“Chunk It Down” And Use The Transformation Model

Module 2: Accountability
“Chunk It Down” And Use The Transformation Model

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6 Responses to ““Chunk It Down” And Use The Transformation Model”

  1. Flossie Harison Reply

    Hi Patrick,

    This is going to be helpful. I can always be reminded of things I need to do.


  2. Mary Stead Reply

    I love setting goals, but I never figure out how to really get them. This will help and I am anxious to start. Do you know where we can get a mind map? Thank you Patrick

  3. Ed Sevold Reply

    I like it, kind of like the good feelling of crossing out items on a to do list, it feels good and get feeling of accomplishment. Have even added to a to do list so could cross out when I have failed to include on original list.

  4. patrick Reply

    Hey DeVere,

    Awesome man! Glad you’re enjoying the program.

    Let me know if I can help with anything.

    – Patrick

  5. DeVere Bunke Reply

    Good information on taking responsibility, asking questions, mind mapping, converting tasks to action items, committing to a completion date, and tracking results, which will all help lead us to the results we are seeking if we do it and take specific action.

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