Do You Want Success? … I Mean, Do You REALLY Want It?

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Hey, have you ever bought a real estate course and not gotten the results you wanted?

If so, this message may rub you the wrong way… but it’s something you need to hear. Whether it pisses you off or inspires you to new action, I invite your feedback.

Ok, here goes… I’m sick and tired of the finger pointing, blaming, and complaining that I hear from people who haven’t seen the success they desire in real estate and life yet.

There is NO product, course, training program, webinar, system, guru, coaching program, pill, magic bullet, or ANYTHING that will “make” you successful.

Anything in life that’s worthwhile requires hard work. There is NO way around this.

Even though many things that I and our Strategic Investor Faculty teach are simple when you get down to it… that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

I’ve worked my a** off for everything in my life.

Do you want success? … I mean, do you REALLY want it? OK then…

YOU have to hustle. YOU must be persistent. YOU have to be relentless. YOU better stop complaining and blaming. YOU have to confront the inevitable obstacle with resolve. YOU gotta get over your fears and take massive action! YOU should STOP saying “It doesn’t work”… because the most probable reality is that YOU didn’t work it (alright, we both know there are courses and programs out there that suck… but the way I look at it, I’ve learned something from every single educational thing I’ve ever studied).

You should NEVER buy a course if you’re mindset is, “Well, if I don’t get the results, I’ll just return it.”  Why?… because this is a great recipe for failure… I actually found it in Rachael Ray’s new cookbook.

Consider THIS…

If most people approached learning how to walk the same way they approach real estate investing, they’d be crawling around on their knees their entire life cursing the minority of walkers saying they just got lucky and that they’re success was circumstantial.

As a child, you haven’t accepted the failure mindset and attitude. When you fall down, you don’t blame the ground, or your shoes, or whoever tried to teach you how to walk…


… and that my friend is when you find moments of success. With practice, those moments become habits and those habits become YOU.

Here’s the ONLY thing you can count on… YOU will experience hardship. YOU will experience disappointment. But the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails miserably is simply this…

How do YOU respond to hardship and disappointment?

Now For Some Good News…

What drives a boat? … the wake or the motor? Sadly for most people, the wake drives the boat. In other words, the past dictates your every thought and action.


It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or not done. It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now. Heck, not that long ago, my entire business came crashing down on me…. almost every bad thing that can happen in real estate did… from foreclosure to lawsuits, judgments, you name it!

Did I sit around and cry about it? Actually yeah I did… for a few minutes. Then I got off my butt, reformulated a plan, and took action.

Look, I don’t care what anyone has told you that you “can’t” do. I’m here to tell you, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Too many people think success is all about tactics and systems that do everything for you. Sorry to break this to you… but NOTHING will ever guarantee your success… unless YOU do.



3 Responses to “Do You Want Success? … I Mean, Do You REALLY Want It?”

  1. Michele Miakisz Reply

    This is true, I too can relate to what you said ’bout how do handle tragedies, being that said I too have had my own tragedies recently. I had lost almost every possession I owned on Xmas eve 2013 in a house fire that destroyed my home and 3 others a total of 4 houses, and yet that fire never took my drive to overcome and so I continue today rebuilding my possessions lost, you see I just bought a new house in June 2014, which is much better than the home I lost, and now I am looking for a house to flip or wholesale to add some quick cash to buy some rentals to increase my passive income.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Michele, so sorry to hear about the fire. That must have been so difficult to lose all your possessions. It’s great to hear though that it didn’t destroy your drive… and that you’ve already bought a new house. Congrats!

      Keep moving forward and let us know how we can help!

      – Patrick

  2. Sherrie Withrow Reply

    Thanks for the pep talk. I know and am hustling night & day. I will succeed!

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