I Don’t Even Know You, But I Want Your Private Money

Hey Insiders, Patrick here…

In this video, I answer a question from one of our members.

Tim Combs asked:

“How do you find people who have money and would look at investing with someone they do not know?”

Great question!

And in this video, I talk about the importance of “foot in door” strategies to get the conversation started… and I give 2 specific examples that can be used by anyone, no matter their level of experience.

Plus, I even give a couple of additional resources to study in the member’s area.

And, Tim actually asked another terrific question that can go along with that first one:

“How do you make private lenders feel secure to loan you money?”

So, to help with that, I reference a killer training video that JP and I did on building credibility that answer that question in great detail.

Enjoy, friends…

I Hear Ya

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