Tools To Analyze Property

Module 4: Tools
Tools To Analyze Property

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5 Responses to “Tools To Analyze Property”

  1. Lynda Jackson Reply

    WOW! I have been trying to get to the public records for my county for a couple of months now and kept coming up empty-handed, The website did the trick. Thanks so much!


  2. Lynda Jackson Reply

    Can you please explain what a short sale is? I’ve heard it used many times, but can’t seem to get the concept wrapped around in my head?

  3. Jason Minor Reply

    Great tools to quickly get an idea on what to offer and decide to contract. Thanks Pat

  4. patrick Reply

    Hey Ben,

    Being involved in commercial, mobile home parks specifically, use your team to help you analyze/evaluate potential deals.

    A good commercial broker, an active mobile home park investor… those would be awesome team members to leverage to help you assess these type properties.

    You may want to check out as well. It can be pretty useful when researching commercial deals.

    – Patrick

  5. Ben Rodriguez Reply

    Unfortunately not to helpful for some one like myself involved in commercial real estate, more specifically mobile home parks. Any suggestions on assessing the value on this type of real estate?

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