Amp » Your DBP Buyer & Seller Leads Storage System

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Amp » Your DBP Buyer & Seller Leads Storage System

Today we’re going to give you a simple, but elegant way to keep track of all your buyer and seller leads that come through your Investor Profits on Demand endeavors.

Actually, we’re going to share two methods with you…

  • The first is a simple template you can download and start using right away at no cost.
  • The second is a more robust and elegant approach (and pretty darn cool too) but it costs a little to deploy – but not much really, and it’s totally optional. But it’s such a cool little tool, we felt it was too good to not share with you.

We also have a special surprise guest joining us for this session – you may or may not know him, but he’s a close friend and a machine of an investor.

This guy’s got his own pretty cool way of doing things, so as we go through this lesson together, prepare to learn a lot of nifty little tricks and tactics you’ve probably never even considered before. Frankly, you should be ready to take lots of notes on this one.

So here ya go…jump right in, and of course just post any questions or comments you may have below the video here.

Now Watch and Enjoy…

Resources Mentioned in This Session…

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Whoa there, partner…turns out this training isn’t quite ready for you yet. But our little elves are working on it, and as soon as it’s posted, we’ll send you an email (how nice of us!) and then it’ll magically appear here for you. Patience, Grasshopper…we’re eating the elephant one bite at a time. 🙂


25 Responses to “Amp » Your DBP Buyer & Seller Leads Storage System”

  1. Tim King Reply

    Great training on this AMP session! The Google Drive and the Smartsheet lead trackers are great options (for me) to the $200/month systems.


  2. Fredrick Austin Reply

    Thanks, lots of information Ican use to help organize my buyres list!!

  3. John Lomax Reply

    Hey team, which website builder do you all recommend? Also, What about the other template used to gather info about buyers?


    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      We offer a website option for our members that is a lead capture page for cash buyers. If you send an email to support I can send you more info and the direct link to order.

  4. John Lomax Reply

    The knowledge I’ve gained from this video is priceless. I would like to Personally THANK YOU Patrick, JP, and Chris. I really like the functionality of the Smartsheet and Freedom Voice.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Awesome John! Thanks for the feedback man.

      – Patrick

  5. Alicia Harris Reply

    Hello Guys,
    I enjoyed this lesson it was very informative but I have a question about the web forms, he showed us how we can put the web form for the cash buyers on our website can we also put the seller property submission form on there as well and exactly how is it done?

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      I think that can be done. For specific questions, like this, please contact Smart Sheets support.

  6. Bruce Steinhard Reply

    WOW! I finally made it through the training and my brain is just soooo fried with so much info I learned and how to organize my business better. The info Cris shared was priceless, especially about how to email all our buyers through gmail account. I have work to do!!!

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Bruce, that’s great to hear. And I agree with you… Cris shared some awesome stuff.

      – Patrick

  7. Rita Granderson Reply

    Wow, lots of good information! I am learning so much. Thanks

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      That’s great to hear Rita!

      – Patrick

  8. A Rafael Reply

    I cannot seem to open the virtual wholesale training, the link seems to be broken when opening with internet explorer, ask me to “fix the connection” how do I fix this..

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Rafael, I just tested the link and it worked fine. Maybe it was just a bad internet connection. Try opening again. You may also try a different browser.


  9. Eddie Tucker Reply

    This is great so far, but I’m not so much having issues tracking the leads that come in as I am with my mailing list. Do you have any methods/tools for tracking and managing your direct mailing list? Keeping track of who/what/when you mailed people, when they responded, what to do with them when they respond (do you remove them?) when you mail them again, response/conversion rates, etc. Any insight would be appreciated.

    • Charity Reply

      Hi Eddie, Patrick says he follows up with 1 letter, 3 weeks after initial letter. Then, anyone who responds is removed from original list and added to a new list. Patrick said he just created another tab in the same spread sheet to continue tracking these leads who have responded. Hope this helps!

  10. Joanne Mines-Sims Reply

    K.I.S.S. has always been my motive operandi as an ex-military NY Native. I’m not a big fan of long-winded anything (meetings, courses, weddings, church (i love god). I work hard to keep myself from babbling on & on etc). After all, time is money!

    YOU GUYS: JP & P RID are the perfect YING and YANG! Priceless!!

    Thanks for the instruction guys and Chris!

    P RID, Do you have ANY idea how special you are as a person, educator & Motivator? Let me show you in your own words, k:


    That’s all I wanted to say,

    – Patrick

    (for those not in the know, he sent this in an email)

  11. Roger Ordonez Reply

    WOW IPOD Team & Chico, this one is very involved. I know I will need to review it some more & see if this is where I need to start!
    Is there training on the Smart sheet application? It is an awesome tool that I know will automate the organization & management of our businesses. Also just the fact that you can update it & other team members can get an alert & act on it is huge. However, starting out in the real estate business, I will most likely start with the Google Drive & the templates that you all have provided.
    Thank you!

  12. Vivian Farnsworth Reply

    Hi guys
    I can’t believe what you have given us. This part of the program blows me away. I have very little cash to do my deals with and you have showed me how to so the on my very small budget. NOW, I believe you when you say you over deliver. Great job and thank you bunches.

    • Awesome, Vivian! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I’m thrilled to hear this one especially connected with you.

  13. Lawrence Opoku Reply

    Thanks guys.

  14. Malik Jenkins Reply

    I’m really not to clear on how to pull the DBP Leads. I need some asst.

    • Hi, Malik. can you be more specific? What kind of trouble are you having after watching the video?

  15. Mark Reply

    Wow. A lot of good stuff. It took me a long time to get through this video, pausing to take notes, rewinding to clarify something…Thanks Patrick, J.P. and Cris.

  16. DON JACOBS Reply

    I have a team to build before I get to that point. I’m taking action on it!

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