Mod 3: Network

CSI Module 3: Network

Sometimes it’s not just what you know, but WHO you know. That’s why in this module I’m going to share my secrets for building your success network. You’ll discover how to surround yourself with a winning team!

  • How to ‘network’ the right way, to accelerate your progress and get what you want
  • Learn the top 3 questions that ALWAYS lead to profitable contacts (at the 1st meeting)
  • Discover this completely different strategy for achieving ultimate credibility
  • How to choose the right groups to be involved with
  • Gain the ONE thing that stands in between you and your REI success (it starts with a “C” and I’m going to help you get all that you need)
  • Uncover fortunes hidden in your contact list with my follow-up system (everybody tells you to do it, I’m going to show you exactly how to get the job done)

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  1. Joshua Fridley Reply

    Great Great lesson cant wait for the up coming weeks. there is something about when you know your being taught from the heart you cant go wrong as long as you go!

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