Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up

Hey guys, Trevor Mauch here…

One guy was defeated in 6 tries to be elected to public office.

One guy failed and went broke 5 times, driving 3 companies into the ground in the process.

One guy was told by his boss that he couldn’t wait on customers at the store he worked at as a young boy because “he didn’t have enough good sense.”

I could go on and on about these people, their failures… and this is just these three people.

But, that’s not the whole story.

Yes, between just those 3 people above… they seem like they’re miserable failures… but also between those same 3 people, they would eventually go on to create 2 of the largest and most successful companies in the world in their industries, and the other would go down as one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history.

Those 3 people are Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford and F.W. Woolworth (Woolworth’s Department Stores).

How many times do you fail before you feel like giving up?

After the first setback? The second? Or does that fear of failure grip you so hard that you don’t even let yourself get to the point of even having a chance to fail?

Failure is a part of life.

In fact, I’d even say failure is a GREAT gift we’ve been given in our lives.

What if you would have given up when you were a baby after the first time you fell on your butt on those first steps? Where would you be now?

But you got your butt up and tried it again. And again. And again… and you know what, you had a smile on your face every time you fell down and got back up.

What if you would have given up when you took a spill on your bike that first time cruising down the street without training wheels? Would you still be using training wheels? Or worse, not even riding a bike anymore because, “I fell down, so this bike riding thing must not be for me.”

Heck no!

When you look at failure that way it’s kind of silly, right?

But somewhere along the way, failure turned from just a required step on the way to success… to a feared roadblock that gets in our way and sometimes paralyzes us.

So I have a question for you, do you ever feel like giving up?

I think the answer is obvious. We all do!

But the difference between the people who seem to keep toiling in failure and jumping from one opportunity to the next… versus the people who fail and keep at it until they come out the other side victorious… is simply one thing:

Your ability to mentally turn failure from a STOP sign into a temporary roadblock.

We all fail, but we don’t have to be failures.

Confront that fear holding you back right now and blast through it with a smile on your face the whole time.

signature-trevorAll the best,


How do you confront fear?

Share some thoughts with us below that might help others.




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