Action Items For The Week

Module 3: Network
Action Items For The Week

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4 Responses to “Action Items For The Week”

  1. patrick Reply

    Hey Ben, glad you’re loving the content. You’re welcome man.

    Thanks for joining the conversation 🙂

    – Patrick

  2. Ben Rodriguez Reply

    Excellent content as usual. I certainly appreciate your sincerity in reaching our to others in such a complete fashion.

    God bless you brother,

    Ben J. Rodriguez
    Proverbs Holdings Group, LLC

  3. patrick Reply

    Hey Michael, glad you came across the CSI program too… and you’re right, I really do want to help.

    Since you have a limited amount of time to spend in your REI biz, I would suggest focusing on one of the programs you have access to at a time. CSI teaches you what you need to know in order to successfully implement other training programs… so you may want to start with CSI, then move onto the other program. But either way, focus on one… implement it… then move onto the next.

    On your wholesaling question, “yes” private investors (aka private lenders) work with wholesalers. But to wholesale a deal, you don’t necessarily need financing.

    As a wholesaler, you can either contract a property and assign it to another investor for a fee (without ever closing on the property yourself)… or you can buy the property, then immediately sell it (which would require financing).

    – Patrick

  4. Michael Goodwin Reply


    I am really pleased that I came across you. You really seem to want to help. this CSI program is a lot of great information. what I am struggling with is before i got your program I was working with another is getting konda hsard to do both at the same time meaning TIME… Ihave a full time job and would love to walk in and give notice but I am not at that point yet. I am starting with the wholesaling so I can put some cash in the bank to market Do private investors work with wholesalers?


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