Getting Paid for Stepping Out of a Deal (Without Freaking People Out)

Hey investors, JP Moses here…

Is this something you’ve ever wondered about?

One of our investors asked a question recently about a lease option deal. It was good news — the property under option actually sold. The lease option tenant qualified for the loan and was ready to purchase the house and close on the deal.

But here’s the question…

This investor isn’t exactly sure how to get paid an assignment fee on the deal. A double closing won’t work because it’s not like flipping a property (an assignment). After all, this investor is not the person named on the title.

Another concern is, will the parties involved balk when they see such a large assignment fee?

So, in this video lesson, I’m gonna walk you through three possible solutions to this dilemma. I’ve actually used all three, so I know they’re workable. Each one approaches the situation a bit differently.

In one of these solutions, I mention a previous lesson that provides you with a document that’s known as an “Affidavit of Equitable Interest.” Make sure you check that out too.

I encourage you to listen to each one of these methods and choose the one that best fits you and your situation. Enjoy…

As you noticed, these methods are designed to not make waves; each one keeps you under the radar. This way, you walk out of that closing with a check in hand. A well-deserved check, I might add.

And, might I also add, congratulations on a job well done. Happy investing.

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