6 Ads I Use for Getting Deals from Craigslist…BAM!

Hey there Investors – it’s JP here with another rich, helpful, effective, swipe-and-deploy taken straight out of my toolbox.

From my title on this lesson you can see I’m going the route of Craigslist, which might cause some of you to cringe. Believe me, I understand. It’s not the easiest ad site to figure out. I describe working with Craigslist as doing a “dance.” You truly have to know how to navigate the system, but it’s not that difficult once you get a system going.

And that’s exactly what I’m giving away for this month’s swipe-and-deploy.

Create System – Then Outsource

In my own business, I don’t count on Craigslist to be my primary lead-gathering system. But I will say that since it’s free, and since I’ve created my system – and outsourced the tedious task of posting – I keep a rotation of ads going continually and it works well.

And you can do the same thing! Because this month I’m giving you an entire set of Craigslist ads and telling you the best categories in which to post them.

If that isn’t enough you’ll also be getting the TITLES that I use. I’m sure you know how important titles can be in any ad. It’s the title that draws the person to want to know more.

Check Out the Goods

So here’s the package that you’re going to receive. I’m giving you the document download that contains the actual ads.

Then, as frosting on the cake, I’ve created a video of me explaining our campaigns in detail – even giving you examples of ideas for visuals to use for your ads.

If you’ve been stalling when it comes to using Craigslist, all this awesomeness should get you off high-center. Everything you need is right here.

jpAs I said, it won’t be your primary lead-getting source, but hey, once you get it set up, outsource the work, set it on autopilot, it’s going to bring deals your way that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

So enjoy and get crackin’.

Swipe the goods here: document download and video

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  1. Eugene Peck Reply

    Great ads…really upped my game with these. Thank you.

    • Charity Akers-Greathouse Reply

      You’re welcome, Eugene. Glad this helped!

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