Why AFWs Struggle

Why AFWs Struggle And Fail While Strategic Investors

Succeed Massively

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17 Responses to “Why AFWs Struggle”

  1. Aaron Isadore Reply

    Patrick this is me all the way now I will work on filling in the holes that I created in my P.A.N.T.S .

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Sounds like a plan. Make it happen.

      – Patrick

  2. Mark Dallman Reply

    I truly suffer from information overload; I’ve had enough training that it is difficult for me to even think about yet another webinar. This video is very helpful to me and I look forward to how the pieces will start coming together, especially the accountability. Not had much success finding accountability partners in the last several months.
    Thank you!
    Mark in Texas

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      It’s ok if you’ve suffered from info overload in the past… time to take action now and put all that info to work. The accountability module will give you some ideas to to help find an accountability partner, how to structure things, and much more.

      – Patrick

    • Barbara John Reply

      Hey Mark

      Where in Texas are you? I am another “Newbie” and am looking for a local partner–someone for accountability and goals–I am in Ft Bend County…

  3. Flossie Harison Reply

    Hi Patrick, I fall into the category of “Why AFWS struggle and fail; because I am afraid of making mistakes and now I am ready to follow the PANTS formula. It makes a lot of sense.


    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Flossie, it’s ok to make mistakes as you move forward. That’s how we learn stuff. As you follow the PANTS formula, let us know how we can help.

      – Patrick

  4. Mary Stead Reply

    I currently fall under the AFW and it fits me to a tee. I am so excited to follow and learn from the PANTS formula and get success. Thank you Patrick.

  5. Jeffrey Hall Reply

    One of the main reasons I have not succeeded is:
    S.O.S. = Shiny Object Syndrome.
    In the past month I’ve joined/purchased at least 6 different RE programs. These are similar to yours in that they offer a ‘teaser’ cost to join of $1 or $2.95 or $7 etc. for the first month, then they start charging the $97 / mo continuity fee.
    So here I am, trying desperately to absorb all of their info within the first 30 days, while being stuck in my J.O.B. SOS! HELP!

    • JP Reply

      Hi, Jeffrey – I hear you loud and clear…and I GET IT! I’ve so been there, done that. As you know, S.O.S. will eat you alive. At the same time, it’s very common for newer investors to invest a little here and a little there, even if only to find the right fit for them. Don’t be too hard on yourself yet…consider yourself in a momentary vetting period, where your mission is sizing up your options to find your best fit in REI…and in doing so, be willing to invest some educational dollars in a few places to accomplish this. But I caution you about getting into the thousands of dollars yet…not until you pick a niche and are ready to jump in full-on and really put blinders on and focus. Make sense?

  6. patrick Reply

    Hey John, what’s available for download on this video is the PowerPoint slides. On each core module (1 through 5), you can also download the audio (mp3) from the video… and on many of the trainings, there are additional downloads and resources.

    Glad you like the PANTS formula.

    Also, you can do this with a full time job. Just spend the time you do have to put towards your biz working on the right things (which you’ll learn in this program).

    – Patrick

  7. John Kaniuk Reply

    Can I download this to an e-reader system like Barnes and Noble like the new NOOK? Can I download this to a laptop like an Apple for LIVE presentations?



    I appreciate the 7 dos that make you fail.
    PANTS formula.
    I am trying to juggle this with a full time job.

  8. patrick Reply

    Hey Terri, glad you like the PANTS analogy. This program starts at ground zero (aka step 1)… so no need for that frustration anymore. Let’s do this!

    Alrighty Mark, let’s close those holes in your PANTS. You’re welcome… and thanks for the kind words. Means a lot to me since I pour so much energy and effort into our training programs.

    – Patrick

  9. Mark Moffett Reply

    I am ready for your program to close the holes in my pants. I like your style…and the acronyms are easy to help make points and remember them. Thanks for making yourself accessible and bringing such quality content into my life.

  10. Terri Malinski Reply

    Love the PANTS analogy. I was telling a friend recently how frustrated I was because all these systems start you on step 10 instead of step 1 and newbies like me can’t get off the starting blocks. I totally agree the foundation has to be solid, in place and working for you to take action. Looking forward to each module. Thanks Patrick – you rock!!!

  11. patrick Reply

    Hey Matt, you can download the PowerPoint slide presentations and many of the videos have PDFs available for download and other resource links.

    I hadn’t thought about this before, but we can convert the videos into mp3’s… and make those available for download.

    Let me get with my web guy and see what we can do.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    – Patrick

  12. matt murray Reply

    none of the online content is downloadable?….so I can’t take it with me on biz trips and learn while I travel all the time (a student must be at a desktop and on the net no matter what).

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