Mod 5: Systems

CSI Module 5: Systems

If you want to run a ‘real’ REI business, you absolutely must have specific systems in place to make it a reality. Your ability to implement powerful systems within your company will be the hinge on which your success lies. In this module:

  • Discover how to kick your AFW days to the curb, now
  • Plug these 7 REI systems into your biz and step up to the big leagues
  • Liberate yourself from the dreaded admin and office work with this module including…
  • How to use contact management systems to automate your business and free up time for money making activities
  • Learn about the 3 most important websites every real estate investor must have and how to make yours better than your competitors without spending lots of money
  • Utilize my effective property management techniques through simple software or my excel spreadsheet approach
  • Get the easiest lead tracking system I’ve ever found and replicate my personal follow-up system that will double, ever triple your income without added effort

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