An Easy General Contractor Agreement You Can Use

agreeingHey Insiders, JP Moses here…

Hiring a contractor can be an uncertain and even nerve-wracking experience for an investor, no matter how seasoned. Whether you’re facing minor renovations or major remodeling, you’re putting your time, money and reputation on the line.

That’s why you need a comprehensive and simple contractor agreement that outline the rights, responsibilities, scope of work and dos and don’ts of your contractor and the property owner throughout the construction process.

And that’s what this video lesson is all about today. What I’m about to share with you will provide a sound and simple starting point for your general contractor arrangement. Be sure to discuss the terms with your contractor, and absolutely make sure you consult with your attorney before presenting this document.

So, get ready to be pleasantly surprised at how simple and straightforward this general contractor agreement is. It will allow all parties to manage expectations and ensure there are no surprises along the way. That means less stress and headaches for everyone involved. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.


Okay, friends, swipe and deploy this awesome Independent Contractor Agreement.

Bonus for You

Because we like to give you as many tools as possible so you can run your REI biz smoothly, I encourage you to check out this terrific swipe and deploy lesson that’s all about the also-important subcontractor’s agreements.

But, I’ve got more… (you’re welcome)…

It’s important to not pay your independent contractor until they have signed a Contractor’s Lien Waiver form. And it just so happens, we did an awesome lesson all about that vital doc.

These two additional lessons above go hand-in-hand with today’s lesson, so make sure you give ‘em a read.

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