Network: Secrets To Building Your Success Team

Module 3: Network
Network: Secrets To Building Your Success Team

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  1. Niloufar Abedi Reply

    I am trying to download the power point, it asks me for a password. I enter mine but it is unresponsive. Coult you please help.

    • Patrick Riddle Reply

      Hey, sorry about the issues. Please email support and they’ll take care of you.

      – Patrick

  2. Lynda Jackson Reply

    I am still trying to get the powerpoint for this video so that I can download it. Each time I try I get the following error message:
    Error 404 – Page Not Found
    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for. Please return to the home page.

    The following is the link:

    Can someone please help me with this so I can have a complete course powerpoint review notebook? If you could please just send me a working link I would really appreciate it.


  3. Lynda Jackson Reply

    Can you please send me the powerpoint file for this video? I am still getting a 404 error message that the file cannot be found,



  4. Lynda Jackson Reply

    Got error message when trying to download/save/print the powerpoint pdf.

  5. Flossie Harison Reply

    This is true if you don’t have the three categories then you have nothing.. This was very good.


  6. Vickie Blindert Reply

    This was the best section so far. How true! Great job.

  7. Best section so far.

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