes him great as a Servant.


  48. Barry Baber Reply

    Patrick, JP,
    This is what its all about. Hearing Patrick in the amp before this bringing himself out of the fog and listening to Tony explain the fear….this really hits close to home. I’m currently in my corner and I’m confident that I will fight out and feed my hunger. I want to be in the center of the room before years end. You just need to convince me that this will work when I take the proper action. I don’t want a handout, I just want something that works. Thanks!

  49. Darren Anderson Reply

    Thanks guys this video really hit home!

  50. DON JACOBS Reply

    Someone sent me this tape several months ago. I liked it then, and I liked it more this time. I have been listening to and watching Tony Robbins for over 20 years it seems, and I have always benefitted from his work. He is phenomenal!

    I will definitely visualize more and get more certainty into my belief system. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  51. Mark Reply

    Wow. I had actually seen this video about a year ago and thought it was pretty good, but then I forgot about it.

    This time I took almost three pages of notes. I have heard of “visualizing” before, and have even tried it. But I really wasn’t into it, I guess because it didn’t seem to be “real”.

    But Tony said something that really struck me. The “holy grail” of belief is mindset. If you are absolutely certain that something is going to work, you will probably do it. But how do you get that “absolute certainty” if you have never done something before?

    By “visualizing” that the action you are taking IS going to work!! By practicing this visualization every day , you can give your mind the “absolute certainty” that the action you are going to take WILL lead to massive results, which in turn will lead you to take massive action!

    I am definitely going to start visualizing, not just my goals, but also all of the action steps leading to these goals, as having ALREADY successfully happened.


  52. Lawrence Opoku Reply

    It’s really life changing video, thanks Guys.

  53. John Gier Reply

    Very Inspiring 
    Thanks Patrick & JP

    Johnny Gier
    Ca$h 4 Houses LLC – buyers – sellers

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