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9 Responses to “Program Overview”

  1. Mark Dallman Reply

    “Bite sized chunks” – very important to me and I think you recognize modern day internet attention patterns. This was a very welcome phrase to me.

    Mark in Texas

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey Mark, glad to hear you like the set up for the training.

      – Patrick

  2. Mary Stead Reply

    Very excited to train and take action. I like the idea of small bits of information. You are speaking at a rate and clarity that can be followed clearly. Thank you

  3. patrick Reply

    Hey Lila,

    You’re a lifetime member of CSI. So you can come back and reference the training anytime you want after the 5 weeks.

    – Patrick

  4. Lila Brasher Reply

    Is my access to the modules limited to the five weeks? Can I use them for reference?

  5. patrick Reply

    Hey John, it’s ok that you have limited funds. There are many ways to do deals without your own cash or credit.

    Module 3: Network will provide some great information on building relationships that turn into private money.

    Yes, definitely go to your REIA. Myself and many of my students have gotten deals funded through connections at those meetings.

    I’m not an expert on buying/selling notes (only done 1 note deal myself)… but yes, it can work.

    The CSI program arms you with the training, tools, and techniques necessary to implement any REI strategy you want.

    – Patrick

  6. John Kaniuk Reply

    Limited funds. Where should I go? Does it matter? I am going to my REIA meeting on Tuesday.

    I want to work with private investors on NOTE BUYING and SELLING.

    Will this work?

  7. patrick Reply

    Hey Michael, the videos in the ‘Welcome’ tab get you prepared for the CSI program… and the training starts in “Module 1: Planning.”

    Go ahead and dive into the Module 1 training videos and get started.

    Let me know if I can help with anything.

    – Patrick

  8. Michael Mason Reply

    LETS GO! When is the first real installment?

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