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Welcome to your IPOD Dashboard, [i4w_user_first_name]!

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Over the course of a few weeks, you’re going to be learning a lot about how to systematically create profits on demand for you. But, it doesn’t stop there… with your small investment you have a lifetime membership to the IPOD training, bonuses, and more. And we’ve got a few choice, unannounced goodies headed your way, so keep your eyes peeled.

First Time Here?

If you’re here for the first time, then we have a special welcome message and a quick orientation for you. It’s important, so if you’re new, please start here…

Returning Members

  • For the duration of this training, we’ll be posting fresh awesomeness for you here in the members’ area each week.
  • Each time we open up something new for you, we’ll send you a nice little email to let you know. (We’re nice like that 🙂 
  • You can also find anything we’ve currently posted for you in the drop-down menu up top.

So that’s about it. Again, newbies start here please. And congrats on being a part of something cool like this. You’re in for a real treat!

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