Amp » Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor

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Amp » The Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor

Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor

If you’re a newer investor, then this might sting a little. But in a good way.

Realize it or not, those first few years getting your feet wet in real estate investing are pretty key for you. And in this session we’ll take a look at the biggest common mistakes most investors tend to make in these formative years, and how to avoid them.

We’ll also illuminate a better path you can choose (with a shorter, less painful learning curve), and the “best practices” you’ll need to follow to make it happen.

From how you handle info overload, to bright shiny object syndrome, to the “toolbox” approach, to finding your “sweet spot” REI niche… If you’re in your first few shaping years as an investor, this training should really help connect the dots in an encouraging, helpful way for you.

Watch and Enjoy…

Questions? Comments? Chime in below…


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134 Responses to “Amp » Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor”

  1. John Stafford Reply

    JP, thanks for candidly sharing your experiences and explaining how to avoid common pitfalls. Your advice about avoiding shinny objects, preventing overload as well as avoiding traps such as overpaying for REI education is 100% on target.

    Last fall I paid some $$$ for a 3-day weekend seminar where we were “sold” on needing to understand multiple strategies so that we could handle any kind of deal that came our way. On the last day of the seminar, we were asked to make a $12K investment to learn it all. It was a very disappointing experience that I walked angry about having to use a vacation day from my job, plus the money spent for the seminar only to leave with a jumble of information and no tools or real path to follow. For most of the past year, I’ve kept searching with a fair amount of skepticism especially after purchasing one other course that was not very helpful. It was more money lost… so mostly I started reading blogs, etc. trying to find some path.

    Not willing to give up, I started thinking that maybe I could be the guy who finds money for investors, and by becoming a resource could have the chance to learn along the way. That’s how I ended up finding and invested in PMOD… and in turn IPOD.

    Happy to report that so far IPOD has provided a clear picture and path to follow. I am truly excited to be moving forward with the right attitude. What I’m learning from you will also allow me to apply PMOD much more effectively. Putting the blinders on and focusing on IPOD for the next 90 days though. Thanks for such great teaching.

  2. Tim King Reply

    JP, Great info and advice. Thank you for helping us shorten the learning curve.

  3. Garrett Jenkins Reply

    Great! I see it as an excellent way to outline forward movement in my REI business!

  4. Alex DeBirk Reply

    Action Step 1 already long accomplished. I dove headfirst in, and have yet to come back to the surface. Definitely overwhelmed…but determined.

    Having bounced around, I’m ready to do Action Step 2 and 3. I think my niche is definitely wholesaling.

    First question, still trying to figure this out: how do I choose the neighborhood to be an expert in? A lot of folks say “choose the one you’re in,” but what if it’s a lousy market to be in, and how do you know?

    Thanks for the great videos.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad to hear you’re determined Alex and that you know you’re niche – wholesaling.

      One way to tell if your market is good for wholesaling is if there are other investors actively marketing and wholesaling deals in your area. If so, that can actually be a good thing. It shows people are successfully doing it already… which means YOU can too.

      If the market you live in doesn’t look like a good one, I would pick the closest market to you that is. That way, if need be, you could still drive to a property.

      – Patrick

  5. David Redding Reply

    Wow, some very thoughtful nuggets. Thanks.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      You’re welcome, David. Let us know if we can help you with anything along the way.

  6. Norman Robinson Reply

    How do I find an accountability partner?

  7. Hugo Rosini Reply

    Thanks JP for the thoughts and insights.
    I have one question: you mentioned a couple of times that you started as a landlord, and it turned out to be the wrong option. Why was that?
    I’m asking because I started my RE investment 4 years ago, in 2 years I bought 3 rental condos (which are providing some cashflow) and I stopped there. I’m getting back on the game now, originally thinking about continuing the same path, but maybe this is a good time to reconsider the direction…
    Thanks for your input!

    • Hey Hugo, great question. The short answer is (i) I wasn’t ready or equipped to handle rental properties yet, and (ii) I went about it all wrong anyway.

      My belief now is that it’s unwise to get into owning rentals if you don’t have some decent cash reserves set exclusively aside — a ‘rainy day’ fund for each and every property. Because it’s not if, it’s WHEN. When I got it after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I just knew I wanted to be like RK, so I got into rentals. The easiest way in was in the lower end market. I dove in with little-to-no cash reserves and found myself drowning in expensive repairs, turnover and vacancies withing a year. Those properties ate my lunch and stole life from me daily. Never again.

      If/when I ever get back in again, it will be (i) in nicer properties that rent for at least $1,000/mo, where (ii) I can rent to reasonable people who think somewhat like me, and (iii) all properties will be withing a 15 min drive of my home, and (iv) they will be debt-free (i.e. no mortgage). Those are my terms for ever getting back into rentals again.

      Make sense?

  8. Mike Vizena Reply

    i agree to your thought of being prudent and learning a bit at a time. Me i jumped in to much to fast and learned a hard lesson. Be patient there will always be real estate there but be patient be smart. Then you may make money in a smart way,not overnight….

  9. Quincy Farley Reply

    Excellent training JP. I truly believe this will propel me to be a top wholesaler in my market within the next 12 months. The information you give is priceless to say the least. I have already written my results goal down and placed it in a visual location in my bedroom. Next I will be writing my action goal down to complete on a weekly basis. Thanks again!

    • Awesome, Quincy! glad you liked the training and found it helpful, and super encouraging to hear you taking action, my man.

  10. Mary Stead Reply

    Excellent info, I wish I had this years ago. For the last decade, I have done nothing but listen to webinars on strategies. I never heard of market cycles, plans, etc. All that I saw was to buy the material which because of low income, couldn’t.. I heard it said more than once, you could do REI with no $, they did not mention marketing, what a shocker. They did not mention earnest money deposit, or down payment. I thought wholesaling was the only strategy for REI. Then a few years ago I heard of lease options which fit me better all the way around, Then my attorney told me no not to do them but contract for deed. Talk about a roller coster ride. I went to several REI meetings at different sites and no one wanted to talk, even if I asked about them.
    this session has been very valuable to me and I thank you and yes, I am an action taker.

  11. Fredrick Austin Reply

    This training provided great information for the beginning investor such as myself, thank you very much JP!!!

  12. Christine Alcoser Reply

    This was an extremely informative AMP session. I was just questioning my self last week if I was going into too many directions. I already know flipping homes is my niche. I just don’t have the funding to do so. My plan is to try wholeselling for 90 days to see if that is a good fit. If it is I plan on doing a combination of wholeselling and flipping once I have the funds from wholeselling. Do you see any flaws in that strategy? Also would it be a good idea to have another student going through this program to be my accountability partner?

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Christine, I think it’s a great idea to focus on wholesaling first (to get a few deals under your belt, to get some experience, to generate some profit) and then start flipping.

      And YES, a fellow IPOD student would make a great accountability partner.

      – Patrick

  13. Barbara Free Reply

    Thanks JP for the insight of what to look forward to in this business. When mixing a good drink u must add in all it’s components to make that drink taste good (not that I’m a drinker) but u have to know what to add in it in order to get good results. This is advice well taken and well given! I hope others got out of it what I did 🙂

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Barbara, nice metaphor. Totally agree with you.

      – Patrick

  14. John E Crews Reply

    This has open my eyes ,the 90 days niche , accountability partner and the mentorship will help the learning curve this will push me a lot.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the feedback John!

      Let us know if we can help with anything.

      – Patrick

  15. Ricardo Costa Reply

    Thanks for all great info., best practices , action plans, Sharing your story.. I two like wholesaling as my niche. Can’t wait to get going. Ricardo

  16. Betty Gonzales Reply

    thank you JP. for all this information. i really enjoyed it. alot of the things that you have talked about has happen to me. i also have spend alot of money on books and cds. i like the way you give your sessions or lessons, slow and clear enough to understand. looking forward to more of it. i feel that i finally fouind what i was looking for. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. GOD BLESS YOU!

  17. Mary Meike Reply

    Patrick & JP, Your training is excellent and the mindset part is very important I truly believe. The “thank you note” idea really caught me and I sent a few notes to the people on my committee at church. An attitude of gratitude is important – and I had lost that, thanks for bringing it back! Also, I am due to renew my REIA membership and I email them back that I am going to renew, and did they need any help, any volunteers — and that I want to be an active and engaged member and not the laid back member I had been. Thank you again, it feels good! (hmmm, is that an old song I kinda remember?) Mary

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Thank you, Mary! Your attitude of gratitude is an encouragement to us!

  18. Marcia Crawford Reply

    Hey Guys-and Gal….thanks for these teachings. Already learning alot! May I ask the specifics of your coaching program; cost, pre-requisits, etc.?

    Thank you, and….thank you.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      We have a monthly subscription coaching program called Strategic Investor Insider’s Circle. The program offers weekly lessons, Swipe and Deploy resources for your biz, a monthly training call and monthly Q&A coaching call along with customizable training for your niche. If you are interested, please email me at member support, and I can send you link to sign up.

  19. Yolanda Wesley Reply

    Fantastic Video. Looking forward to taking real action and making real money.

  20. Fatinah Muhammad Reply

    A lot of really good info in this training session. . wish I had had it a year ago. But it still has value for me now

  21. Rodolfo De Leon Reply

    Thanks again guys!
    Business plan?
    What about DBA?
    Business name?
    Etc, etc…


    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the training. If you are looking fpr info on the websites, just email support and I can send you more specific info. AS far as legal stuff goes, we recommend consulting with a local legal professional to make sure you are in line with the laws for your area.

  22. Michael Perry Reply

    thank you for enabling me to realize that it’s really all about me and what i am about. yes i have lost a lot in trying to get this education and i think a lot of my misdirection was do in part because of the type of people that was around me. being around people of a like mind set helps a great deal. i have unloaded all that baggage and looked at various methods of investing so i know that i am just not ready for the tool box approach because i have never won at any of them. -made any money. i am ready to commit to the method of wholesaling. thanks again and let’s get this show on the road.

  23. Eric Keeneth Reply

    Thanks for the informative video. I just recently discovered the power of focusing on a niche and not getting analysis paralysis as JP explains in his toolbox analogy. I also appreciate the “rite of passage” point JP makes when learning something new (i.e. drinking from a fire hose.) I am going to give the wholesaling strategy my focus and I look forward to learning from you so I can close my first deal by the end of the 4th quarter. Thanks again.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      You can make it happen Eric!

      As you take action, let us know if we can help with any questions.

      – Patrick

  24. Justen Bethay Reply

    JP, you are dead on with your explanation of the first couple of years. I made all of the mistakes and went through everything you have mentioned (and more!). I did do 1 wholesale deal back in 2013, and that felt great. It’s one reason I only took a break and have not given up. I am back and making a fresh start. I’m committing to being fully focused to this program, and I know I’ll have phenomenal success. You guys rock, thank you!

    Justen Bethay

    • Chris Broxon Reply

      Great review Justen. Good luck.

  25. Dennis Trujillo Reply

    Really good info I wish I would of heard this 4 months ago because I have invested 40,000 dollars plus. I have received what I need to get going. I plan on retiring in 40 days and I need @ least 5000 a month and another 5000 for my wife to retire. I have established an LLC and bought a rental property and some land. I need to make some quick deals. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Sounds like you’re off to a good start Dennis. Follow the steps in the IPOD training here and you’ll have a steady stream of quick deals you can cash in on.

      As you study and take action, let us know if we can help with anything.

      – Patrick

  26. Lesly Jean Baptiste Reply

    Hi JP in that training I feel you are just telling my story if you check you will see I got 2 of courses and I took a few of the action steps I am member of the ATLANTA REIA Talk to wholesalers did some driving and build a list that sent letters to .I want to wholesale so I can build some cash I want you to be my mentor my accountability person I want to be all in with your training I am already pay thousands of dollars for a book and some cds I just want to have wholesaling business please I need help now

  27. Gregory King Reply

    Thanks for the training and insight into being of service to others. And taking the time to educate the community on the importance of basically finding your niche

  28. Gregory Tauber Reply

    Hi JP,

    I appeciate the Training Sessions!!! I just want to let you know that I appreciate the way you guys speak. You speak at the right pace for me, not too fast and not to slow. Some people talk so fast you can’t understand them or too slow that its boring and you are wondering when they are going to finish… how long is this going to take??? etc. So I just wanted to pass that along to you if you haven’t heard that before.

    Thanks again! Make it an Awesome Day!!!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Gregory, we really appreciate the feedback. So glad to hear you’re enjoying the training.

      – Patrick

  29. Auspria Wade Reply

    I believe that God allows certain people or things to enter your life at a certain times for a specific reason. I was thinking half way through this amp session, “I wish I would have found this first”. However, I am sure that I may have gotten distracted with the shiny object syndrome. I am grateful to have found this program now! I am excited and ready to do my first deal.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      We’re looking forward to celebrating your first deal with you 🙂

      Let’s do this!

      – Patrick

  30. Joseph Arredondo Reply

    My day two and done with the AMP session. I have been listening, reading and studying too many strategies over the past 5 years without any real direction. This session really opened my eyes and I now realize I have to focus on my niche.
    Good stuff!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Joseph, as you focus on your niche, you’ll see that things become much easier. You’ll be able to make better decisions (whether or not an opportunity is worth looking into, how to spend your time, etc).

      Say “no” to every opportunity that isn’t directly in line with your niche/business model.

      – Patrick

  31. Brandon Ditto Reply

    Hey Patrick and JP, this life cycle training is 100% accurate. I have spent thousands on a REI mentoring program. Yes and ouch! Wasn’t a bad decision because I closed a couple of deals with them and a couple on my own. They were that tool box program which means info overload. Too broad. You are exactly right. You have to set your goals and you have to pick a direction. Over a year ago I joined Patrick’s SIIC and wrote my goals down and they are still taped to my mirror. I appreciate the info!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Brandon, glad you enjoyed this session.

      Love hearing that you’re goals are still taped to your mirror. Keep moving forward and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  32. Carl Randal Reply

    Excellent AMP session JP, Thanks!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Carl, thanks for the feedback… and for joining the conversation here 🙂

      – Patrick

  33. Marvin Thomas Reply

    Hello, Pat you make me feel very excited about the training, knowing someone will be there if and when I need help. This lesson was very informative.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Marvin. Let us know if we can help you with anything.

      – Patrick

  34. Dwight Wilson Reply

    Thanks for the great training and awesome insights! Very good advice for the new investor. I’ve found my niche, just working on avoiding shiny objects! I have found some very good Evergreen information, though, on managing deals and property evaluation techniques.
    Again, many thanks for this AMP session!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Dwight, glad you enjoyed the training. That’s awesome you’ve found your niche. That’s a HUGE step towards success.

      – Patrick

  35. George Shaw Reply

    I was one of those who wanted to go straight to the tactical, but definitely glad I listened to this first. Actually I wish I would have listened to this a few years ago. I have spent quite a bit of money on seminars in the last 2-3 years, and I don’t regret it, at least not all of it. Actually it has taken me this long to realize I want to focus on wholesaling, not rehabbing. Really looking forward to the rest of your course

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey George, that’s great to hear you’ve realized you want to focus on wholesaling. Determining your niche is a HUGE step towards success. I don’t regret any of the money I’ve spent on my education either (and I’ve spent many 10s of thousands on books, courses, seminars, mentor programs).

      – Patrick

  36. Hussam Kheir Reply

    Excellent and very true Video! Thanks!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Hussam, glad you enjoyed the video.

      – Patrick

  37. Tom Uyechi Reply

    Hey JP!

    Great stuff!

    Unfortunately, I see myself in a lot of the characteristics you have portrayed in your video. I jumped in head first without having a plan and have spent well north of $30K to expand on my education. Scared to take the first real action I guess.

    Over the past year I have purchased PMOD and one your students programs, 10 hour Wholesaler. That’s just two of probably a dozen other “shiny objects”.

    2015, I plan on making it all happen! With IPOD’s core training, my marketing and my action plans, I will close at least 10 wholesale deals this year.

    I hope to quit my J.O.B. by the end of 2016.

    Thanks for your support!
    Tom Uyechi

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Tom, it’s ok if you see yourself in some of the characteristics. We all do. I’ve invested many 10’s of thousands of dollars on my education. Now it’s just time for you to take action on everything you’ve learned and start closing some deals.

      Love your plans for next year and beyond. Let’s make it happen!

      – Patrick

  38. Karl Schwartz Reply

    Wow, what an excellent AMP program, timely and extremely relevant. JP, I have listened and followed you via many educational channels for a long time. I am always so impressed with your pearls of wisdom, everything that comes out of your mouth is gold! I, like you, wish I had this information 3 yrs ago as I have been in the info. gathering phase flailing for far too long. I have found my niche in wholesaling and its time to take massive action. Thank you both in advance for what I know will be a life changing program for those who take massive action and DO!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Karl, it’s great to hear you’ve found your niche in wholesaling and you’re ready to take massive action.

      Let us know how we can help you.

      – Patrick

  39. Jeanette (Jan) Elliott Reply

    Oh My Goodness! …What another Wonderful Amp Session! You guys are the BEST! I am studying hard and am continuing to love this! I am taking good notes and ‘my blinders’ are on. The path I have being moving toward and for, is perfect so far! I know this will work for me and I am so excited to be in full forward motion! The two of you are such good teachers and have such a ‘special heart’ for your programs and ‘your students!’ …and yes, I can tell, “it is just who you are”! 🙂 Jan

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Thanks for the kind words Jan. 🙂

      Keep your blinders on, take massive action, and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  40. Julie Bartlett Reply

    Thanks for this content. I appreciate the feeling that you will be holding my hand along the way…so have put it to the test….

    I did send in a request for some input via the support system …forgive my skepticism…I have often been told that support is part of the package, only to find myself waiting in frustration for responses to questions….I am counting on your support to be all it is claimed to be….

    Awaiting your response…

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Julie, glad you’re enjoying the training.

      I just talked to Charity about your email to support this morning. She’ll be in touch soon.

      – Patrick

  41. Clyde Boyd III Reply

    Hey JP,

    This training was great!! You and Patrick really put some time and effort in, and it shows! You two really care! That’s awesome! I have a quick question… In the wholesaling niche… you consider subject 2, lease options, and creative financing part of wholesaling or would that be a different tool in the toolbox? Thanks for your time!


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Clyde, Patrick here.

      First, thanks for feedback. Glad you’re liking the training!

      I would consider subject to, lease options, and creative financing in a different tool box. I only recommend wholesaling all cash deals. Because if you were to negotiate seller financing or buy the property subject to, if your buyer defaults on the loan at some point in the future, it could come back to bite you.

      – Patrick

      • Clyde Boyd III Reply

        Thanks Patrick!

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          You’re welcome Clyde.

          Happy Investing!

          – Patrick

  42. Maurice Miller Reply

    Great Stuff guys…JP your one of my all time favorite trainers, your REIOLOGY podcast was amazing.( i miss it) You tell it like it is and leave nothing out. I’m really grateful I was able to sign up to this training with you guys…cant wait for the rest.Wishing you both much future success!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      I agree with you… jp is pretty awesome!

      It’s great to have you in the program Maurice.

      – Patrick

  43. Esther Meehan Reply

    JP – this was an awesome lesson! The timing is so perfect. Such a gentle swift kick in the **** but I had to hear it and I AM COMMITTED and in ACTION. I’ve signed up for a group meeting tomorrow. I am excited and so glad you guys showed up in my life. God has a way of putting the right people in our path at the right time. Thank you for being the GUYS that you are!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Esther, love to hear that you’re committed and in action. Everything happens for a reason.

      Glad to be on the same path with ya 🙂

      – Patrick

  44. Jeffrey Kallunki Reply

    I’ve typified much of the typical ways of doing it for far too long. It’s time for action.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right Jeffrey! Time for action 🙂

      – Patrick

  45. William Migliore Reply

    Thank you for a well done training session. Good information and advice presented.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey William, glad you enjoyed. Thanks for joining in the conversation here.

      – Patrick

      • David Pitts Reply

        Fantastic training. You guys say it like it is and that makes you stand above the crowd of other trainers in the real estate world. Thanks!

        • Patrick Riddle Reply

          Hey David, glad you’re loving the training!

          – Patrick

  46. Jerry Birdsong Reply

    I so wish I had watched this before I got started. I’m all in now, but I sure spent a lot to get here.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Jerry, glad to hear you’re “all in now.” Time to take action on everything that you’ve learned and make some things happen.

      – Patrick

  47. Rita Granderson Reply

    I really valued your information, especially on “don’t buy on impulse.” There are so many courses to purchase. Thanks for the advice. Why should I rush, buy a book!!
    I’m taking action!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Rita, glad you enjoyed this Amp session. Take that action… and let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  48. Rey Panganiban Reply


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Rey, thanks for the feedback. Let us know if we can help you with anything.

      – Patrick


    JP, if I didn’t know better I’d think you had hired a private detective to follow me around for the last 10-12 years and document my REI experience…the story you told IS my REI story.

    I got many good “nuggets” out of this Amp session, but one question…you said to become a market expert in our local market. How do you recommend we begin this research? R.E. agent? If so, what could we offer them (give first) to make them want to help us without feeling used? And besides R.E. agents what or where else can we go to get accurate local R.E. info.?

    And thanks a million!!! You guys are already filling in some huge voids that have been in my R.E I. experience for years. I’m going through my email list tomorrow and hitting unsubscribe repeatedly. Blinders on!………

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Gary, a real estate agent can definitely be a good source of local market info. In the Dream Team On Demand video, we go over some ideas for what value you could offer a realtor to structure of win-win relationship for both parties.

      Networking with local investors is a great way to learn the market. When I first got started, I met an investor named Barry who told me I could run any potential deals by him for feedback. He had been flipping houses for many years… so he became a great contact for me.

      If you focus on a small niche of properties within your local market, that will help as well.

      – Patrick

  50. Lucesita543-3240 Rivera Reply

    That was awesome!!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed Lucesita!

      – Patrick

  51. Steve Mueller Reply

    My dog, a good one at that, begs for attention…
    You guys are alright, down to earth, truly respectable.. PEACE

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Steve, thanks man. Glad to have you in the program!

      – Patrick

  52. Herold Souter Reply

    Truly sage advice JP, Just about every mistake you mentioned in this presentation I have already made. I am a self confessed real estate education junkie and I’ve been beating myself up a lot because I figure I can quit my day job which I passionately hate in 90 days or so because the guy selling the course says so and when I run into a road block some other guy sends me an email with what I believe is the answer to that problem so I purchase that course too. I now have a plethora of RE courses and more methods than you can shake a stick at. I just want to thank you for joining the conversation that’s been going on in my head for months and bringing some rational to the madness, I have learned so much from this amp session.

  53. Rob Boldt Reply

    Thanks JP for this amp session. I’m in my first few years of investing. I really now know how I need to focus on my successes and not on my failures. The next 90 days should be interesting. Thanks again, Rob

  54. Mark Rios Reply

    Yes, getting the next week’s emails but no access on the site..Should I send an email somewhere to tech support? Ready to move on!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mark, sorry about that. Yes, please send a message to support through the contact form in the member’s area here… or email

      We’ve had a technical issue with the program’s delivery for some members. We’ll get this taken care of for you.

      – Patrick

  55. Kevin Smith Reply

    Great introductory mindset experience! I’ve been thinking about the points you have conveyed all day. They really make sense AND they are fundamentally doable and discernible. I have purchased a few courses…but none have had an introductory introspection like yours. I feel great about the course of events you will be taking me through. I intend to journal my experience.
    Kind Regards.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Kevin, glad you’re enjoying the training so far. I think that’s a great idea to journal your experience. Will be an awesome way to really see how far you’ve come as you build your business.

      – Patrick

  56. Charles Shell Reply

    Excellent training video JP, thanks! I’ve been investing in RE a little over 10 years, and I’ve never come across such sincere, down to earth training as you and Mr. Patrick are producing. I’m excited, and looking forward to learning from you guys! Thanks again!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Charles, that’s great to hear! Thanks for the kind words.

      Let us know how we can help ya.

      – Patrick

  57. Richard Blair Reply

    I love this program. Super great information.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you’re enjoying it Richard! 🙂

      – Patrick

  58. Randy Bortle Reply

    I have been emailed 2 amp training sessions and when I click on link and login I get this message.
    Please help

    Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Randy, sorry about the issues with accessing the training.

      Our Chief Member Experience Gal, Charity, will be in touch with you to straighten this out.

      Also, feel free to contact our support team directly at if you’d like.

      – Patrick

  59. Enrique Castillo Reply

    Oh! how I relate to your comments. Very true.

    Completely distracted with all shiny objects out there!

    Will focus on wholesaling to start more so on co-wholesaling given my available time and plan.

    Thanks a bunch for the fire-hosing and waking me up!

  60. Abdul Jihad Reply

    Solid teaching. Could of been more in depth, but not bad, Keep up the good work.Abdul.

  61. Nolan Cook Reply

    great video this real stuff sounded like me.

  62. Catherine Phenizee Reply

    Awesome, the video training sounds like I’ve been there done that syndrome. Thanks for cutting me like a Mullet now it’s time to find my niche and take Action.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the video Catherine. Let us know if we can help with anything.


  63. Theresa Cashe Reply

    Excellent information. Great words of wisdom and advice. Thank you

  64. Elizabeth Nichols Reply

    Hey JP–

    You speak the truth, man! I’ve been at it about as long as you and Patrick and have been through similar experiences. I also started a local REIA about 3 yrs ago and many of the members are new and need to hear this stuff. You have presented the 2 year life cycle better than I have ever seen it done before.

    Is it possible that shortly before you begin another IPOD class cycle would you give me permission to play just this AMP segment, or a piece of it, to my REIA group? I think there would be many who would benefit from joining this program. I have not been one to sell programs to my local group, but this one is exactly what many of them need at an affordable price.

    I am at that stage where I also get a lot of the “let me take you out to lunch” and, frankly, they could do better just listening to you guys. I’m at that point where I have to prioritize my time to working with partners with enough training and experience to already be taking action successfully, but I also want to make sure new investors start out right and with realistic expectations.

    • Hi, Liz – sounds great! I’ll email you privately to follow up.

  65. Thomas Rihel Reply

    As a newbie investor it was really good to hear to focus on one specific area with laser point focus and to take time to find out what my focus will be. I appreciate your honesty on the avoiding the guru’s bootcamps. I believe that you really learn from a mentor that has been successful at it versus high priced seminars and bootcamps. Great stuff JP.

  66. Steven Robinson Reply

    Man I wish I would have had some training like this before because I would have been doing some deals by now. Thanks for this great info.

  67. Paul Holden Reply

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  68. Michael Maranslicht Reply


  69. Victor Grimes Reply

    Hey Guys,

    Another great AMP session “The Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor”. Had I known about you guys training program, a year ago, I would have saved thousands of dollars spent on other REI training programs. It does ‘hurt’ knowing that, however, I did learn something from each program.
    I am glad I decided to come aboard with you and Patrick. Although my first deal is yet to come, I feel it’s coming in the near future, solely based on the IPO training program.
    Thanks for your great insights and presenting the material in a plain, simple, and user-friendly format.


    • Awesome, Victor…so glad you GOT it. It’s never too late, my man…and you’re totally right to have the perspective that every course you’ve gone through right now helped you learn SOMETHING. There’s always at least a few nuggets. Focus on being grateful for those nuggets and really learning from them, and using them as fuel for where you’re going next.

  70. Nova Holness Reply

    I wish I had had “The Life Cycle of a Budding Real Estate Investor” training, two years ago. It definitely would have saved me thousands of dollars. JP, you’re right. It definitely ‘stings’. However, I did learn quite a bit from each.
    I am so happy I decided to come aboard with you and Patrick. I haven’t done my first deal yet but I know that it’s just around the corner. I can feel it getting closer.
    Thanks for your insights and being a straight shooter.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Nova, I’m sure your experience thus far and the lessons learned will prove valuable to you (even though they cost you thousands).

      Now just leverage what you’ve learned from experience… plus the insights from this training… and let’s get your first deal closed!!

      – Patrick

  71. Kim Cullymore Reply

    hello, this is my first step into educating myself and i have to thank everybody for this opportunity


    nova scotia canada

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Glad to have you on board with us Kim. Just take one step at a time… and let us know how we can help as you take action.

      – Patrick

  72. Roger Ordonez Reply

    My Team, Listen, this Amp here really assisted in the sense that it really help define direction, thought process (mind set) of what you want to do vs. what to do in order to get to the next step of being successful.
    Where were you guys an year ago to help me avoid some of the things you taught on this video?
    There is nothing like keeping it real & you guys so far have proven that to me, by having experienced what you taught in the video.
    Thanks I look forward to utilizing the mentor ship aspect part of this membership.
    Again Thank You!!!

    • Thanks, Roger! Sorry our paths didn’t cross a year ago…but it’s never too late to tweak your course based on what you’re learning now, right? And each scraped knee you’ve endured up to now is part of YOUR story, and something YOU’LL be able to share with others to help them out a little further down the road. And you’re here with us…now… let’s get things on track starting today! 🙂

  73. DON JACOBS Reply

    This session is a mouthful! I have been there and done a lot of it, (like being overwhelmed at the fire hydrant, and impulse buying) but hearing it from you two has made me realize that I really haven’t wasted all the last few years with marginal success. I will take action now in a more channeled way, and I plan to visualize my next Action by defining my Results is more measurable ways. Thanks for your sharing and your insight from having been there also. I am now a little closer to being unstoppable!

    • I love it, Don! You’re right…it’s never too late. It sounds like you’ve just had a significant perspective shift…bring it!

  74. Lawrence Opoku Reply

    JP, this lesson is an awesome eye opener for us who are still missing in the jungle and are finding our way out. Thank you.

  75. Damien Gardner Reply

    Glad to be here been at it for a while with nothing to show. My first deal will come soon!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s right Damien. Let us know when you close your first one. We’d love to celebrate with ya!

      – Patrick

  76. Mark Reply

    JP, great video. I was actually laughing out loud as I watched the first part. It sounded like you were telling my REI biography.

    When I started my REI “career”, I skipped right over the “straight path to success” and went directly to the “meandering path to success”! (Yea, I know, I had it a little backwards). I’ve spent the past five years drinking from the fire hydrant, and I’ve had enough.

    I especially like your idea of a “90 day niche trial”. If you really commit and put the blinders on, you should know after 90 days whether or not something works for you.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    • JP Reply

      Awesome, Mark…I love it. And you’re not the first person who’s really resonated with the stuff I lay out in this session. Most investors do actually.

      But hey, it’s never too late to make the change, right? And step one is realizing/admitting you have a problem 🙂 That goes for all of us, myself included.

      Thanks for tuning in and for sharing your thoughts, Mark!

  77. Barry Baber Reply

    JP, That’s good stuff! It’s great to hear you being a straight shooter. My fear of this and “other” courses/mentorships that I have invested in is , What else or how much more are they going to ask me for to get the next “answer” to move forward. I’ve been looking at shiny objects for the past 2-3 years. I’m ready to put on the shades, make an honest, positive effort at a niche that will move me forward. These next 4-5 weeks will be the test. I’ve always liked Patrick, which is why I stayed a member in PMBP since 2009. I hope this can be my niche. Thanks again.

    • JP Reply

      I know just what you mean, Barry. And while I’m clearly a believer in the value of investing (sometimes a lot) in self-education, what I’m not a fan of at all is the bait-and-switch model — where they promise the world to someone for a song, then keeping the REAL carrot just out of reach, all the while convincing them to write bigger and bigger checks. I call it douchebag marketing…pardon my French, but I can’t think of a better name for it.

      Anyways glad you’re here and enjoy the straight shooting style. Some like it, some don’t, but it’s just who we are.

  78. Manuel Souza Reply

    Very sound teachings. Thanks for your insights.

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