Accountability: Guaranteeing Your Success In Biz & Life

Module 2: Accountability
Accountability: Guaranteeing Your Success In

Biz & Life

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4 Responses to “Accountability: Guaranteeing Your Success In Biz & Life”

  1. Aaron Isadore Reply

    Thank You for presenting this Patrick I will from now on accept and be100%accountable for my actions no more blame or excuses I will own up

  2. Mary Stead Reply

    Great presentation. They should teach this in elementary school if they don’t already. I do not remember ever being taught this until I too, a senior, learnt it from real estate investing. I do take 100% responsibility for my actions. Thank you Patrick.

  3. patrick Reply

    Hey Mark, don’t be hard on yourself. This is not an easy lesson to swallow… but ultimately when you accept responsibility for your life, you regain power. The power to take your life into your own hands.

    Congrats on resolving to make the changes you must! You’ve taken a HUGE step towards your success.

    – Patrick

  4. Mark Moffett Reply

    I am a 60 yr old who hates to admit what he just learned about himself. I can not deny the facts as they speak loudly for themselves. Now I resolve to make the changes I must to get where I want to be, however painful it is.

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