Action Items For The Week

Module 5: Systems
Action Items For The Week

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Official CSI Certificate Of Expertise

Congratulations on becoming a Certified Strategic Investor! Download your certificate, print, and sign. Hang it on your wall, show it to your colleagues, use it as social proof, etc. Welcome to an elite group :-)Download Your Official CSI Certificate Of Expertise!

5 Responses to “Action Items For The Week”

  1. Hubert Turner Reply

    Good shit Patrick.

  2. Mary Stead Reply

    I agree with DeVere, there was a lot of information, but it was easy to understand as you communicated it well. I want to go over it and make sure I implement it. Great job, Patrick, thank you! Will there be any continued training for the CSI program?

  3. DeVere Bunke Reply

    I can now check this off my list. A lot was covered! One step at a time. In all the programs that I am familiar with and have gone through, many costing much more, none provided the nuts and bolts foundation that you have provided in the CSI training. Thanks for putting the program together and sharing it. Now to proceed with the implementation of the program, putting and keeping myself on the right track.

  4. patrick Reply

    Hey Michael, sounds good. Let me know how I can help as you go back through and focus on implementing the PANTS modules.

    I really appreciate your comments on the CSI training program. Great to hear!

    – Patrick

  5. Michael Goodwin Reply

    Hey Patrick,

    I am not goint to print out the certificate at this point. starting tomorrow I will go through the system again and do all the tasks that you have instructed me to do, and when I get back to this module I will then be proud to print and hang. I have bought several courses that was much longer then the CSI course and I am here to tell you that I have received better and more information then the others and less, less, less expensive thank again can’t wait to meet you one day

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