How to Find Private Lenders through LinkedIn in Just Minutes

2015-5-5-260Hey Insiders, Patrick here…

We have an awesome video today that will probably have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

In this video, I share a stupid simple technique to find private lenders through LinkedIn. Seriously, in all honesty here, I’m surprised I never thought of this myself. Really.

I actually learned this technique from a friend and fellow investor, Matt Andrews.

And, one of our own members, Mike Mackay, learned this strategy and successfully lined up a private lender for $650,000.Um, yeah, you read all those zeros correctly.

So let’s just say this is definitely a situation in which simple is better! I don’t wanna keep you waiting any longer…

So, get to and enjoy:

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  1. Chris Neilson Reply

    Very simple and invigorating! Nice job Patrick!

  2. Ha, wow… didn’t see that coming… so simple! nice one, dude!

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