Interview with a Snowbird Flipper


“Living the dream.”

How many times have you said that when someone asks “How’s it going?”

The clichéd response is almost always uttered with sarcasm, maybe even a hint of bitter envy for what others have that we seemingly don’t. I mean, you’re burning it at both ends, working harder (not smarter), and wishing all the while that you could have the good life (sigh).

Sound about right?

But what if you could have what others have? What if you could find a way to work and still live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Green is not your Color

Hey guys, it’s JP Moses, to tell you to stop being envious of others, and start working like a snowbird. And when I say snowbird, I mean like the one, the only, Steve Cavanaugh.

Steve’s been in the hot seat before, but he came back on our most recent Insider training call to share with us his secrets to success. Steve is a rehabbing genius, and sometimes wholesaler, who’s biggest close to date put upward of $150,000 profit in his (fat) pockets.

I know, right!?

Steve has mastered the art of working remotely, and he now runs his business from the beaches of sunny Florida. Steve told us how he’s able to live the dream and still run a successful rehabbing business by finding fewer, more profitable deals.

If you missed it the first time around, consider yourself one lucky bird. (Yep, I said it.) Check it out below.

On the Table for Discussion

  • How to set yourself up for (many) mini-retirements
  • How to stay successful while working from paradise
  • What you need to know about running your own business from afar
  • Why quality deals vs. quantity of deals is the key to investment success

The Wrap

There’s no doubt Steve has it made in the shade (and in the sun), but don’t be fooled. This savvy snowbird busted his butt to get where he is. Do the same, and make your dream of working from your own happy place, come true.

Listen In Here:

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