Hello, 2016: Here’s How To Put Your Goals Into Action For The New Year

helloHey Insiders, Patrick here…

I’m coming at ya with another awesome video lesson today.

First, I start out by welcoming our Insiders to 2016 – Happy New Year, friends. And, part of a new year is all about goal-setting.

I know, some of you probably cringed a bit when I mentioned ‘goals,’ but as you’ll hear from this video lesson, I’ll explain why so many people struggle to achieve their goals… and exactly what to do about it. (After this lesson, there’ll be no more cringing when you hear or see ‘goals.’)

I go over the difference between “results-based” and “action-based” goals and the importance of each. Plus, I explain how to break down a results-based goal into a series of action goals.

Really good stuff here to get you moving in the right direction for 2016. Enjoy, friends…

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  1. Patrick Riddle Reply

    That’s great Gary! Thanks for the feedback.

    – Patrick

  2. Gary Harrison Reply

    I’m in the process of listing my short and long term goals and I found this delineation of formulating goals logical and helpful.

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